The Time Machine: Chapter I

March 9, 2012
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The twins went in first. They didn't know what was getting ready to happen. When the water hit them, it bounced of and began to spin. Little Abbey got scared and ran in after them. The water opened up a portal that was like a black hole.
"What do you think it is," asked Christina. She put her hand through it.
"I dont know but it sure is creepy. You want to go inside it," asked Jerry. He was always looking for ways to get into trouble. He didn't care what happened to him or his sisters as long as he could have fun. His dark hair blew in his face as a gust of wind went by.
"We stunt be gowin in dere," little abbey said. She was only five. The twins looked at each other. Christina said no, but Jerry just wanted to go in there so badly.
" No, Jerry. What happens if the portal thingy closes and we are stuck in there? Plus, we dont know where it will take us," she said. Just then, the portal started to pull them in. The trio had nothing to grab onto and were pulled inside against their will. Christina looked around as she hit an ice cold floor. What she saw was not good.

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