Lucky Yet Terrifying

March 22, 2012
By Logan Rhodes BRONZE, Remsen, Iowa
Logan Rhodes BRONZE, Remsen, Iowa
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I really didn’t want to get up. It was a warm Sunday morning and all I wanted to do was lie in bed and sleep as though I was dead. I couldn’t though since we had a game later that day. The game was out of town and it would take two hours to get there.

Danfun is where I live. Green hills surround the small town. We are mainly a farming town. There are three farms on the sides town and there is only one road in and out of town. The area used to be underwater.

Nothing really happens in town. Which is why I like to sleep in. After a few minutes, I finally get up. I take a shower, then put on a pair of blue shorts, white socks, and a red t-shirt. My mother yells upstairs, “ Dylan breakfast is done.” I walk downstairs and see my mother cooking eggs and bacon. I sit at the table, waiting for the food. I get my food, I say my thanks and eat silently with my mother. I hear a clank outside. My father must be working on the car we have. The car’s air conditioning broke and my father does not like going to the mechanics since the closest town is a hour and a half away.

After I was done eating, I decided that I would practice some hoops before we had to go to the game. I put on my Michael Jordan sneakers and walk to the park. Some of my other teammates had the same idea as I did. We played a few games together. We then decided to go to our homes to get ready for the game.

When I get home there is a commotion in the backyard. I walk to where the noise was coming from and noticed my mother and father near the garden. My father is talking excitingly to my mother. I notice my mother holding an ancient looking yellow box. The box looked like it was sealed tight. I decided to go upstairs to get ready for the game.

A half hour later the team bus honks for me. I run downstairs, in my purple and white jersey, and say good-bye to my parents. They say good-bye back and wish me luck and then resume trying to open the box. As I was about to leave the house, I noticed the garden flowers were wilting. I was about to say something but I was interrupted by another honk. I ran out and joined the team and we were off.

Six hours later, we were on the bus cheering since we won the game. Before we left home,we stopped and ate at some fast food places. After we were done, we resumed going home. Most of the team fell asleep, since our bellies were full and we were exhausted from the game. I, however, stayed awake and stared out the window at the cloudy sky turning reddish orange to black, while listening to my i-pod.

We were almost home when I noticed something odd. A mile or so ahead of us, flashing lights could be seen. “ HEY QUIET DOWN.” I yelled. Everyone started to look toward the front of the bus. Whispers suddenly grew. “ What do you think happened.” “Hope no one was hurt.” “ There is alot of them aren’t there.” “What are we supposed to look at.” As we got closer and closer the light got brighter and brighter. We all fell silent and waited.

We reached the flashing lights, we stopped since they belonged to multiple cop cars that were blocking the road. There are five cop cars and a black bus with no windows except the ones the driver needs in front of us. Our coach stepped out and talked with a policeman. While he was talking, most of the sleeping team was starting to wake up. Every so often I heard parts of their conversation. The town … suddenly … disease … survivors. While they were talking my coach would look up at us and the quickly return to the conversation. … sorry … bus … back … days. My right hand goes in circles, due to nervousness. After they were done our coach returned to the bus. His expression did not help the situation. We woke the remaining team and coach told us what he was just told.

The whole town was taken over by some sort of disease. The disease killed all the people in less than five minutes without warning. The disease seemed to linger around the town and it did not spread to outer areas. The time that the town was expected to have been hit was between a hour or two after we had left.

We all just sat there letting the new information sink in. Some of us started crying, others were punching the seat ahead of us in frustration. The rest of us just sat there trying to be strong and not cry or act out. Half-hour later the search team the policemen sent came back. They were wearing what looked like radiation suits and one of them was carrying a box. The box looked exactly like the one my mother found. One of the search team members went to talk to the policemen and told them what they discovered. Then the policeman came to the bus and told us what he was just told.

The search team found that the town had no survivors. All plants and animals died as well. The disease vanished and the only traces of it came from the box that mother found. It must have been some ancient war weapon, that somehow got buried. It went to work as soon as the box was open.

Almost everyone was in shock.Others were crying and a little bit later, the rest of us joined in the crying for our families and our loved ones. Myself and a few others tried to cheer up the others but failed. We were told that we could enter the town after they double checked that it was safe and after they removed the bodies. This took a few days to do. We stayed in the town we were at before, in a moldy motel. The next day we woke up late and drove back to our home town.

We got there late so they told us we could stay the night and pack since we needed to live with relatives. When I got to my house, everything was so quiet. It really creeped me out. Everything looked the same as I had left it except for the plant life. I packed and went to bed to get this day over with. I dreamt of my parents and the things we did.

My dreams were interrupted by a knock on the door. I got dressed, stuffed last minute things into my bag, then went to answer the door. The person at the door told me it was time to leave. I grabbed my things and we left to continue my life without my house, without my friends, and without my parents.

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