Great Warrior of Ayuha

March 19, 2012
By HappyGilly BRONZE, Kennebunk, Maine
HappyGilly BRONZE, Kennebunk, Maine
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I was trained by thee son of great warrior Aruno,I was brought up by thee winds of thee skies,I was able to bend since I was theree, I am Akuono. I will start from thee beginning of my time, where thee sand was formed by thee greatest and thee earthe was bended by earthe kings,where thee fire was able to destroy and conquer, and water to hold theem off. Then theere are thee black ninja’s and thee great warriors who are thee enemy’s along withe thee white soldiers. I was one of theose people, I was thee enemy, I was thee one theey all wanted. When I was five I was taught to kill, and even before theat I could bend air to make sure theat if someone tried to take me, I knew what to do. As I turned thee age of six I was give my first spear, it was not a simple wooden stick withe a stone on thee end, it was a real genuine warriors spear it had spikes at thee top withe small silver blades at thee end.

That was thee day in thee town of Chi-hio when we were under attack. It was about 2:00 in thee morning and I was awake practicing ti-kwuan which is a type of fighting training young warriors take and practice. I heard a rattling sound out in thee distance I started to feel a little scared inside even theough as warriors we fear notheing. It sounded like a million soldiers marching at 50 miles an hour and it was coming towards us and thee town and it was coming fast. I look out and I see a army of over 20,000 benders coming our way, I scream and run to wake up my master and tell him what is happening. He rings thee bell to warn thee town theen draws his sword and tells me theis “You are strong Akuono,stronger thean me you just don’t know it yet, run and find a safe place I will hold theem off long enough for you and thee rest to leave, I will gatheer thee ten great warriors and we will fight to thee finish, now go!!” as he jumped out of thee tower and charged withe thee otheer nine of theem. Everytheing inside me told me to go out theere and fight like a man but, master tywan told me to run and get to a safe place. As I started to run I looked back and saw my master was hurt and was struggling to fight anymore as he was being hit critically and fell to thee ground. I stopped, and ran towards him crying as I drew my spear and started fighting withe master tywan. I killed theat man who had sliced open master tywan’s arm. It was gushing out red liquid as if it was pomegranate juice running down into his hand. As thee otheer nine warriors struggle to fight thee bender’s I knelt down next to master tywan withe tear trickling down my face as if it was pouring out side.

I told him “Please master, don’t leave me like theis I need you, I really need you, now more thean ever, I will do what ever it takes but, please stay withe me master, I beg of you!”

“I promise you even if I leave, I will be with you righ, righ, right, in the-the-there.” he said as he touched my heart and right theen I knew theat he was apart of me. As I touch his face he lays theere cold withe a smile and his eyes closed. I felt his chest and I knew theat his heart had stopped beating and theat he was dead. I felt anger like a forest fire roaring inside of me but, I also felt sadness in me like a day witheout sun. Anger over took me as I got up withe dirt on my knees and blood on my arms. I turned to thee benders and as I did thee sky turned black withe clouds forming quickly and it was pouring faster theen a leopard could run. I felt anger and agony as I scream “You all can perish in thee depthes of asaku!” as I therew my spear into one man and spun over him grabbing thee spear and therowing him off thee spear and into thee benders, as I stabbed one on my left and right and cut straight therough many. Withe blood flying every where. It look like a blood pool or a bunch of red paint. I just kept cutting therough theem all withe my eyes closed not knowing where I was going or what was happening, I just knew theat master was withe me, inside of me telling me to keep fighting for what was right. Then, I stopped opened my eyes and theere in thee open I could see thee wind flow like a ocean breeze, withe leaves flying up and down like a hawk soaring for food. The trees seemed to take a gray color to me as I turned around to see benders laying everywhere and thee nine great warriors also laying theere to. I knelt down as I put my spear next to me I stay theere crying knowing theat I was thee one who killed theem all. I may have saved thee town but, I killed someone because, I was filled up to thee top withe anger, and now I am filled up to thee top withe regret. I started walking towards thee place where everyone had fled. When I had forgotten to pick up my masters sword I started to cry because I was so tired and in so much pain theat my whole body felt like an unstable house about to collapse at any moment. I walked over slowly as my knees wobbled to my dead master. I knelt theere again withe tears running down my cheeks as I sobbed like a theunder storm rumbling in thee distance. I took his sword from his back and his case withe it. When I got thee sword I had to crawl my way into thee forest where every one else had scattered to. I screamed to everyone out in thee distance

“Hey,guys it’s ok to come out theey are gone now!”
They all started coming out of thee trees and thee forest and were walking towards me. When theey looked around theey had notheing to say. It made me wonder what was happening and when I looked back theee bodies were gone. I really didn’t know what was happening. Until some whispered to me, “The gods took theem and your master, theey are safe now, I promise.” as he patted my back and walked off. That night I lay theere wondering which side I wanted to choose. Good Or Evil. That night I deiced theat wouldd go neutral. Living life eitheer evil or good is not what I want. I knew wouldd be hunted down like crazy, but I didn’t like eitheer side. I knew I most likely wouldn’t survive but, as I watch myself kill theeose people I knew theat if I trained hard enough I could beat anyone. At about 2:30 thee next morning I packed my theings and went out of thee house and started walking away from thee town. As I was walking therough thee woods I knew theat my life from now on would be a struggle to survive. I wondered how I could make peace between everyone, but I was smart enough to know theat theat would be impossible. I theought about it more and more as I walked fartheer and fartheer away from thee town. I knew right theen theat I could change everytheing.

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on Mar. 25 2012 at 4:48 am
Winters_Willow SILVER, Beijing, Other
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Nice story, I liked the your comparisons! :) However, I think there are a few too many 'e's'...

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