Brain Burner

March 29, 2012
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She was raging. And a raging storm bringer was not someone who was easily calmed. His molecules dissolved and left her there on her knees. She yelled to the heavens. As her yell carried power, the winds reacted to her anguish. In seconds a savage storm was whipping around her uprooting trees and whipping the water into a vortex. As the yell ceased she swept herself into the storm and disappeared from the river. What happened next, is hard to explain. From the ground it seemed as if she had just suddenly disappeared, but from Zephyr’s point of view there was a very different seen. In much the same way as Brook had just died, she willed her molecules to separate and then swept herself into the wind. Unlike Brook her particles turned into air so the effect was more of a cloak of invisibility. Where Brook had spread himself out fully when he died, Zephyr held her particles together so that she could morph back to her original form.

Traveling on the wind was much different than the water. It was much faster and more dangerous, however water was far more powerful and serene. As her mind raced she replayed the seen over in her mind again berating herself for it. She’d known it was coming and had procrastinated. He was obviously more powerful than she had expected and far more dangerous. As she remembered the adrenaline filled her body once more and the anger returned. The wind tunnel speed increased and she shot forward with renewed energy. She slowed herself though as the city came into view for even here miles away she could feel his presence. It was like a burning stink in her nostrils that seemed to want to spread through her whole body. But unlike Brook she had been trained and was able to resist. Cautiousness caused her further progress to be slow.

When she finally came into the city and near to the tower, her senses became overwhelmed and only a burning rage kept her in the city. She noticed a statue of the ‘boy genius‘ nearby and with a wave of her hand sent the wind tearing into the structure. Rivets flew from the structure and she watched satisfied as the statue fell into pieces within a few seconds. Noticing some movement in the tower itself she focused her mind on the window and pulled her hands toward her enjoying the sensation of power that filled her. As they built up further she felt the climax and slammed her hands forward. The glass shattered and sprayed the inside of the room with shards. Now the air became even more polluted but she ignored the sensation he caused her. She mad a flicking motion with her fingers and he staggered slightly and then smiled at her floating figure. “You are going to have to do much better than that if you hope to succeed. Your little stunt with gurgle boy, stupid. An untrained against me, pitiful. He was weak and so are you.” He removed one of the water creatures from the maze from his pocket and stroked it kindly. “What the teeth must have felt like going into his yellow organs. Ha!”

That was all it took, the wind which came from her rose in power and heat until it turned dangerous ... electric. She whipped her hands forward in rage and the lightning shot from her fingertips to burn a hole in his skull. His ear was the first to disintegrate and then the right side of his skull began to glow red and finally it erupted as well. She held the power surge until she saw him fall and then watched as the power she had unleashed tore into his brain tearing it to shreds in a matter of seconds. She gazed in at half a face which had charred at the edges of his nose and mouth. “Maybe next time you’ll value the quality of the person you are about to kill and remember that brain burning is a most painful way to die.”

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Wentwom said...
Jun. 11, 2012 at 2:04 pm
This Article is part of a new novel I will be posting on the sight soon.
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