The Darkest Wave: Chapter 3

February 28, 2012
Chapter 3

When I am sure that Devin was gone, I flick the lights out and crawl in bed. I slip the envelope Owen had given me out of my pocket and aim it so I can read what it says, only using the moonlight for a source. I run my fingers over the rough, sand-like feel to the paper.

Squinting, I was able to read what it said:


You may not know me as your father yet, but soon I hope you will. I was informed recently that you have experienced the dangers of the ocean, nearly taken away. I could not afford loosing you the way I had lost your mother. I once believed I could never love anyone, or anything. Then I met your mother. And soon, you as well. I don’t blame you if you disgrace of me or your mother, I do not doubt the fact that we abandoned you. But do realize it was for your own safety. And please, Carissa, you are all I have left in the world that I can smile at the memories, so please do not do anything retinol to save your mother, I will do everything I can to find her. Do not blame yourself for my mistakes; I’ve done them out of love. Love is the one thing that conquers all in the end.

Your father,

King Neptune
I couldn’t stop the tears that were stinging my eyes. I quickly wiped then with the back of my hand, and sniffled.
I took one more glance over the letter, and then crumpled it up, throwing it harshly against the wall. I now knew that it was not my fault for everything that has happened since I was brought into the world. It was my fathers.

The sound of seagulls woke me the next morning. I knew it was still early, no later than 7:30, by the way the sun was just rising over the still ocean.
I redid my ponytail, so it was more stable on my head. I splashed cool water in my face and peered at myself through the mirror. Somehow, now, I looked more confident. I almost looked like I was glowing with some kind of new power that was surging through my veins.
After brushing my teeth, and changing into work-out clothes, I noticed a pile of sand near the wall across my room. That’s when I realized that the sand piled right where I had thrown my father’s note the night before. And what do you know? No note.
I began to rummage through my purse I was able to save from Raphael’s party, which seemed like forever ago. I dug through it until I found my phone. I pulled it out and it buzzed in my hand, startling me with twenty new messages.
I decided to read through all of them. Half of them ended up being from Rylie, and Tess. The other half was from Meg. To sum up all the messages; they pretty much all read: Where the he** are you?! I sighed, not sure what to do.
I knew that I would have to answer them eventually, and if I didn’t answer them soon…I would be all over the news.
First I texted Tess and Rylie saying:
Heey, it’s me. I’m fine I ended up meeting this hot guy and he talked me into leaving with him to his place, so could you back up for me, I’m gonna tell Meg that I had a sleep over with you two. So if she asks DON’T DENY! I’ll see you guys soon.
I pressed send and waited for each of them to reply first. Reluctantly they both did.
Tess said: I knew my babe was still in there! Ha don’t worry; I spent the night with Raphael too! Call me when you’re free!
I couldn’t help but to giggle to myself at Tess’ reply. She has always had a crush on Raphael.
Next I opened Rye’s text it read: Oh gosh Car! You work fast! Haha, and don’t worry, my lips are sealed. You’re not the only one, Max had to give me a ride home because Tessy was getting busy with Raphael, can’t help but to be proud of the girl.(;
Wow. Not seeing my girls was going to be harder than I thought. But I knew I had to, to keep them safe. The last thing I wanted was to put the people I love in danger.
So next I had texted Meg and told her the lie the girls and I came up with. She texted back almost immediately with a positive reply which helped.

I skipped down the hallway to the dining area guessing that’s where they would be serving breakfast.
Just as I was about to swing through the doors, two hands pulled me back. I whirled around to meet Devin’s lips on mine. It was a quick peck, but it still sent chills up my spine.
“And nine was too early for you?” he snickered.
“Those da** seagulls woke me up.” I interjected.
He nodded sarcastically. “Or you just couldn’t wait for my amazing coaching.”
“Mhm, well I hate to say that was the one thing I dreaded, considering you’re not going to end up teaching me anything because you’d much rather kiss me.” I shot back.
“I bet you I could go the whole practice without your kiss.” He challenged.
“It’s a bet.” I crushed my lips to his once more.
When we pulled away he smiled, “You caving in that easy, Blake?”
“Nope. Practice hasn’t started.”

