The Bond Between Two Brothers

March 7, 2012
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Long ago in the land of Jade the emperor Cuzco had just been blessed with two glorious children. One named Jake and the other Antwan. The two kids had grown stronger and taller over the past few years. So, their father thought it was time to teach them the ways of the ninja. It had been a family generation for 30,000 years past down generation to generation. Antwan learned quickly while his brother Jake struggled more than anyone can imagaine. If he lossed a battle he would be whipped 20 times, without an excuse to what happened during the fight.Antwan started to become obsessed with the fact of being the most powerful ninja and to use his powers for evil.On a bright sunny day Cuzco decided that the two sons should battle to remember what they have learned over the years.The battle was won of course by the one known as Antwan.But Antwan had gone too far he attempted to kill Jake. But before he could their father stopped him. Cuzco could see the evil hidden within Antwan and in that instant Cuzco banished Antwan from the Land of Jade.Antwan later returned with a crew of blood thirsty assassins to finish the job he had started. Jake managed to escape with the thoughts of his father's last words,"Don't live in fear". Over the next ten years Jake trained hard and well to make sure that the next time he came eye to eye again with his brother he was ready to fight him. Jake had set a quest to defeat his brother and restore piece to his land. once Jake arrived at his destination Antwan immediately sensed him, and knew what had to be done. Jake challenged his brother to a dual to the death. The battle was vicious and close but, Jake managed to succeed.With Antwan dying breath he asked, "But how could you beat me Jake you were always afraid to even face me".Jake left Antwan with the words of his father,"You can't live in fear". Antwan had passed and Jake had been left with the responsibilities of passing down the family tradition for only good purposes.

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