Chapter 1

April 10, 2012
By Arista BRONZE, Far Rockaway, New York
Arista BRONZE, Far Rockaway, New York
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I walked through the automatic doors of the supermarket. I had been doing this for almost two weeks and all I wanted to do was to get this over with. I pass up and down the aisles occasionally picking up a packet and dropping it into the hovercart that followed me as I went from aisle to aisle. When I finished with that I punched the address in on the cart and a second later it vanished. The cart would appear in an empty house where nobody could see us retrieving the food.
“Thank God that’s over” I said quietly to myself
This was the last time I would have to do that again for a while. I walked as fast as I could without arousing suspicion in the light of the setting sun then I silently slipped into the trees. When I was sure that nobody could see me I reached up towards my face and removed my mask. I breathed a sigh of relief as I took it and placed it in my pocket. Despite all the advantages the mask had, like the ability to change on your command into any face and the fact that it was like a cloth that you could easily store away, it was very difficult to be in a mask for too long. Your face eventually gets very hot and sweaty and you start to gradually lose air.
The disguise I had used today was one that I used rarely for it had some of my face features on it. The face could pass off as the face of my non-existent sister. I usually put on a mask that looks nothing at all like me like the other girls back at The Hangout. I’m not what you’d consider beautiful or even pretty compared to the other girls. I have long dark brown almost black hair and emerald green eyes. My face is oval shaped and my nose is slightly too small for it. How can I possibly hope to compete with blond hair, blue eyes and curvy bodies with flirtatious moods to match?
I grabbed my stolen hoverboard from the bushes before I could dwell on that thought anymore and placed it under my feet standing on it with my feet far apart posed for balance. I pressed the button on my left bracelet and the hoverboard rose a few feet in the air then swiftly headed north. The easiest thing about hoverboarding is flying because all you need to do is stand on the board and think about where you’re going and it’ll do what you’re thinking. That comes in really handy when you are being chased by somebody and you have to navigate around trees.
I rode until I saw a mountain among the others that had a slightly different color then the others and swooped down, got off of my board and turned it off. I walked toward the mountain and pressed my hand against the mountain. A break appeared next to my hand revealing a small narrow stairway. I walked through the hole and immediately the hole closed up and left me in darkness. Not that it mattered because all I had to do was feel around with my foot for the first step and start climbing down. I descended the steps with my hoverboard tucked securely under one arm and the other one feeling the walls making sure I don’t fall down. When at last the stairs ended I arrived in a small area that branched out into three tunnels. Putting my hoverboard down next to the others and spinning on my heels I walked down the last tunnel on the right. The tunnels on the left side were not meant for those who lived here.
The corridor on the right is very long and I was walking at a leisurely pace only vaguely aware of the lanterns posted on the tunnel walls. I needed to think. How long would the food last? As soon as I meet the others that went I will ask them how much they took so that we can calculate how long it’ll last. I think I took too little I mean this was my first time and I am only 15 well 16 next Thursday and today’s only Monday so…
“Cassandra” yelled somebody
I looked up to see David’s euphoric face looking at me and I stopped walking. David runs the rest of the way to me and before I can say anything lifts me up and pulls me up into a bear hug.
“I…can’t…breath” I said and he dropped me
“Oh, sorry” he said
“It’s cool”
He looked at me and smiled.
“I’m so happy you’re back because now we can have some fun”
“Fun?” I asked
“Yah fun, we are going to play Soccer”
“What? No way. You actually got a real soccer ball?” I asked with undisguised excitement and disbelief in my voice.
“Yah isn’t that cool” He said it more like a fact than a question but of course I had to answer him
“No. What’s cool is getting to see your face after you get creamed by me” And with that I set off running. I could hear David’s feet running after me so I ran faster.
“Hey that’s not fair. Wait up!”
“Nope, Sorry” I yell back to him
I slowed down when I reached the eating hall. David had caught up to me about two seconds ago and he was panting like a dog.
