The Giant

April 4, 2012
By Heenal Marfatia BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
Heenal Marfatia BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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Why won’t anyone believe me? Mary thought. I told them I saw it, but they don’t seem to care. Well, maybe when I’m older they’ll believe me…. Ya! Then I’ll show them that I was right all along and they were wrong.
8 Years Later…
“Come on Mary! We’re going to be late for school! Come on, come down!” Tom implored from the bottom of the stairs
“I’ll just be a minute!”
“That’s what you said 10 minutes ago. If you’re not down here within 30 seconds, I’m leaving, and you’ll be stuck walking in the rain. Your choice! 30, 29, 28, 27-”
“Gosh! Why are you in such a crabby mood?” Mary cuts in, “I’m here, let’s go”.
Skipping down the steps, 14 year old Mary was suddenly much more grown-up then when she was 6. She didn’t imagine as much as she used to, however, she did see some things at times.
“Finally. Thank You!”

Sitting into the car, Mary’s phone rings. “Hello?”


“Hey Lea, what’s up?”

“Could you guys pick me up? My mom bailed on me and I don’t wanna walk in this weather.”

“Sure, I’ll just tell Tom”.

“Tell Tom what?” Tom asks curiously.

“Could we pick up Lea? Her mom bailed on her…. Again”

“Sure! It’s not like we have to go all the way back and out of our way to get there! Yep, we’re gonna be late.” Tom says faking cheerfulness with a sardonic tone.

“K’, Lea. We’re on our way! Bye!”

Halfway there, Mary stares out the window and can’t believe what she sees. It looks like a fairy, but it could be something else. Suddenly sitting up straight and more awake than she was before, she stares back out to find that there was nothing there. Before she could think about what she had maybe just saw, they pull up in front of Lea’s house, and they sped towards school.

Sitting in English, listening to her teacher monologue, Mary’s mind drifts back to earlier in the morning. She knows she saw something, but then how did it disappear so fast? Looking out the window, Mary feels as though she sees a sparkle in the sky. Then, she saw the same thing she had seen that morning. What could it be? Mary thought to herself. Maybe I just need to sleep more. I guess 7 hours of sleep isn’t sufficient. Ya, that’s it. I just need more sleep. While pondering these questions, she suddenly slams back into reality, as she hears someone say her name.

“Ms. Eve! Ms. Eve! We would all appreciate it if you could kindly pay attention in class, for a change,” Mr. Shore stated.

“But I was paying attention,” Mary started to explain.

“Really? Is that so? Well then, maybe you could honor us with your answer to the question I asked,” Mr. Shore challenged.

“Um… would you mind…. Um…. Repeating the question. So I can give you a thorough complete answer.”

“But of course. My question was: What were the two main characters that were involved in the story I read and their main conflict?”

“Oh, yes. Right. Okay, one second. I just have to… um… contemplate my ideas.”

Think Mary think… What was Mr. Bore talking about? There was something about a Julie and something about a Joe. Um…. But what was the conflict?

“Joe and Julie can’t marry each other because their parents refuse it.” Someone whispered in her ear. Turning around, she realizes there’s no one behind her or next to her. Wondering where it came from, Mary clears her throat and hopes for the best.

“The main characters of this story were Julie and Joe and the main conflict of the story was that they loved each other but their parents frowned on the marriage.”

“Wow, um… well…. You’re correct Ms. Eve. Thank you. Now, moving on to the next topic of discussion….” Mr. Shore announced to the class.

Wow, that was right! Mary thought to herself. But I wonder who told me that? Maybe I just knew it on the inside but didn’t realize it. Yep, I definitely need more sleep. I’m seeing too many things. Mary kept on thinking to herself.

As the bell rang, Mary left and went to lunch. As she entered the cafeteria, she went headed towards the lunch line. However, before she could get there, Lea intervened in her way and stood in her way.

“Hey! What’s up? You’re like so far away!” Lea exclaimed.