Devin lead me to a table, which Nixie and Nerissa were sitting.
As Devin and I sat down together, hand and hand the nymphs swapped nervous glances. I was about to question them but then a voice chimed just above Devin and my head.
“Good morning Carissa, Devin.” I recognized Mira’s voice and both Devin and I turned to face her.
The blood rushed from my face as I saw who was standing slightly behind her.
“I have made some slight changes to your classes, my darling,” Mira’s smile was tight across her face as she glared at me, “Owen Breezewood will be your teacher.”
I gulped.
Devin laughed bitterly beside me. “Yeah, right.”
“You have no say in this, Mr. Sandly.” Mira snapped.
I cut in before Devin could speak again with his award winning comebacks. “Wait, him, er—Owen…I thought he was a messenger for Neptu—I mean my dad.” The word dad became bitter in my mouth, after reading that stupid letter.
“Yes, that is correct. But you see, I mentioned your magic usage lessons to your father and he highly suggested that Mr. Breezewood taught you rather then Devin.”
“But he’s a—”
“I’m sorry but I will be teaching Carissa in her lessons because you said so, so—”
Through clenched teeth I hissed to Devin, “Shut up, you’re not helping.”
“I am sorry to disappoint you Miss Blake but I must fallow King Neptune’s commands. I assure you that Owen will be sure to teach you just as well as Devin. Lessons are at nine, I will expect to see you in the Coliseum then.” With not another word, Mira turned on her heels and disappeared through the doors.
I flickered my eyes to Owen’s who were avoiding everyone else’s by looking at the ground.
Today he wore a plain t-shirt and khaki shorts.
Devin was swearing under his breath, but I couldn’t make out what words.
“Um, Owen?” His blue eyes instantly found mine.
“Can I speak with you in the hall? For a sec?” I pleaded.
“Uh, yeah, sure.”
As I stood from the chair I felt a hand grab my wrist.
“Car, what are you doing? I’m not letting that messenger teach you jack s***.”
“Devin, please. I can do this.” I leaned down and so my lips were at his ear. “I love you.”
I felt his grip loosen but uncertainty was still shown on his face.
“Car I don’t—”
My lips were still on his ear when I whispered, “If you love me, you will trust me.”
That did it. Devin released my wrist, but grabbed one side of my face instead.
“I trust you.” Then, his lips brushed mine softly before he let go of me completely.

When Owen and I were out in the hallway alone, I pulled him into an empty closet looking room and shut the door behind me.
When I turned to face him, I could barely keep my eyes off him and his beauty. I shook my head to clear my head.
“What’s going on?” I demanded.
“What do you mean?” Owen conveys.
I through my arm up in exasperation, slapping them on my sides. “Come on, I know there is something going on here. The way Nixie and Nerissa looked uncomfortable when Devin and I sat down at the table. The way you looked shaken up when you saw Devin come in my room and go all b****y on you. Don’t think I didn’t notice.”
Owen exhales deeply closing his eyes before he starts again. “Well we were hoping you didn’t notice.”
“Who are we?”
“Everyone. Look, Devin is a Oceanid—”
“I know that.”
He looked irritated that I cut him off but kept going. “Which means that he is supposed to hate woman. Which obviously is not the case.”
“So big deal? Everyone has to love once in there life.”
“You don’t get it, Carissa. If Nersus, Devin’s father, finds out that one of his sons has found love…it could mean grave punishment for him. Deadly.”
“Well my dad is Nersus’ ruler! He could just maybe say something to him. He will do it if it makes me happy.” I assert.
Owen just shakes his head. “Neptune does not approve it either. He doesn’t want to see his daughter with one of the Oceanid’s. That is like a disgrace, to you, and to your family. It’s nearly forbidden.”
“Well that’s a bunch of BS! No one can tell me who I can, and cannot love. I am in power over my own actions.”
“Listen, Carissa—”
“And what were you sent here for?” I chide harshly. “Some kind of…of distraction?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“I know what this must be like for you, I am sorry. But I must obey my orders, Carissa. And that means to make you fall in love with me before you turn eighteen. And I must keep trying until that last second, when you become an adult.” I am so caught up in the words that come out of Owen’s mouth that I hadn’t even realized that his hands were on my shoulders sending a warm comforting feeling flow through them.
I look at him dazed. “What happens if I don’t?”
“That means I failed. I failed your father, and I failed my life’s duty. I’ll just become another one of his useless slaves.” By looking into his eyes I can see sadness.
“I am sorry, Owen. I didn’t know—”
“Forget about it.” He drops his hands from my shoulders. I can’t help but to feel a little disappointed. His touch sent a different kind of feeling through me, one I didn’t understand. “We better head to the Coliseum. Your lessons probably start soon.

