The City of Sunlight Part 1 Chapter 2

April 11, 2012
By AmberCrocker PLATINUM, Fall River, Massachusetts
AmberCrocker PLATINUM, Fall River, Massachusetts
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The Bad Ones are the ones who come after those who can see who is going to critically change the ways of Kingdom X and destroy those people before anything can happen. They come only from The City of the Dawn. There are 7 cities plus this capitol city that’s been around for centuries. 5 Bad Ones are assigned in each city, but none in the capitol because none of the people that are going to change the kingdom are in this city. The 7 cities are The City of Sunlight (which I live in), The City of the Evening, Constellation Town, Oceana, Fauna, Flora, and Arcadia. The King lives in The City of the Dawn, and has been ruling for the past 45 years. He agrees to keep the Bad Ones, but doesn’t see the hatred that’s been directed toward him by the citizens outside his birth city.
Nobody knows how Kingdom X came to be. There’s a very old myth that says that God created this kingdom but it fell to Lucifer within 2 years of being created. That He has always had agents try to overcome Lucifer but his agents have always destroyed them before any change has happened. They say that there will come a time where the Bad Ones will fail to see that the person who is going to change everything until 18-19 years after they are born. Once they find this person there will be a very long and very bad war and only one side will win. Whoever side wins will have control of the country permanently.
They also say you can’t tell who is a Bad One until it is too late, an ugly advantage to them because no one who knows who they are can live and tell the story. That they disguise themselves as people who you will be attracted to, maybe to be friends, maybe to date. Everyone falls for them, and there is no stopping them.
If I am the person in this supposed myth that people want to believe, then Ardan is either just trying to be nice or he is a Bad One.

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