The Lineage

March 22, 2012
By ShannonJr GOLD, Newton, North Carolina
ShannonJr GOLD, Newton, North Carolina
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Part 1
The Primordial Lineage

In the beginning there was chaos. In this chaos there was nothing and everything all at the same time. What seemed like forever would only be a few seconds and a few seconds would seem like forever. Darkness and light existed as one and was the only thing that seemed to cover the chaos, something modern Chaosologists call Aduroacerbus. This was the state of existence, lacking in any sort of linear expression, and doing the most primal thing that everything within our universe does: exist.

Then something curious happened. Something that Chaosologists and human scientists alike cannot seem to understand: time was created. Time sprung out of the Aduroacerbus and everything within chaos began to form into something new. Nothing quickly became everything and everything filled every corner of existence. Eventually, as time began to pull and stretch chaos, Aduroacerbus was torn apart; torn into two separate entities. The first to emerge from the separation was Aduro, the goddess of light, in this, her first form, she was nothing more than a shining ball of light energy that gave everything light.

The second, Acerbus, the god of darkness, appeared as the shadow of everything that Aduro shined upon. He, like Aduro covered everything. Aduro and Acerbus are the two first gods or the Primordial Lineage.

As they looked upon the everything around them, they realized that something must be done. They did not want to be the only beings in existence and they took a small piece of their essences and created what we now call the universe. Aduro created the stars, the planets, and her favorite creation: Life. Once Life was created new beings quickly began to populate the universe. The first of these being the Brightlings, living, corporal creatures of light that began in the stars. These creatures would go on to serve as Aduro’s greatest allies in the universe, and for a long time, were the only living things within existence.

Acerbus, jealous of Aduro’s creations, decided he would create the exact opposite of everything that Aduro had created. The first was to contrast the stars, he turned them into vortexes that would destroy any light that reached it and made sure that other stars would follow. As for the planets, Acerbus created giants rock-like objects that would float around the universe and destroy every planet it came into contact with. Acerbus then did the worst possible thing he could have ever done to Aduro, he created Death, the only thing in the entire universe that would destroy life. Just as Life created the Brightlings, Death created the darkest beings in existence, the Reapers.

Aduro grew angry at Acerbus for betraying her like this, and then sent her Brightlings to destroy Acerbus and his Reapers, but this led to an all out war that almost crumbled the universe. Reapers and Brightlings fought and fought for a millennia, until, for the first time since Aduro and Acerbus were separated, Time intervened. He stopped everything and summoned Aduro and Acerbus to him. Having never seen Time before, they were in awe of him.

Time stopped them from fighting and warned them “If you ever fight like this again, I will recede and send everything you have created back into chaos,”

Aduro and Acerbus, not wanting to be hinged back together and suffer the rest of forever combined together in chaos quickly resolved their differences. Then eventually they decided that they would use their creations to make something new, something that would have both of their essences.
Part 2
The Lineage of Creation

The Godly Ones were created. The Godly Ones, like Aduro and Acerbus had the ability to use light and darkness to create new things and were eternal. However, unlike their creators they absolutely could not create something eternal. They were only allowed to create life that would eventually go through death. Following their orders, the first Godly One, a Brightling etched with a slight essence of Darkness who named himself Good, created one of the most complex forms of life, a human and populated a small planet close to Aduro’s favorite star, Sol, with them and made them righteous and happy just like he believed his creator would want.

The second Godly One, a Reaper etched with a slight essence of Light, who named herself Evil, saw these new creations and, without Good’s knowledge, took the form of one of them and corrupted half of them, turning their mostly light and happy essences (which the humans called souls) and morphed them into something dark and terrible, just as she thought her creator would have wanted. Evil, to spite Good even more, turned his favorite human creation, the best and the brightest of them all, a man named Luce first.

This angered Good, who tried to rid his planet of the evil humans that Evil had created, but then before he could try, a fight broke out between Luce and Good’s new favorite, Mortis, and as they killed each other Aduro and Acerbus intervened and from the blood spilt between the two created the third Godly One, Balance. They made this one of both the full dark essence of Luce and full light essence of Mortis. They tasked him with the responsibility of watching over his brother and sister. Good and Evil, as punishments for their crimes were forever be chained on each side of Balance. With this creation, another Lineage was created, which consisted of the Godly Ones and their creations, the Humans. And for friends and food the humans created a variety of beasts to populate the planet for hunting and friendship so the humans would not feel alone on that large planet. The Lineage was named the Lineage of Creation.

