Oops! The Mayan's were Right!

March 24, 2012
By ThatTimiGirl SILVER, Wheeling, West Virginia
ThatTimiGirl SILVER, Wheeling, West Virginia
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In the year 2012, the world as we knew it came to an abrupt, fatalistic halt. In December of that year, a world-wide earthquake sent the continental plates spinning. Nuclear plants in all sectors of the world melted down. Cities lay in ruin, ice formed below the surface, and humanization had to begin again…
A soft song floated on the wind as a little girl struggled not to fall asleep on her older sister’s lap. Her soft oaken hair stubbornly stood up on her head.
“Mia,” the older, blond sister chastised, causing little Mia to settle down on her lap. “Close your eyes, Sweet Love.”
“But, Kyra,” Mia whispered through a yawn, “I want to wait for Daddy to get home.” Kyra smiled, gently running a hand through her sister’s hair.
“He will be here when you wake up.” Slowly, big green eyes fluttered closed, and little Mia’s breathing came in a steady rhythm. Gently, Kyra lay Mia on the wolf fur patch. Swiftly, she threw her shawl around her shoulders and silently pushed open her hut door. Outside, the cool night of the beginning of spring welcomed her with open arms.
Kyra grinned, her blond hair streaming behind her as she weaved her way between trees towards the center of her town. The snow around their town had finally begun melting away. It would be another three weeks before the ice beneath the dirt melted and allowed flowers to bloom.
It had been another long winter, nearly six moon fazes, and every member of their little tribe was more than ready for the three moons of warm weather. Not only would the animals come out of hibernation, but the waters would be warm enough to sail for trade. There were other small civilizations about three day’s ship trip away, where goods were traded when the ice beneath the water melted enough to make tides and pulls predictable.
Kyra heard voices up ahead of her. Figures glowed in the dim firelight as the town council met. Kyra knew that one of them would be her father, a local fisherman.
“Robert?” She heard one of the Council Heads ask of her father, “How many fish do you think will have survived the freeze?” With baited breath, Kyra waited to hear her father’s response. When the waters froze, often they would kill many of the fish needed to eat during the warm months.
Kyra’s father spoke, his deep voice rich in color, “I think we lost a good many, however, if we can get out there and scoop them up as soon as they surface, they will be fresh enough to eat and store.”
“What of your daughters and positions here?” The leader asked, “Who will take care of them?”
“My Kyra is almost of age. She will take care Mia and she is a quick learner, I will teach her how to do my jobs.” Kyra’s heart flipped with joy. This was the opportunity she had been waiting for, a chance to spread her wings and show the village what she could do. Perhaps, after this, they would listen to her ideas! She had so many new ideas, especially concerning new ways to communicate. Smoke Signals were so over rated.

The author's comments:
This was originally a class assignment!

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