“Keep that up and people’ll think that I brought back a stray dog” I said teasingly then laughed
“Ha. Ha. Very funny” He replied back sarcastically but with a smile on his face like he wanted to laugh too.
Someone stood up from one of the round tables dotting the room and I immediately knew who it was. I was happy to see the familiar golden hair, icy blue eyes and curvy body as she stood up. And as she spotted me her perfectly face lit up with happiness and excitement. She was my best friend and the perfect vampire.
“Cassy!” She screamed with joy when she saw me then she ran over and hugged me. Oww another one of those bone-crushing bear hugs that should be illegal.
“Hey Jess. I’m so happy to see you” and I was.
“I missed you so much. Did this one” she said shooting a glance at David “tell you about the game?”
“He did and I told him that I would enjoy seeing his face after I beat him but the game will have to wait until after the meeting”
“Can’t we do it now?”
“Do you think that we could play an entire game of soccer in the little time I have? There’s no problem I’ll just join you guys in the play room afterwards”
“Fine but if you don’t play super good you’re not going to another one of those meetings”
“You know you can’t do that. I’m required to go now do you want to get me in trouble?”
“No. Fine go ahead”
My stomach grumbled “Hey I’m pretty hungry, what do they have to eat”
“Why don’t you go and find out for yourself?”
I walked over to the countertop that was on my left and took a plate and a fork. Then I walked across the room close to the table laden with food. There were mashed potatoes, roast beef, a gravy boat, a couple of loaves of bread and a water pitcher. I took a little of each and placed it on my tray which I set down on the nearest table and I sat down on one of the hard stools. It was only after this that I realized that my friends were still here with me.
“I’m not trying to be rude or anything but aren’t you supposed to be doing something”
“Not really” David said
“What about school?”
“We ditched to come and see you” Jessica said
“Aww but you really should be there”
“Come on. You know how much we hate Ms.Belimson and really it’s not like our whole lives depend on how we do in school considering that we won’t need it. Let’s ditch, Cassy” David started talking again and I liked where it was going. I was already half-way done eating.
“You do have a point but aren’t you afraid that someone might catch us”
“Us? So you’re ditching too?”
“I’d hate to admit that I’m turning bad but yah I’m ditching with you guys. I just came from a dangerous mission of course I’m coming but what are we going to do with every kid in school?”
“First of all, getting food is not that dangerous and I thought that we could do some hoverboarding until you have to go to your boring meeting or we could just chill out somewhere”
“I vote for chilling because I don’t think I can hoverboard with my full stomach without puking”
We all ended up agreeing to pass the time in my room since we always went there. We passed through the doorway next to the food which led to the sleeping quarters and took a series of turns here and there. We entered my room one by one first me then David then Jessica. I loved my room. The ceiling was high and dome shaped and my spacious room had old-fashioned candle lanterns placed every few feet of each other. My four poster bed was placed in front of the door with a painting of a sad looking angel with blond hair, her head on her arm and her body lying on a stone bench in a garden. Right next to my bed was little round table and my wooden desk was pressed against the right wall piled with a bunch of my junk on it. On the left side of the room you could find a floor to ceiling library stuffed with books. There were books of all sizes, colors most of them neatly placed while others were piled one on top of the others. I picked up the lighter on my desk and went around opening the lanterns and lighting the candles, when I was done I put the lighter back down and sat on my bed. Jess and David were already sitting down waiting silently for me to finish but all that ended when I sat down.
“So how’d it go?” Jess asked
“How’d what go?” I asked even though I knew what she was saying
“You know what I’m talking about so can you just please get on to it”
“Alright, alright but why do you ask? I mean both of you have done already this but if you must know I fed whenever I wanted, slept when whenever I wanted and if I wasn’t sleeping or feeding I was out collecting food. No big deal”
“Oh, I just kind of thought that with your luck that you’d come back with a story about how you were surrounded by at least a dozen hunters and you had to fight your way out using your cunning and skills” said David
“Or a story about how they caught you and you just barely escaped because a pack of werewolves attacked” Jessica added laughingly.
“Oh please like that would ever happen to me”

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