Part 3
The Spiritual Lineage

And for a nearly a century, the humans, living on the planet that the named Earth, lived in balance. Until one day, a human man named Adam, was visited by a Reaper (Acerbus decided that Reapers would remove the essences and return them to Aduro and Acerbus). Distraught and afraid at losing his existence and his soul disappearing back into the gods, he pleaded with the Godly Ones not to let him die. Aduro, looking at the man’s fear, asked Acerbus to call off his reaper, but she was quickly reminded by him the implications of the human not dying, how this could upset the balance by creating another eternal being. Then Aduro and Acerbus decided to use their essences to create a new plane of existence, this place was called the Afterlife, and with the Afterlife, two new governing Godly Ones were made.

The first, created by Aduro was made to govern a place in the Afterlife for the souls untainted by the goddess Evil. She called herself Celestia, and her part of the afterlife Paradisea, and basked the land with the eternal essence of light. While Acerbus, in order to maintain the balance which Time had told them to keep, created the Godly One, Sulfurous, who name his land Infernos due to the fires of punishment that would burn the souls of those touched by Evil. Even with this, when Adam’s essence was taking up, no one knew where he should be placed. As the essence left Adam’s body everyone saw that unlike the dark or light essence they thought the soul would be, it was a light grey. The Godly Ones quickly realized that all souls would be like this, due to Balance give the souls a chance to make mistakes and do good things at the same time. When asked what they should do, Aduro and Acerbus decided that they best thing to do would be to a being that would inspect the essence of the soul, but to do this they would need something that could judge the spirit for what it was.

Paradisea and Sulfurous offered the Aduro and Acerbus a piece of them to create this being, which would be called Judicis, and he would rest in a land that the Primordial Gods would forever call Near-Chaos. Judicis’ job was to judger the soul based on the amount of Good and Evil essences that built up throughout their lives. When Adam’s essence was judged he, as the Primordial gods suspected, was allowed to wander throughout Paradisea in eternal happiness. This became the last

Part 4
The Last Lineage

Throughout centuries humans and gods lived together in the universe, connected to one another through prayer and eventually shrines that many would dedicate to them. Eventually though, a human brother and sister named Betra and Yal, wanted power from their creators. They foolishly believed themselves to be the greatest of all human kind, and when they approached the Shrine of Good and Evil, and offered three pricks of blood and prayer (this had became the normal way to show the Godly Ones were needed) to summon the Godly Ones to them. And from the alter sprung the brightest and darkest auras that Betra and Yal had laid their eyes upon.

Then, as the auras began to manifest they saw them. One was a man, the most beautiful man the Yal had ever seen. He was clothed in a white metallic armor and had the most divine white hair. Then, as she looked into his eyes, she saw the darkest thing she had ever seen on the planet. Yal knew exactly who this man was, this was the Godly One, Good. The next was the most tantalizing woman that Betra could have ever dreamed of, her skin was dark and she was only covered by a the blackest cloth he had ever seen, but her eyes, her eyes were filled with the brightest light in the entire world, this was the Godly One, Evil. Between the two, however, was a small child, he was holding them in place with a large chain and all was covered on him, except for his face which was a sickly grey color, just like his eyes. This was the youngest of the Godly Ones, Balance.

“Why have you summoned us?” asked Balance, with a small, yet intimidating tone. Good and Evil looked upon the brother and sister indifferently. Over the centuries Good and Evil had grown to despise their creations, for they believed they are the reasons for their chains. Balance was the only one who cared for the humans anymore.

“We believe we deserve more power,” said Betra and Yal, simply, in unison.

This caused each of the Godly Ones to let out a large chuckled. Never since the creations of humans had any of them “demanded” anything. Amused by this, Good and Evil looked upon Balance who nodded.

“Very well then, humans, and what sort of power is it you seek?” asked Good first, who began to slowly walk towards them.

Yal, drawn to Good, answered “I want the power to bend the nature to which the Primordial Gods have created!” Good looked upon this woman, studying her body and her soul, which seemed to be uncorrupt by the ways of his sister, until he saw the one flaw, envy. Good, for the first time in centuries, looked upon a human with interest. “I want to be able to make the trees and wind move and speak the language of Beasts!”

Good looked over to Balance, because, due to the chains their creator bonded them to, Balance made the final decisions. “Are you sure they are worthy of power?” asked Balance to his brother, who gave him warning eyes about placing trust within humans. Good looked again at Yal who looked up at good with a look pure awe. “Very well," and like a flash, Good had conjured a small color changing ball of energy.

