Chapter 1: Betrayal

March 14, 2012
Elene sat patiently in her marble throne room. Suddenly, the golden palace doors flew open as he walked in. He looked every bit of the cold killer he was. He was tall and made out of muscles. He must have been four feet thick. He was covered in scars and tattoos, one long, deep scar going from right under his left eye to the curve of his jaw. He wore nothing but black leather and combat boots. He was covered in swords and blades. Barker Slade was an assassin and the best Elene could find on short notice.

"Mr. Slade." Elene said in a flat tone.

"Money. Upfront," he barked. Elene looked down her long, thin, pale nose at the muscular sewage rat before she threw a pouch at him the rang with a metal sound as it hit the floor. Barker did not notice how something inside this bag gently squirmed as he reached in, eager to receive the gold he was promised. He cried out in pain as metal tacks and black scorpions dug into his hand. He gritted his teeth together and held back curses he had been planning to spit at Elene. Cursing the Fairy Queen was not only stupid- it was deadly. She smiled coldly as thick lines of dark-red blood ran down his hand and splattered on the marble floor.

"I will tell you this once, Mr. Slade. I am in control. You do not tell me how things go or what the rules are. You are in my court now. And if you misbehave again..." she trailed off. She smiled a smile that sent chills down Barker Slades' spine.
"I'll have the parents of those black scorpions pick every morsel of flesh off of your bones. Have I made myself clear, Mr. Slade?"
He growled to himself.

"Yeah." he snapped. A golden, metal spear smacked into the back of his head, sending him to the cold, hard floor.
I didn't quite catch that. Please repeat yourself." Elene said, feigning confusion. Barker exhaled. He was not used to taking orders. Staying crouched on the floor, he looked at it, bowing his head.
"Yes, your Majesty."

"Very good." Elene purred cruelly.

"How may I be of service to you, your Majesty?" Barker said, doing his best not to drive one of the bigger knives through Queen Elenes' cold, fairy heart.

"You know of my daughter? Diantha?" She asked. Howver, this question was pointless. All immortal creatures and mortal creatures that knew of fairies knew Princess Diantha.

"Yes, of course, your Majesty. What of her?"

"Her eighteenth birthday is in a month. When she reaches this age, she will take over reign of the fairies, replacing me." Elene spoke aloud, snapping the last two words off with anger.

"Yes, your Majesty, I'm aware." Barker could only hope that somehow Elene was offering her daughters hand in marriage to him. Although he was an assassin and loved killing fairies, every man, mortal and immortal, got a rigid hard-on as soon as Princess Diantha walked into the room. Her body was nothing but curves of pleasure that Barker couldn't help but want to take advantage of.
Queen Elene leaned foward in her throne and smiled bitterly. Barker couldn't believe his ears. The next two words made his mouth fall open.

"Kill her."

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