“Notin’, nothing. Just tired, you know.” Mary avoided the discussion. She couldn’t tell her what she was really thinking. She couldn’t tell her she was thinking about the fairy that she kept on seeing. She couldn’t tell her what she felt was happening to her again. She couldn’t tell anyone, not after what had happened when she was 6. She couldn’t let that happen again.
8 years ago…

Sitting on the sand, Mary looks at the water stretched ocean in front of her. Wondering if she could be like a mermaid, she turns to her mom and asks if she can go swim. Her mom says yes and so she rushes towards it. Suddenly, near the water’s edge, she sees a fairy fluttering above the rock in the sand. Changing direction and walking over to it, the fairy suddenly flutters away. She turns, but doesn’t see anything. Wondering what was happening, Mary runs over to her mom.

“Mommy. Mommy! I just saw a fairy, over there, on the rock! Look, can you find it? It flew away. Mommy, Mommy! I want a fairy! Please, I’ll take really good care of her. I’ll feed her and dress her and keep her close to me all the time! Please, Mommy, mommy, find her” Mary blubbers out.

“Hold on Mary, I don’t see anything. You probably just saw a fly and your imagination probably took a toll on you. But if I find, I’ll tell you, okay?” Mary’s mom, Elaine, tells her.

“But, Mommy! I saw it! I really did!” Mary wails.

“Probably not honey, I’m sorry.” Elaine says.

“But…but…” Mary starts with tears

“No buts. Go make a sandcastle or play in the water. I’m watching you”, Elaine states.

Mary walks away sullen and upset. Sitting down on her beach blanket, she starts sobbing and wondering, Why won’t anyone believe me? I told them I saw it, but they don’t seem to care. Well, maybe when I’m older they’ll believe me…. Ya! Then I’ll show them that I was right all along and they were wrong.
Back in the Present Day…

“See, you were like all far away again. Like, why are you so distant? Come on! I’m your best friend. I deserve to know stuff about your personal life. Come on, tell me. Please…..” Lea exclaims.

“Nothing. Just thinking about school. Homework. On that note, I should go home. I need to finish my homework and some research for… um… extra credit”, Mary finishes.

“Okay…But if you need to talk, come on over okay? I’m only a call away,” Lea states.
“Okay, okay. Dr. Phil, I’m fine. I don’t need therapy. Just tired, you know. Bye!” Mary says before leaving.

Leaving her friend’s house, Mary decides to take a detour to the beach on the shore near their houses. Back to that day when she first saw it. Back to place where no one had believed her.

Arriving on the beach, Mary looks around and decides to sit on the bench. Looking around her she sees the vast ocean and remembers the time from when she was little. Then suddenly, as she gets up to leave, she sees it again on the rock where it all started. Oh my gosh! I can see it and it’s not going way! Mary exclaims, to herself.

Running down the beach, the fairy still stays in her sight. I wonder why I can see it. Everyone else seems oblivious to it.

“Oh. My. Gosh! You’re a fairy!” Mary exclaims

“Hi! I’m Pixie.” The fairy replies. “And your Mary right? I’m your guardian fairy.”

“Um…. How do you know my name?” Mary asks, puzzled by the fact that A) the fairy could speak English B) that she knew her name and C) she was talking to a fairy in the middle of the beach.

“Well, like I said, I’m your guardian fairy. Only a few people get them, and you’re one of them.”

“Well, how come I get one?”

“Well, because you’re special. Your one of the few people that can see us. Not everyone can you know. So, I have to stay around you when your powers kick in. Because otherwise, these monster-people will try to hurt you and steal your power. See, when you’re 14, you start to see us again from when you were little. You’ve never really seen me but I’ve been around you since the time you turned 13, just in case you’re like an early bird.” Pixie explains.

“Well, you’re insane. And I need a psychiatrist. I think I’m losing it. I can’t believe I’m talking to a fairy on a beach and you’re telling me that I have ‘special powers’. Well, do these so-called special powers allow me to pass English with an ‘A’? Otherwise, I’m like not really sure I can believe.” Mary exclaims, kind of confused yet surprised.

“Well, actually, no. See this powers only come in handy when someone is trying to hurt you or will hurt you emotionally. You’re kind of like a one-of-a-kind.”

“Are you trying to tell me I’m a wack-job who’s apparently special?”

“Well, you can put it like that.”

“‘Well, you can put it like that’” Mary repeats sarcastically. “You can’t put it like that”

“Well, you are destined to live with this power and I’m supposed to help you train with a partner as soon as you realize what you can do. And so, I’m here”

“Oh, really. And who’s ‘destined’ to be my partner, Little Miss. Knows-Lots?”

