The Full Rainbow

March 3, 2012
By ncandey1427 BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
ncandey1427 BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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The sun shone down as the nervousness took over his body. It was a beautiful day, it was the day Ferdinand a unicorn, with pale rainbow colors, was going to get his colors. Ferdinand was taking his usual walk discussing the ceremony with his best friend, George. George was a white unicorn just barely having the palest red show on the tip of his snout.

“You’re said to have the brightest rainbow ever,” George said. “They say its because your dad had a hand in picking out the gold pieces for your Pot of Gold.”George continued, “Some of them say it’s weird how your mane, tail, and snout are black”

“George you’ve told me a thousand times I know!”

There was an awkward pause then George said, “So you’re ready for the ceremony tonight?”

“I don’t know I need my Pot of Gold to get my colors I hope everything goes smoothly...” Ferdinand’s voice trailed off.

“Well you should probably get some sleep you’re going to be awfully tired after the power from the gold surges into you,” George said.

“Ya you’re probably right I’m going to go home see you later.” Said Ferdinand as he started off to his house.

As night fell everybody anxiously started shuffling towards the wheat fields where the ceremony would be held. These kind of rainbows came around once in a lifetime. Ferdinand the most anxious of all was impatiently waiting in the front row in the place of honor. When finally the ceremony started. His dad stated off with a heartwarming speech about Ferdinand’s way of life, about the way he looked at things and how similar he was to his grandfather who had tragically passed away two years ago. Then the Chief Elder came on and said, “A rainbow like Ferdindand’s comes around very rarely and often with a black horn, or a black mane, which Ferdinand has both. Now let the ceremony commence....” “Wait stop the ceremony!” “What is it Harold?!?” Said the chief elder. “The Pot of Gold has been stolen!” “What, how it was locked tighter than the mayor’s bank vault itself.” “I don’t know there were guards and everything.” “The Mayor had the only key.” The Chief Elder said. “Than it must have been the Mayor.” Said Harold, “How dare you make these accusations against the mayor?” Well as Harold put it the Mayor was very competitive, and he currently had the brightest rainbow. So they sent a search team to the Mayor house and found something very interesting.The search team brought back a note that said.

“Where the brook bubbles most is where the key will be found,

But remember you mustn't make a sound.”
So Ferdinand, his dad, and George began the search of the mysterious missing pot of gold.

They walked down the side of the river and they found a part of the river they had never seen before and the water was churning ferociously. Immediately they knew why they had to be silent. There was a tracker swarm bee hive, where the bees would sting anything that made a sound. Ferdinand motiened that he was going to reach under water and try to grab the key. He struggled but pulled up a shimmering gold key attached to another note.

“Great, you’ve found the key, but another secret you must see.

You need the safe hidden in my house. Just find the mouse.”
So they went to the mayors house and started to track a very sneaky rodent. Every once and a while a mouse would scurry in front of them but it didn’t look like it had the pot of gold. But finally Ferdinand said,
“I think i might know what kind of mouse the poem said we should look for. I think its talking about a computer mouse, we should check the computer room.”
So they went to check the computer and sure enough there was the safe right on the computer desk.
When Ferdinand touched the Pot of Gold he suddenly felt immense power surge into him as all of the colors of the rainbow vividly started showing on Ferdinand’s coat. So they went back to the ceremony where the mayor awaited and everyone applauded and Ferdinand filled with pride. Ferdinand suddenly knew what this was all about, the mayor wanted to make sure he was wise enough to have such intensity in his colors.
So Ferdinand ended up having the brightest colors ever seen on this planet. Him and George remained friends and lived happy lives. Ferdinand was eventually elected mayor and lead with wisdom and kindness.

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