April 2, 2012
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It was a dark and stormy night. (Really, it was! I know, I'm a total drama queen.) The rain pelted down on me, drenching my clothes and plastering my blond hair to my head. My wet bangs fell into my eyes, and I brushed them back with annoyance. I knew the witch hunters were on my trail, even if they could not see me. It was insane for humans to be chasing me on a night like this, especially since they knew I could see, even in the thunderstorm and the pitch black forest. I couldn’t hear the witch hunters, which disturbed me. I was used to being able to hear everything. I didn’t dare look back. I knew my pursuers would see my glowing brown eyes, shining like twin sparks in the darkness. My foot caught in a tree root, and I stumbled. The hunters shouldn’t even have been chasing me. I was only fifteen, too young to pose much of a threat to humans. Aside from my enhanced senses and agility, my powers hadn’t come in yet. I knew that in a few years there was nothing the hunters could do to harm me. That was probably why they were coming after me now. It was still strange, though. Witch hunters usually left my kind alone. They know we’re too dangerous. They know we could kill them before they even have a chance to get a good look at us. They know that we’re werelions.

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