“What is this?” asked Yal, staring at the ball with almost as much awe as she had Good.

“This is a piece of the essence of nature...with this, you will have power beyond any other human,” explained Good, but as Yal reached for this power, Good made it rise above her reach. “If you should attempt to use this power to alter the design of the world, you will receive punishment beyond your wildest nightmares, do I make myself clear?”

Yal hesitated for a second, and quickly nodded. Then the ball rushed towards Yal at an incredible speed, combing with her essence. Yal’s blue eyes quickly turned a deep grey, a a trait that most modern magicians have, and her hair turned a pale white. She quickly began moving her hands about the trees make them grow and shrink, and spoke to her faithful mockingbird, in his native tongue. Yal had the power she wanted.

“And for you?” asked Evil reluctantly, Evil did not believe the innocent looks that the humans were giving her. She knew though, that according to their creators laws that were given to Balance, she must do something with her darkness as well, or else they would have to intervene again, something that Evil knew would not end well.

“I want to change my shape, I want to be able to roam with the wildest of animals and still be able to return to my wife for supper!” exclaimed Betra, with sheer excitement after seeing his sister’s power.

Balance nodded and Evil conjured a grey ball energy. Evil, without presenting Betra with any conditions, thrusted the energy into his essence. Betra suddenly changed into his favorite beast, a wolf. The Godly Ones then vanished without a trace and Betra and Yal quickly returned to their village to show off their power. The villagers looked upon them with wonder and excitement as Betra changed into animals of all shapes and sizes, while Yal caused the crops in the village to flourish.

Soon, the villagers, having inflated the siblings ego enough already, began to look upon them as gods and asked if they could have the same powers. The siblings denied the villagers pleas which angered them. They casted them out of the village, little did they know, they would be the only ones who would ever populate the world of pure humans again.

Yal, bitter with their village and mortal humans in general, began using her powers for evil. Yal quickly realized that it was not the only could she morph just the plants of nature, she could morph the beasts. She went on a rampage, morphing human essences into dark beasts such as ravenous wolves that howl at the moon, turning reptiles into flying beasts of carnage, even morphing humans to use her magic as well, making the world a dangerous place. Eventually the world became a much more dangerous place.

However,Betra, unlike his sister, instead cast out his power wanting no more than to rid himself of it. However, when his first child was born he realized that not only was he cursed with this “gift” from the gods, but his descendants were cursed as well. Eventually, out of pure shame and hatred for himself jumped off the highest cliff and died. His essence returning into nature just as it was taken.

Yal, now calling herself a witch, was living happily in the chaotic world to which she had morphed. Eventually, the world was littered with magically altered beasts and humans alike. Then suddenly, the sky boomed with thunder and in front of her appeared the Godly Ones, each angrier than they had been in centuries.

“You broke your vow,” boomed Balance, Yal looked about at Good and Evil who were even more subdued than before, dark masks covering their faces and their arms strapped tightly by large, enchanted chainlike objects. “Look at what you have done to them! Good trusted you with this power and what have you done? You have morphed their creations, you changed the essences, something only a god is permitted to do!”

“They deserved it! They cast us out of the village, for we could not cater to their selfish whims! We gave them friends and game and crop and they cast us out like common mortals!” argued Yal, unafraid of the booming Balance, secretly believing she to be the strongest being in creation.

“You are selfish! You have betrayed your Gods and destroyed They’re world!” yelled Balance, who, instead of a child began to grow into a large black beast!

“They? What do you mean?” asked Yal, as the humans did not know of the primordial gods to which Balance was referring.

“Our creators, they have lived in this Universe since the beginning of time, now, not only are they locking us away, but they are locking you away as well!” yelled Balance, each word angrier than his last. Then suddenly, everything stopped. Yal looked up at the sky and the brightest light and the darkest shade she had ever seen in her entire life. She felt a sense of dread as the beings lowered themselves and in almost a second, Balance, Good, and Evil were gone. The world she had altered vanished, her changes erased. “Who are you?” asked Yal in pure shock and disbelief.

“We are everything...and you are nothing,” and then Yal vanished from existence. Her creations locked away. Aduro and Acerbus, leaving the humans alone. Never looking back at this world.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a backstory to a novel I plan to write when I get older. It is mainly me just typing out my own mythology of the universe in which my novel will take place.

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