Christopher Scipio Wolfholicus

April 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Christopher Scipio Wolfholicus

Spawned in cataclysmic mountains of Massachusetts, raised by the wolves of the Berkshires, his name was Christopher Scipio Wolfholicus. He roamed the mountains with his pack, always in search of food and shelter to keep him from the bitter cold Massachusetts weather. As a young boy he was snatched up by a Pterodactyl and brought into the mountains where he encountered the wolf pack. Rather than killing and eating him they pitied the young child and took him as their own.

After four years he began to act and think like a wolf, he acquired a mate named Carmine a young female wolf. He hunted with them and attempted to stay on all fours at all times to fit in with the pack, and as one of the pack he was loved by all the wolves. Christopher was happily a wolf and didn’t know any other way of life, but soon he would have to. Chris noticed that his mate began to age faster than him which made him sad, as the other wolves began to wear down with age he began to become more energetic reaching the age of eight.

Christopher also lost the ability to walk on all fours as it became uncomfortable as he started to develop human traits and grow taller. He had an advantage over the wolves, because of his opposable thumbs, his height, and he began to become smarter than the other wolves. Chris did not know that soon he would be on his own and would have to find his way into the real world of humans.

Finally the day came, Carmine the last actual wolf of the pack passed away from old age… he was lying in Christopher Wolfholicus’ arms as Chris howled to the moon and began to cry. Chris had no one, he was alone to fend for himself and he had no backup to help him fight the wild animals he needed for food. He began to migrate; searching for a new pack to live with or maybe a new species.

After wandering around the mountains for days he came close to the bottom, all of the sudden a crazy man on a long piece of wood flew by him. He tried to attack but the man was much too fast, Chris watched him go; wondering how a man could move that quickly through the snow. He continued to walk and more of the men flew by him; they yelled at him and told him to get out of the way, but he didn’t know what it meant. As he approached the large wooden building a man walked out and grabbed him, he struggled and growled at the man but he was far too weak to fight him. The man took him into a large red and white box which began to move Christopher to a place he had never seen before, crazy plastic contraptions lined the entire box and multiple people held him down stopping him from escaping.

They arrived at a large building and wheeled him into it taking him into a large room with many people that began to examine him in bewilderment. He struggled to break free but the bonds were too tight and powerful to be broken by his weak attempts. He hadn’t eaten for days and began to grow light headed and weak, the men started to panic and began to try to do things to him. They stuck plastic onto him and looked at funny screens; Christopher had never been so scared in his entire life.

Christopher’s panicking only became worse as they moved him around and continued to startle him. He tried to break free as best as he could but it wasn’t enough, he was locked down and he knew this was the end for him; he would be with his mate Carmine soon. Never truly knowing he was a human Christopher slipped into darkness and died from a heart attack his last moments were with his own species, although he did not know them as his own.

The author's comments:
a friend christopher inspired me to write this, he loves wolves.

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joebuttlump said...
on Apr. 28 2012 at 7:01 pm
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