Everwood: chapter 4: Jace

April 5, 2012
Chapter 4: Jace

Aria fell to the floor convulsing into seizures, her lips spoke the name of Caden, not me. She has been dreaming of me, but does not remember me, the one who bit her, the one who changed her and making her like her ancestors. It was going to happen sooner or later; I just made it happen sooner. She was going through the change and was about to join the pack. I was sent to wake her up from her sleep as a normal girl. She was the savior, and we needed her. Soon she will awake, and make her new life. Kneeling over her lifeless body, I placed a cool hand on her face, “it will all come soon Aria, very soon.” I whispered lifting her up. Carrying her down the hall to the nurse, Leah was the packs nurse she knew how to take care of our kind. Placing her on the bed, I called towards Leah. “Jace, what are you doing here? I thought you were gone to the council.” She had a lot of questions but only one could answer. Stepping aside to reveal Aria lying there, in the bed sweating and grimacing in pain, Leah gasped. “Not her, you didn’t do that did you? Why? She is an innocent, and knows nothing. That’s Caden’s friend, she doesn’t belong with us.” Leah was trying to figure everything out and it seemed like she could not connect the dots. “Her name is Aria Pace, not Bellwood.” Is all said to let her connect the dots. Her hands rose to her mouth and eyes widen as she looked over to Aria. “Oh my”, she mumbled, walking to her side. Looking down on her like a newborn left on the hospital stoop, feeling very guilty, sad, and remorseful. Both just did not know what to expect now. “What can we do?” Leah questioned Jace. Pacing back and forth running his hand through his hair, he spoke to Leah telepathically, all we can do is to wait patiently until the change is complete. This is not the first time she has gone through this, usually I erase her memory, since the change is not complete. She thinks everything is a dream, but in reality she has woken up many times in the forest, and I am ashamed to have bitten her. I have bonded her to me, and I am worried she will hate me for it. Jace stared at the floor slowly looking up to Leah’s eyes. “We need to tell Caden, he is/was her protector from us.” Leah spoke swiftly. “You should get to class; I will send her home with him. Do not freight, Caden will keep a close eye on her.” Jace was furious, with that idea but if it kept her safe he would agree.

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