“Well, you actually know her”.

“It’s a her? Well who’s the unfortunate contestant that is gonna help me train?”

“Well, actually, it’s Lea.”

“Ya, okay. Sure!” Mary says with a tone of irony.

“Okay… But yes. I’m telling the truth. I chose Lea because she’s closest to you and the one that you spend the most time with. And besides, she’s the only one that’s not going to give you the get-real face. Well, maybe, but still.”

“Well, okay I’ll give it a try but if she gives me a your-going-insane-you-need-a-physiatrist-face, then I’m leaving and not going to mention it again.”

“Well, at least you admit you’ll try. Let’s go.”

“Now? Like now, now?”

“Yes…. Why?

20 minutes later….

“We’re here. Now what do you want me to do?” Mary asked tentatively, not really knowing exactly what she’s supposed to tell Lea.

“Well, just tell her what I told you. It’s not that hard. Really. Sometimes I feel like humans need like 3 more brains just to do the most simplest of tasks. Ever try getting a splinter out of a dragon’s foot? I still have marks. So get your butt in there and just tell her before I go in there and really mess her up. Then, whenever you see her, she’ll always give you the your-insane-get-away-from-me look.”

“Gosh, I thought fairies were like sweet mini angels. You’re harsh. I’m going, I’m going.”

“Ha, that speech works every time,” Pixie mutters under her breath.

“Didya say—never mind. I probably don’t wanna know anyways”.

“Hey, Lea? You home?” Mary asks, stepping into her house.

“Ya, I’ll be down in a minute,” Lea yells from her bedroom.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come up.”


“Are you coming?” Mary asks Pixie.

“Nope! You’re on your own! Bye!” and with a flash she was gone.


“Hey, Lea. I have to tell you something.”


“Well, umm… promise you’ll believe me.”

“Ya, sure”, Lea said absentmindedly while looking in her drawer.

“Promise me, “Mary says again.

“Okay, okay. I promise. Now tell me what’s wrong.” Lea says turning around.

“Well…..” Mary begins.
After 10 minutes….

“And, well… the rest—they say—is history,” Mary finishes.

For a few minutes, the two girls just sit in quiet. Finally, Lea speaks up. First quietly, then a little louder.

“I think…. I think I actually believe you. I may be going insane along with you… But I feel like I actually believe you.” Lea says, astounded at what she’s thinking and what’s coming out of her mouth.

“Oh. My. Gosh! Really! Wow—that was easier done than said apparently.” Mary said, amazed that Lea had actually believed her.

“So… what exactly am I supposed to do?”

“Oh…well… I don’t really know. HEY PIXIE! COME ON!” Mary yells into open air.

“Um… Mar, I think you’re screaming at air. Now, I’m a little scared.”

“Well, that’s what they do in movies to get the little fairy to come back and like, I don’t know, grant their wishes.”

“Okay….” Lea replies tentatively.

“I’m here! Gosh, who knew a little girl could get so antsy.” Pixie says, flashing in.

“Who… What… It… Is… In… What?” Lea stammers, unsure what just popped into her room.

“Lea, Pixie. Pixie, Lea. Now you know each other. Great. Now, can we please get on to whatever I’m supposed to be doing?” Mary says hurriedly.

“Ya! Sure!”
A Few Days Later…

“Wow Mary. I think you’re actually getting the hang of this. Maybe you’ll actually get to like, I don’t know, get to fight a monster-thing and you may win!” Lea says excitedly.

“Sooner, or probably later, you’re going to be able to fight anything and win. You know, once you get over the fact that your manicure will probably get chipped in a real battle.” Pixie says.

“I know… but probably not for a long time”.

Suddenly, a huge BOOM sound comes from outside. Running down the stairs at Lea’s house, they hear a low growl. It was something that could not be human, almost positively. Rushing out the door, a tall beast of some sort was dripping drool over the front step.

“Um… Pixie. What is that?

“Oh… just a Giant. Have fun! It’s just you and him” Pixie says with a nod and flashes out.

“Great! I’m dead…” Mary says.

“Hey, Mary. Like, if you die… can I have your watch? It’s really pretty. Thanks and um… good luck!”

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