We walk in silence the rest of the way to the Coliseum. We find Mira by the doors, smiling at us. I almost say, don’t get ahead of yourself, Sherlock, but I bight my tongue.
“Good! You showed!” she chimed happily as Owen and I approached.
“It’s not like we had a choice.” I mutter under my breath, but say it quiet enough so she can’t hear. I get a soft chuckle from Owen, who must have overheard.
“I can see were getting along, good, good.” She pries. “Your lessons will be right through these doors. Call if you need anything, and more importantly, I have fun!” With that, Mira scampered away, her heals clicking on the marble getting quieter as she gets more distant.
I turn to Owen, who has a gorgeous half-smile on his lips. “Ladies first?”
I do a fake curtsy before I kick open the wooden doors. I nearly fall over when I enter. The Coliseum is like three football fields long. It made it larger since there was barely anything in here except sand, and a fairly large pond in the middle of the empty space.
I kicked off my slides, and dug my toes into the sand.
I turned back to Owen who was watching me intently, with curious eyes. When I caught my staring, a smile tipped the edge of his lips.
“This is great!” I exclaim, happily.
“Neptune thought you would like it.” Owen approved. Why did he have to say that? The thought of my dad knowing what would make me happy sickened me.
When Owen saw my expression his eyebrows arched with concern. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing.” I lie pathetically.
His smile reappeared. “I highly doubt that,” he stifled a laugh, “I just met you last night and yet I can still tell when you are lying.” He provokes.
“Don’t get too excited now, last I heard I made it pretty obvious.” I smiled dubiously in reply.
“I am sure.” He approves. “But is it about your father?”
I start to chew nervously on my bottom lip, but I nod in reply.
I didn’t notice Owen stride towards me, until the tips of his fingers are gently gliding over my cheek. His touch leaves a trail of warmth. I want to pull away but I knew it would hurt him if I did. I mean this meant nothing, right?
“Tell me.” He breathed. His breath tickled the tip of my nose. I scrunched it.
“It’s nothing really.” I assure.
He didn’t take it. Instead, he chuckles lightly. “Don’t worry, Carissa. I am no longer your father’s messenger. I am assigned to you, remember? The last thing I want to do is mess with your daddy issues,” he smirks mockingly, “you can talk to me.”
“Well, you asked for it.” I shrug. “It was that da** letter he sent me. It was so…so…worthless. I mean, it was like one of the letters girls get in those chick flick movies. I mean come on! He can at least be somewhat original!”
Taking me by surprise Owen nods feebly. “I could see it,” he agreed, “But you gotta cut him slack I mean, it’s not like he has ever written a letter to his daughter before.”
I considered Owen’s explantation. But I just couldn’t get my mind off what it must be like for him.
“Owen, I’m sorry. No I am really sorry.”
By the way I saw his jaw and eyes harden, I knew he knew what I was talking about.
“Carissa, it’s not your fault. And…believe it or not, I might have fallen for you even if your father forced it or not.”
“Come on, Car, think about it.” His eyes glitter with excitement. “I get to battle for a beautiful, independent, courageous, girl. I think even if I don’t win, it would be worth it.” He tilted my chin up to face his, with a hooked finger.
“Well you’re at an awfully good start.” I flutter my eyelashes for his own personal amusement. I knew that half of the things, I was saying, including the flirtatious things, was a lie, I couldn’t make it too easy. That wouldn’t be fair. I had to start over, and be open to both sides. And I couldn’t deny the strange feeling that surged through me, when Owen touched me. Or the fluttering, bubbly feeling I felt when Devin’s lips were on mine.
“I’m glad to hear that. Now, come on,” he nodded his head toward the pond of saltwater, “let’s get your lessons started.”

