The Wall

April 17, 2012
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The sound of sirens close by brought me out of my trance with the dead women and back to reality. Hearing that sound sent chills down my spine. I had to get out of the park, I knew it wouldn’t take local law enforcement very long to arrive and if I were still around when they showed up it would mean the end of me. I fled in a full out sprint trying to get as far away as possible from the nightmare behind me. The world around me was a blur as I ran; if I kept running like this I would most likely end up in the next state; but I kept running hoping to leave my troubles behind and just go on as I had before, alone.
“You coward! You created her and now you are just going to abandon her and leave her to fend for herself? She will not survive more than a month with out your tutelage!”
I hated this voice, hated that it was right I was being a coward. Realizing all this did nothing but make my hatred for this voice grow even more. It knew my weaknesses and where to strike. It knew I hated being called a coward. Some times I think it knew more about me than I did. I do not know when or where the voice came from it just suddenly started whispering to me one day after my transformation and I accepted it as normal like it had always been there and all it took was for me to die to actually notice its existence.
All of a sudden, I no longer saw the blur of the world around me but rather the world of someplace else. I was back in the city walking down a street with dozens of people passing me left and right, giant TV screens and me by left on the sides of buildings displaying advertisements and news talk shows. Although I was moving fast enough that everything would have appeared as blur it seemed that all the people and cars passing by were moving as though in a slow motion video montage. I slowed my pace to see if it would make my hallucination easier to comprehend. A sudden sense of fear washed over me, this was no hallucination but a vision, a vision of what she was seeing at the moment.
My eyes then focused on a giant man making his way in my or rather her direction. He was at least as tall as an MBA player or possibly even taller. I knew in an instant what she was going to do and I stopped running and just stood frozen where I was. I watched in horror as the man came closer and closer with each step my fear grew more and more. I could not condone myself for what was about to happen for it was my fault that I ran like the coward that I am. He was but a few feet away from where I stood and when he was but an arms length away I pounced sinking my teeth into the flesh of his neck.
The vision went black but as it did I could here the screams of the man and possibly other people in the vicinity of where I stood. I closed my eyes and let myself succumb to the darkness of my closed eyelids.
“What are you doing fool? Don’t just stand there and cower like a scared puppy. Go help her! Not only are you putting her life in jeopardy but thousands and possibly millions as well. She is too strong for anyone to go up against and they will stand no chance. You must go back and talk to her she’ll listen to you and only you.”
“In case you have forgotten she did not listen to me the first time I tried to talk to her. What makes you so sure she will listen to me this time?”
“Because you created her.”
I opened my eyes to find myself standing in the middle of a field. Looking up the sky was litter with millions of stars, like tiny little candles they flickers against the black void of space. I could make out the great hunter Orion, the dragon Draco, the majestic Cygnus, the distinguished Ursa Major, and the beautiful Andromeda. This was one of the many other reasons as to why I preferred the country as to the city you couldn’t see anything.
I started walking away from were I stood to see if I could just walk right up into the sky. Soon my walk turned into a jog and then into run. Not looking where I was going I ran right into a concrete wall and fell backwards hitting my head on the ground. I put my hand on my forehead to and felt blood on my fingertips. I looked up at the wall and say names carved into the concrete, Christian Adams, Lorraine G. Bay, Todd Beamer, Alan Beaven, Mark Bingham. I looked at these names on the wall and felt a wave of guilt and sadness just attack me from within. I walked along the wall looking at the other names written on the wall. Some times I would find flowers laid out on the ground under name some times an item like a picture or a flag.
I knew what this place was I knew the significance of what it meant to not just the people of the wall but to the rest of the country. I had seen it all on the news-watched videos of it on the Internet, gone to the sites of total carnage after dark and helped pull people both dead and alive and sometimes a little in between. I had been to all the other places save this one. Was it a coincidence that I was here, clearly not. But that didn’t matter what did matter was that if I stayed here any longer there would be a place like this built in Manhattan and for a different reason. A reason that if I didn’t put a stop to it could mean that the wall would have a lot more names on it.
I placed my hand on the wall and felt all the grief and guilt that I felt the entire time be lifted from my shoulders and be replaced with a something I had no felt for a long time. Taking my hand off the wall I made my way back out onto the field and taking one last look at the wall, hopefully for good luck I ran back in the direction I came. The world around me once again became a blurred vision. I was running above my top speed going so fast that I if I kept it up I’d run right past the city and never know it. But I had to get there, I had to stop the carnage from happening, from there being another wall on the streets. I didn’t slow down I couldn’t if I did I would only waste more time.
“Stop you fool! You’re here! Stop running!”
I stopped running and found my self back in the city, back in the park only thankfully not in the same location as to where the dead women was. I could here police sirens from every direction this time and from above the sound of a helicopter with it’s search light scanning the city. I fallowed the sound of the sirens hoping they would lead me to Maria. As I got closer my vision changed, I was no longer in the park but back in the crowded city. Bodies littered the ground blood soaked the pavement. Police cars where flipped over and the SWAT team was advancing towards me guns aimed at me firing rounds that I dodged with ease. I ran for the officer nearest me and plunged my teeth in his neck. In a few seconds he was as dry as a bone and I let his corpse fall to the ground. More bullets rained down on my and I dodged them as well. I walked over to the nearest up turned car and yanked the door clean of its hinges and used it as a shield as I made my way to an ally where I dropped it and started to climb up to the roof of the nearest building. When I made it to the top I was blinded by the white light of the helicopter.
The vision broke and I was once again back in the park, the sound of a helicopter not to far of in the distance. I broke out into an all out sprint as I headed in the direction of the carnage that awaited me.
To Be Continued…

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