I would die for you Justin...

April 1, 2012
By SkyAngel BRONZE, Langley, Arkansas
SkyAngel BRONZE, Langley, Arkansas
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And i hate how much i love you, and i hate how much i need you, but i cant seem to let you go.

The day I saw him, was the day that I first went to Umpire. He was one of the popular kids and never knew that I existed. That is until one day when I saved both his life and that of the other kids in school.

It was an ordinary school day. I was sitting in the shade of a tree, reading a book, and eating an apple. I would look up every so often to check that he was still there. But that was only when I wasn’t pulled into the book.

I was reading a Morganville vampires book, when I felt that something was wrong. I looked up and seen that all the kids had been herded into a circle. I stood up very slowly and looked for him. His name was Justin.

The people who were there, I knew. I had told them not to ever come anywhere near me or anyone that I cared about again. I crept closer until I could hear what the leader was saying.

“Where is she? If you don’t tell me within the next minute, then I will kill you.”

I knew that it was time to act.

“Where’s who, Jonathan?” I said.

He turned and looked at me. “You.” Was all that he said.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want you to come anywhere near the people that I care about? Especially after what happened the last time.” I replied.

“Awe come on, baby. I didn’t mean to do that.” Jonathan said.

“Don’t call me baby, Jonathan. And you cannot tell me that you did not mean to kill my sister. You shot her just because she told you to leave me alone. And if you point that gun that you are holding anywhere near these kids, than I will kill you. I have warned you way to many times.”

He just snarled. “I will get you back, Meredith. You cannot stop me. And if I can’t have you than nobody can.”

I moved in front of Justin to keep him safe. I just snarled back. I knew without even turning that one of the other guys that were holding guns pointed it at one of the kids. “Don’t even think about it, Joseph.” I snarled at him. “You even point that at her and I will let Klaus tear you to shreds.”

Jonathan looked at the guy and nodded. Joseph put his gun back down. I felt the presence of my friends the wolves, bears, lions, panthers, and other wild animals. The ones that I have saved from being killed. I smiled at Jonathan and said “if you think that I am alone than look behind you.” He did and paled.

Jonathan then feinted to the right but ran to the left and grabbed Justin. When he did that I was so mad that I threw my head back and howled. The howl was so eerie that Jonathan threw Justin to the ground and backed away really fast. Justin got up and backed towards the others. I just looked at Jonathan coldly.

“You should not have tried that, Jonathan. I warned you and you did not listen. Now you will pay the price.”

With those words I felt for my power and lifted my hand towards him. The power that came out of me was so powerful that it drained my energy really fast. But the others were still in danger. Justin was still in danger. And I could not let them die. Jonathan had only been knocked backward from the blast of wind, fire, and water that I had sent towards him.

One of the wolves started forward, but I growled at him and he went back to the other animals. He was the first animal that I had saved, and he was huge, white, with blue eyes. His name Klaus.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Jonathan getting up. He pointed the gun at Justin and shot. There was no time to do anything but actually run. I ran faster than the eye could see. I jumped in front of Justin, and took the bullet. I faltered but I did not go down. I said a quick spell under my breath.

“Hickory, Dickery, Dicans, show him the Lichens.”

When I said that the sky turned gray, purple, and black with storm clouds. I raised my hand toward the clouds and brought it back down slowly toward Jonathan. Blue lightning followed. When it hit him he was illuminated for a few seconds, then he fell to the ground and was dead before he hit.

I released the spell and swayed. Klaus came up to me and nudged me. He was asking for permission to kill the others who still had their guns on the kids. I growled very softly and he turned to the other animals. Klaus nodded his head towards the men, and went towards them. Growling the whole way. The men ran but the animals were faster.

I could feel myself losing consciousness and turned to the other kids. While watching Justin, I fell to the ground, but before I hit someone caught me. It was Justin. I just looked into his ice blue eyes. Then I felt the presence of four people who I had tried to save before.

I watched Justin look up and gape in awe at them. I just turned my head to them. It was my sister Asia, her boyfriend Zack, my cousin Rickey, and my best friend Aaron. They came to me and Rickey knelt down and held a flask at my lips. “Drink.” He ordered.

The stuff in the flask tasted funny. That’s when I recognized it as blood. Not just any blood, but that of angels, animals, and humans mixed. I looked at him and seen in his eyes the truth. Then I looked back at Justin and saw that he was crying. “Don’t cry Justin.” I whispered. I looked back at Rickey, Asia, Zack, and Aaron. They had parted to let another through. It was someone that I had never seen before in any of my lives. It was my biological brother, Kyle.

He leaned down and touched my forehead with his hand. “Be healed sister. And may the power of the animals, the nature, the sun, water, moon, fire, earth, air, and lightning heal you.” When he said that everything that he named came. They came in symbols of blood, flowers, wolf, flames, lightning, air, sun, rock, and moon. All symbols went into the cut and healed it. Then he said something that amazed even me. He didn’t say it to me, but to Justin.

“Take care of her, Justin. She is your soul mate. Your other half. She sings a song that only you can understand. And she would die for you. In fact, she almost did. She is your complete opposite in many things. But she cares about you so much. We must go now. Hades only let us come to heal her and bring you two together. So be safe and stay together. One day sister we will see each other again.”

With that him, Asia, Rickey, Aaron, and Zack disappeared in a golden flash. I looked up at Justin and seen that he was watching me. He bent down and kissed me. Then he helped me up.

That was five years ago. And to this day we are still together. Still fighting to protect what we love best. Each other. And we would die for each other and the nature around us.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in a spur of the moment thing. I had just decided to submit some work when i decided to wirte this. The people named in the story i go to school with. And i am very protective of my friends and family. This story shows just how much of a proctectress that i am.

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