The Vision

April 10, 2012
By kmonmed BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
kmonmed BRONZE, Danbury, Connecticut
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Sometimes you wonder about your place in the world. I guess my place could be at the bottom, in the human world that is.
Apparently, here, if you can turn into an animal at will, have a dragon as a best friend, or change your eye color by choice; you’re suddenly a freak. Although, where I come from, you’re the sudden savior of the magical world, evil and good. Ever since I was born, I always thought that evil was only in books and in fairy tales. Now that war is raging all around me, I realize that it’s not only there. You’d think that I’d want to get rid of all the evil here, but as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, we need it to survive as much as we need the good parts in life to make it. As I know what goes on out side this castle?

“Miss Brightloin! Stop day-dreaming in class, and pay attention!” Mrs. Craig said. She’s the evil here.
“Yes, Mrs. Craig,” I said. Great. I sounded like a robot.

“Now,” Mrs. Craig started. Blah, blah, blah, when are we ever going to use this? Never. That’s when. History is just a bunch of rubbish. At least it’s G period, the seventh and second to last period of the day.

Who cares about the human past? It’s just a load of ludicrousness about crazy people who can’t seem to keep out of war. Well coming from me, that should mean nothing because Nelo, Metras seems to always be in war. As the only witch that has been there, I should know.

Ugh, will you shut up, Mrs. Craig? I’m trying to think here! I wanted so badly to shout that out at her, but nooo, I’d get a detention for it. At my school, all the teachers were untouchable, and Mrs. Craig made sure that we knew it. Pretending to pay attention was starting to do me in. I could feel my consciousness slipping away.

And that’s when I saw it….
* * * * *

Two beings were dueling, one human girl, no older than I, and a great, big beast. In the girl’s hands was a sword, in her right, and a shield, in her left. Wait a second, that girl was me. This was a vision….

As I realized this, suddenly the chamber, if that was what it was, brightened as if someone had flicked on a light switch. When the future me came into the light, I couldn’t help but gasp; lacerations and vicious bruises covered almost every cubical of my body. Despite the pearl-black, shining armor I was wearing, I was covered in blood. Even my silky, brown hair was glistening with the red, sticky substance.

Now that I could see, the sword and shield, both of which had a base colour of silver, were no ordinary sword and shield. They were the very same sword and shield that the king of Xelmith, my grandfather, once held himself. The hilt of the sword had a stunning aqua sapphire at the bottom of it, maybe about half an inch in diameter, clearly showing its value. To match, the blade of the sword held a sort of aqua tint to its silver texture. As if to try and be its twin, the shield held the same type of jewel, not to mention about the same size if not bigger, in the dead center of the shield. Around the rim of the shield, metal orb-like spikes popped out daring the opponent to touch them. They both were just the same as I remembered them.

Although my appearance was, in fact, shocking, the thing that made me gasp was the appearance of the beast. It seemed to be a cross between a golden lion, a red dragon, a black wilder beast, a charcoal rat, an emerald snake, and most of all, a blue lizard. Like my self, this… thing… was totally and fully, scathed. To tell the truth, the only place not scratched up on this thing was its fearsome mouth. The mouth was covered in blood, but obviously not its own. Out of the mouth shot blazing fire, which the future me carefully dodged with the apparently flame proof shield. Despite missing a few claws on each paw-like-feet, the monster seemed to be using them as its main defense and its main attack.

Even though I had just got to the battle, it seemed as if it had been raging on for hours. It even seemed as though it was coming to an end. Yes, a victor was going to be crowned soon. I could feel the wait dragging on, but yet I did not move. Then, all of a sudden, the future me ran closer to the beast’s heart, and as her sword plunged through the heart of the monster, one of its vicious claws castigated her chest with an ominous crunch as it punctured the armor and went straight through my future heart.

“NO!” I screamed as I ran toward her and the monster, “Please, please! Don’t die, please! No!” I started to implore for someone, anyone, to save what was to be me, but no one came. I pressed my palm to her head generating a power that I learned in my healing classes at magical school, which should have healed her wounds, but to no avail. I tried every thing I knew to try and heal her, but I couldn’t even connect to my dragon bond, Emrila, to come to Emily’s aid. Let alone save her life all by my self. I became more and more frantic as she started to breathe slower, and slower, until it completely came to a stop. “No….” I heard myself say as I watched Emily Brightloin’s life become no more.
* * * *

“Emily, Emily, EMILY!”

Suddenly the history classroom came into view again, but something was different. The great, big purplish-bluish atlas was now on the ceiling, and I was hovering on the wall. Hang on; I’m on the floor. Oh, and look who’s hovering above me with a desperate look on her face, Mrs. Craig.

“Wha?What??” I started.

“You?you collapsed on the floor screaming something in a different language,” Mrs. Craig said in a tremulous voice. With her words every thing flooded right back to me and out of my eyes in the form of tears. Soon, somehow, I was sobbing into Mrs. Craig’s shoulder. “Would you like to go to the guidance counselor?” she asked. I felt myself nod. Who else could I truthfully tell? My father, who teaches two floors up and wants these visions to stop, or maybe my sister, Mrs. Prince who supported my dad all the way? No. Somehow, Mrs. Craig knew that I needed to talk to one of my two my best friends from magical school, who was not only the same age as I am, but totally understands me.

“Cyde?” I could hear her call.

“Yes? What is it, Ma’am?” Cyde Elitzer’s slow, British accented voice asked. Cyde was dressed in his usual outfit; dark blue jeans and a cream coloured button-up shirt, with three unbuttoned buttons toward the top. His eyes matched the dark blue jeans, while being concealed by the chocolate brown, messily neat hair. “Em? What are you doing he? oh my gosh, what happened? Tell me please, Mrs. Craig, for she seems incapable of it her self.”

Desperate to help, Mrs. Craig recalled the whole story of what just happened. Once she was done, Cyde excused her from the room and called in his mentor, Azler. Azler was dressed similarly to Cyde, but with a white polo shirt instead of the button-up shirt, just perfectly in contrast to his deep blonde hair and ice-blue eyes.

“I think it’s time we told her, don’t you think, Azler?” Cyde chimed in after a long argument with Azler in a language I didn’t bother to translate, most likely about the events that just occurred.

“Apparently, we cannot protect her from the truth any longer,” Azler sighed in a strong British accent. With this they turned to me and both opened their mouths to speak.

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