When my lessons are done, and I am freshly cleaned up, I find Devin leaning against the doorframe of the door that enters into my room.
“Hey.” I smile.
His eyes were hard. “Missed you today.” He moved his hands to my waist and pulled my close to him.
“Me too.”
“We have some making up to do, you know right?” He purred.
“Oh I guessed that. It was the one thing I was looking forward to doing.”
“Yes. Three hours is way too much time for lessons, if you ask me.”
“Oh, so now you don’t approve?” I counter.
“Nope. Because I didn’t teach it.” I felt the smile remain on his lips as his moved against mine. First soft, then harder.
I slowly pulled away, not wanting him to take it the wrong way. When I looked into his eyes, he was smiling down at me.
“I have a surprise.” He murmured.
“Really? What?” I asked skeptically.
He released my waist, but kept one of his hands intertwined with mine. “This way.”
We headed out to the Sanctuary’s lobby and then out the door.
“Where are we going?” I insisted.
He didn’t answer, he just kept walking, dragging me close to his heals.
I didn’t bother to ask again. It seemed we were heading towards town.
Then I saw them. They had wide smiles on there mouths but they vanished when their eyes moved to Devin.
“Hey, guys!” I decided to break the awkward silence as they checked out Devin. Tess had even wiped her eyes to make sure he was real.
I tackled both of my friends with a hug. They giggled at my reaction. They had no idea how happy I was to see them. With everything that happened, I thought it would be years until it was safe to see them again.
When I pulled away both of their eyes wondered back to Devin. I couldn’t blame them, he was a little too beautiful for your average human.
“Over here you guys.” I snickered. They both blushed and removed their eyes from Devin.
“Holy shitake mushrooms, girl! You weren’t lying when you said hot!” Tess hissed.
“He’s soo cute! I mean look at him! He’s blushing!” Rylie agreed.
“Guys don’t freak him out, okay? I really, really like him. Like so much you wouldn’t believe.” I admitted openly.
They both nodded, not surprised at all.
“So I’m guessing you want to meet him?” I acknowledge.
“He** yeah we do!” Tess exclaimed, grabbing my wrist and began to pull me towards Devin.
Devin’s eyes were on mine, with a hint of confusion.
“Devin, these are my bestfriends, Rylie and Tess.” I propose with a smile.
He replies with one of his one. “Hi, I’m Devin, Carissa’s boyfriend.” I was surprised when Devin slid his hand around my waist and pulled me to his side.
“Awe, you guys are so cute. Hi I’m Rylie.” Rylie gives him a small friendly smile. Her cheeks flutter red when Devin smiles in her direction.
“And I am Tessa but I go by Tess.” Tess flutters her eyelashes flirtatiously and then as if remembering I was there, gives him a sly smile, avoiding my eyes.
“Alright now that were all friendly up, what should we do?” I assert.
I feel Devin flex his muscles. “Um, Rissa, we have to actually head back to the Sanctuary, I didn’t exactly ask for permission to leave, and if Mira finds out, especially when I’m with you, she’ll for sure have one of her hissy fits.” Devin whispers, tickling my ear with his lips. Did he just call me Rissa? Cute.
“Oh god Devin,” I say a little louder.
“What’s the prob?” Rylie chimes.
“We…supposedly already have plans.” I note harshly.
“Well that works out, Raphael just texted me. Wants me to come over to his place. And Rye…Max is coming.” Tess adds.
“You and Max still? That’s great Rye. He’s a nice boy.” I convey.
She shrugs a pointedly. “I guess. Well everyone desearves a second chance. Am I right?” Tess hooks her arm through Rylie’s and they both give me one more hug.
“Careful with this one. She’s easily resigned.” Tess hisses over my shoulder to Devin.
“Okay, see you guys later.” I pull away, and move back to Devin’s side automatically. He’s waiting with open arms and I nestle close to him.
