April 10, 2012
By samsams GOLD, Bentonville, Arkansas
samsams GOLD, Bentonville, Arkansas
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Blood ran down her glass slippers, the clock struck midnight. She ran as fast as she could down the flight of marble stairs. Her blue dress started to change back into a black suit, her glass slippers into a knife. Out of the woods a horse drawn carriage charged towards her. The air changed to a subzero temperature, and outstepped God mamma. She was a short lady with a black hat and an all-black suit; she took a drag from her cigarette and picked up her wand.

“Bippity. Boppity. Bang!” where the carriage once stood was a 7-ton Cadillac limousine from the 1920’s, black as night itself. “The bulls are coming.” They hopped in the black Cadillac and sped off just as sirens started to approach in the background. The further they drove into the city the trees were replaced with buildings. In the back of the car sat the big bad wolf, and Rumplestiltskin. The group of 1920’s gangsters fled to the outskirts of the city. In an alley they arrived at an abandoned building, there hideout.

24 hours earlier…

“Look, all I’m saying is a pretty little blonde moll would get closer to charming then any of us would,” captain Hook, clearly terrified of God mamma, started playing with his hook, “Besides as much as I would love to bump off Charming…”

“Would you shut your mouth?” God mamma walked over to him irritation settling in, pulling out a knife she threatened in a motherly tone, “Or I’ll help you shut it.” She closed the knife and went back to her desk. She propped her feet up, and pulled out another cigarette. “Hey big bad puppy why don’t you toss me a light?” the big bad wolf, hiding his anger, handed her a lighter. The small room crowded with smoke.

“All of this talk about Charming makes me sick, he doesn’t even have a baby I could hold for ransom, what am I here for anyways?” Rumplestiltskin paced between the door and God mamma, back and forth, contemplating the chance of leaving alive or getting shot for quitting. He coughed as the smoke from the air penetrated his lungs. The door loomed over him and he decided to sit in the window sill and stare out over the city.

“He has dough, and lots of it.” Cindy stated in a matter of fact tone.

“Cindy is right you bumbling idiots, what happens when we run out of dough for our joint? We have nothing.” God mamma pounded her hands on the desk and stood up. “The bulls will finally catch up to us and your sorry butts will be in jail again, you no good pikers. I’m in charge of this operation and all you have to do is listen,” in a motherly tone she taunted them, “Now is that too hard?” The room began to fade away into the smoke the silhouette of each villain made them more sinister. “Now here’s what’s going to happen: first I will wave my magic wand and turn Cindy into a beautiful girl concealing her knife as glass slippers.” She walked over to Cindy and patted her back. “Then she will sneak into the ball, dance with Charming, get him away from everyone else,” here she smiled a satin filled smile, “and kill him. If she doesn’t make it out before midnight we go in and hold the others hostage while she completes her task, capisce?”

“That sounds delightfully howling.” Laughed the big bad wolf.

“I do love me some scared children they especially hate being taken away from their mammas.” Rumple let out an evil laugh.

“What happens if I can’t get the slippers to change back into a knife?” Cindy sat down confused, and pulled out a cigarette which started to calm her down. Each drag was like a security blanket. The smoke stretched through the room lingering in the air. The clock began to tick like a bomb about to explode. The moon cast an eerie shadow through the window. As God mamma thought the owls conversed outside the window chatting frantically.

Eventually after what seemed like ages her response broke through the tension, “You will say cash or check, Charming will either kiss you or not kiss you, but your slippers will turn into a knife and return to your pocket. You will reach in your pocket and then stab him.” Her words cut through the silence like a knife. Time passed and the gang was ready for their battle for dough. In their eyes, greed made them angels looking out for the world. The next morning they looked at a map of the mansion. Two hungry giants stood outside the gate waiting to play a game. Three blind mice that could sense trouble miles away made the task difficult. They approached the woods that surrounded the mansion and drove off the road, God mamma gleefully said “Bippity. Boppity. Bang!” transforming the carriage into the beast of a Cadillac. She turned towards Cindy, “Bippity. Boppity. Bang!” Cindy was knocked onto her butt and when she stood up she was wearing a blue formal gown and glass slippers.

“Wow, she looks stunning. Makes me wish I was Charming, minus the getting killed part.” Captain Hook chimed in.

God mamma looked at her watch and smiled at Cindy. Cindy approached the gate and the blind mice let her in. She strolled up to the door and rang the doorbell. Charming answered her and she decided he wasn’t as cute as people said he was. The ballroom was covered in different colors. Table cloths were every color of the rainbow and they glistened and sparkled like the sterling silver plates that rested on them. A golden statue of Charming stood in the middle of the great room, and a group of girls where fighting over standing by it. They danced the Charleston and tastefully took part in the tango. Cindy flirted with him and they went back to his room. Cindy forgot what she was supposed to say. The clock struck 11:55 and she couldn’t remember. Charming froze in time and she began to panic. Cindy, the criminal she is, began to cry like a baby. If she couldn’t remember the words God mamma would kill her. The clock struck 11:58 and finally she whispered, “Cash or check?” Charming kissed her on the cheek and she pulled out the knife in her pocket and was unable to stab the sweet man. The clock struck midnight and she ran out of the mansion, this is where we began our story.

The clock struck midnight and she ran for her life. Will the mobsters make it in time? Will they be caught and thrown in prison? Sirens screeched in the background and her heart was racing. I must kill them, she thought to herself. As they went back to their hideout she plotted her plan. They think the sirens are for us but they’re for the men who got drunk and fought.

Each mobster went off into their own rooms. Cindy was ready. Kill the rest, and marry charming. She went to her room and grabbed her pistol. Silently tip toeing down the hallway she quickly killed all of her companions in their sleep.

Love was on her mind that night. Her heart filled with joy, butterflies dancing in her stomach. That night Cindy ran into the night to find her true love. As the sun began to rise she reached the mansion and sleepy party goers drudged their way out of the mansion. “Charming? I’m back, it’s me Cindy.” She called out for him. After no reply was heard she entered the mansion and went to his room. She opened the door and found charming with another girl. This is where our story ends at the tragic realization charming was a cheater, and Cindy was truly a killer.

The author's comments:
This is a fractured fairytale and i wrote this for a creative writing class its just a rough draft so its not great

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