Not Again

April 16, 2012
By neongirl16 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
neongirl16 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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Life is like a storm, you never know what the outcome will be. It was just a normal day at school, I was walking to my first hour class five minutes late hoping the teacher wouldn’t be there. She always makes a big deal whenever someone is late. I open the door just in time to see her yelling at Bryan Crowther about being irresponsible. I walk to my desk, hoping she doesn’t see me, but right as I sit down she turns to me and starts going off about how I should be to class on time, and about how every time someone is late it takes time out of everyone else’s class time. Even though she’s the one who always feels like she has to yell at everyone who’s late. If she would just leave us alone, we would have more class time for her to ramble on about how interesting the civil war was. But what would I know? I’m just a dumb high school student, at least according to all the teachers around here.
Classes crawl by until lunch. Walking to the cafeteria I’m surrounded by familiar faces. Seeing my friends, I walk over to where they are standing, catching only the last part of the conversation, which I’m sure is about me and my new boyfriend. His name is Jake, and we’ve been together only a couple of weeks. My friends still talk about the way he asked me out. We were standing out by the football field watching the girls’ soccer practice. He was talking about what he was going to be doing over the weekend. But when I looked back over at the field everyone was gone. Then the whole soccer team ran out from behind the bleachers holding this big sign. At first I didn’t understand what they were doing, but then I read what the sign said “Would you go out with me?” I look over at Jack and he’s holding this bunch of flowers. I’m so stunned I can’t even speak, I had no idea he even liked me. And of course when I was able to speak again I said yes.
My friends think it’s the most romantic story they’ve ever heard. But when I ask them what’s going on they all look like they’ve seen a ghost or something. It takes them a while to say what they were talking about. But right away I know something’s wrong.
“What is it?” I ask them
“Dude, I can’t believe you haven’t heard!” exclaimed Lexi.
“What are you talking about?”
“Oh come on, you cannot say you don’t know what’s been going on.” says Jane.
“I really don't know what you’re talking about!”
“Dude, Jake and his little brother were in a car accident this morning!” says Lexi with an extremely sad tone to her voice.
“Wait what? What are you talking about Jake couldn't have been in a wreck! That's just not possible!”
“I’m really sorry Lindsey, I really thought you would have heard about it by now.”
“Do you guys know what happened, are they okay?”
“We haven't heard any details, we were hoping that you would be able to tell us more about what happened. But seeing as you didn't even know then you know as much as we do.” said Sarah.
“I'm going home to see what’s going on. I'll talk to you guys later.”
“See ya Lindsey.” they say together.
I walk into the house and my parents are sitting at the kitchen table, and my mom has tears running down her face. My Dad’s trying to comfort her as best as he can but he looks to be barely holding himself together.
“Mom, Dad did you hear about what happened this morning to Jake?”
“Yes we heard, I’m so sorry dear. But the accident was really bad, and they don’t really know how the boys are doing.” says my Dad.
“What do you mean they don’t know how they are doing? How could they not know?”
“The paramedics took them to the hospital but Jake was the one that was hurt the worst, but his little brothers are still having a difficult time.” Mom tells me.
“Are they letting people go and see them? Will I be able to see Jake? I really want to see how he’s doing.”
“I’m sorry Lindsey but they still are not sure if Jake is going to make it or not. They haven’t even let his parents see him yet.” said my Dad.
“But Dad I need to see him. I need to know that he’s going to be alright.”
“Well, take you to the hospital but were not guaranteeing you being able to see him.”
It talks us an hour to drive to the hospital, because they had to fly all the boys out to the best hospital in the state. Sitting in the car I have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach that everything is going to take a turn for the worst. My parents keep telling me that everything is going to fine but I just don’t believe them.
At the hospital we run into his parents, his mom is a wreck and his dad isn’t much better. We try to find out how the boys are and what happened in the wreck. Right then the nurse comes in saying that we would be allowed to see the boys but that Jake was in really critical condition. My parents and I let Jake’s parents go see them first. Were in the waiting room and I can’t stop thinking about how bad everything has turned out today. I know I’ve only been with Jake for a little while but it would still be hard for me if he doesn’t come out of this okay.
I feel something on my shoulder, and someone shaking me trying to catch my attention I open my eye only to see my mom standing over me saying I’m going to be late to school I don’t start moving. I remember the dream I had, thinking to myself, man I’m really glad that that won’t happen. The day starts out just like any other; my classes slowly go by till lunch. I see my friends talking about something over by the cafeteria doors. As I walk closer to them, I hear them talking about Jake. Thinking that they are talking about us going out I walk up with a smile on my face. But right as they see me they stop talking.
“What are you guys talking about?”
“Didn’t you hear?” asks Lexi.
“Hear about what?”
“Jake and his brothers were in a car accident this morning.”
“Wait what?”

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