“Keep in touch.” Rylie shouts over her shoulder. Tess just winks, either to me or Devin. I’m not surprised if either.
As Devin and I are back in my room I cover my face in the pillows and let out a scream.
“I’m sorry Rissa, I really wish we could really do something other than sulk in this da** Sanctuary all day. You know how frustrating it is not to be able to take you on a proper date?” Devin is sitting on the bed next to me, rubbing my back.
I can’t help but to ask, “What’s with Rissa?” I giggle.
“Don’t all boyfriends have to come up with a nickname for the girls?”
“No.” I snicker. I cuddle close to his chest. “That’s only in books.”
“Oh. Well I won’t call you it anymore if you don’t like it.”
“No, no, no, no. I do! I love it. No one really has ever come up with a nickname for me except Car. And I absolutely hate when people call me that.” I answer.
“I figured.” Devin comments. “So…how was…your lesson?”
I sigh. “Okay, I guess. I learned how to form like, mini waves and make bubbles.” I recall.
“Wonderful. And Prettyboy?”
“Don’t call him that Devin. You don’t get it.” I push off his chest and pull my knees to my chest.
“Oh so now you’re okay with all this?”
“You have no idea what it’s like for him, or me.” I mutter.
“Feel free to share.” He chides.
“I’m not supposed to fall for you!” I cry. “And you’re supposed to hate me! Don’t act like it’s not true, like it’s just some myth, cause it’s not. You and I both know that.”
I’m in too much pain to look at Devin. But I can already tell that his expression is probably heartbroken. I don’t blame him. Mine probably is too.
When he doesn’t say or do anything, I tell myself to go on. He’s going to find out sooner or later. “Devin, Neptune sent Owen to come for me, not only to train me but…to make me fall in love with him. He has no choice but to do what Neptune says. Someone told him about us, Devin. Someone that knew about the law about Oceanids. Do you know what happens to you if your father finds out about us?” I interject.
He clenches his jaw and turns to face the other direction.
I cup my hands over his face and turn it so it faces mine. “You die.” I whisper. I swallow back a sob and fight the tears that are screaming to come out.
By the look in Devin’s eyes he is close to tears as well. God, why did everything have to come down to this?
“What do you suggest we do then?” His voice is husky.
“I—I don’t know. I can’t risk losing you, Devin, that’s the only thing that I am positive on.”
“You won’t lose me.”
“I will. If we keep doing the things we are, like no one watches.” I point out.
“So your saying we sneak around? That’s even worse than getting stuck here!” Devin abruptly stands from my bed, furious. I have never seen him like this before. Ever.
“Well what else is there?”
“Don’t act like you don’t know. Don’t try to hide the truth, Carissa. You know what happens next.”
I stand so I am face and face with him. “It doesn’t have to be that way.”
“Yes. It does.” He storms, clenching his hands in tight fists at his sides.
“Well if that is what you want Devin, than I guess that’s how it has to go, right? I’m sorry for trying to make everyone happy. Us happy. But if it’s too much to take on, I’m sorry for even trying at all.”
“Sneaking around doesn’t exactly cut it for me, Rissa. We’re not in some fairytale this is real life.”
“Exactly! I’m sorry, Devin for putting you through this drama. Maybe I should just put an end to this right now. Okay?”
A sort of sadness and anger washes over his face just then.
“Maybe it would just make things easier. So are we done here?” Devin roars.
“Clearly.” It takes everything to keep my voice steady.
“Fine. I’ll see you around then, Carissa.” With that, Devin storms from my room slamming the door behind him.

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