Lack of care

April 4, 2012
By BaddJim BRONZE, Carrolton, Texas
BaddJim BRONZE, Carrolton, Texas
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“Mom, I want that toy right now”, Jake pointed at the toy. “No you brat, can’t you see I’m busy”.
Face to face with me. The smell of liquor raped violently through his nose. She sauntered back and forth
on the sidewalks with her striped hair. Her mini skirt and shown bra sparkled continuously under that
one broken light. Stacks of makeup hid her horrible and dark face. When she bent down, Jake could see
more than he would ever want. “Just sit there like mommy’s dog,” she mumbled quietly.
“Mommy, how could you say that to me… your only son,” his eyes filled with despair. She
ignored his soft feeling towards her. “Learn to grow up like your dad”. The words surged throughout Jack’s head. Jake closed his weary eyes and only thought of five words. “Why can’t you die already”?

He released his eyes to hear police sirens. On the floor was Jake’s mom, all bloody and took apart. She wasn’t sparkling anymore, layers of makeup not present like before.

The author's comments:
After reading a "child abuse" article, I was motivated to write this story.

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