The Darkest Wave: Chapter 2

February 28, 2012
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Chapter 2

“I don’t understand any of this.” I admit talking a seat on the light blue sofa. She sits down across from me, folding one leg over the other.

“I know, and I do understand. And well, your mother told me to keep it from you as long as I possibly could. And that mark on you anckle,” she points to my left foot, with a long manicured nail, “is a sign you are ready to take your place.”

“How do you know my mother?”

“Dalis, was a good friend of mine. I’m going to start way back when she was your age…” as I look into Mira’s eyes it is as if I am going through time.

“I found her. She was washed up on the beach, much like how Devin must have found you. Except this time, there was no one there to save her. As I approached the washed up body, I noticed a mark, on the inside of her wrist, that was an exact match with mine,” she rolls up her sleeve and turns it so I can see a mark of what looked like a mermaid tail.

“Was—was she a mermaid?” I ask theoretically.

Mira’s lips tip up into a small smile. “Yes, something like that. You see, this is a mark of a maiden. Your mother and I were maidens.”

“A maiden for who?”

“Of King Neptune.” She says it as if it was obvious.

“You mean that—that God of the Sea person in like ancient stories?”

“Oh, he is not only in stories, darling. He is real. Now, as I was saying, I ended up taking your mother back, to this very Sanctuary. She was alive somehow. Even though we were almost positive she was dead. We had thought it was some miracle. We soon found out what it truly had been.
“It is very rare that King Neptune will ever visit the Sanctuary, but under this circumstance, he showed.
“As if he was worried about nothing else, he walked straight to your mother and whispered something in her ear. She agreed almost immediately and then he took her hand in his and disappeared in the ocean.
“We were not sure what had happened, but almost three years later we had received a Mist Message from King Neptune’s palace. It was your mother, she affirmed us that King Neptune and her were officially married and that they were blessed with a baby girl.” Her eyes were warm.

“I am—I am their child.” I gasp.

Mira nods approvingly. “Yes. They told us that it was too dangerous for you to live with them down there, that they were worried that the Currents would take you away. It was already too much for King Neptune to be married, but to contain of a child,” she shook her head, “It just was not safe.”

“Wa-wa-wait. If my dad was the king of the Sea’s or whatever, why would he be scared of currents?”

Mira laughs halfheartedly. “Carissa, King Neptune does not rule all of the seven Seas. He has brothers, three to be exact. Lord Poseidon, and Lord Orpheus. They each rule their own part of the oceans. We do not praise Poseidon or especially not Orpheus.
“You see, we praise King Neptune, well because we are Roman, and he is Roman. He is the Roman King. Lord Poseidon is the Greek ruler, and Lord Orpheus is the Aztec ruler. Their father, the ruler of all oceans, Oceanus, gave his sons each part of an ocean. King Neptune, is the ruler of waves and when he is angry, he is the one to start tsunamis. Lord Poseidon is the ruler of breeze or winds, causing hurricanes when he is angry. And Orpheus, Oceanus’ least favorite child, rules the depths of the oceans. That is where his kingdom is. He is the ruler of currents, and when he is angry, he creates earthquakes.”

“What does this have to do with me?” I whine, almost pathetically.

“My darling, it has everything to do with you! Now do not take this the wrong way, but that is the reason why Orpheus took your mother. He has found you now, Carissa, and you are next. He almost got you that last time, luckily he only sent smaller Currents, so that Devin could save you. But I am afraid to say that, you need to be in as much protection as we are able to provide.”

“Wait, you mean my mother is alive?” I buzz.

“We can only hope. But we predict that he is only using her to get to you, Carissa. Remember, your mother is only a maiden; you on the other hand are capable of tremendous powers. Powers of the unimaginable.”

“Well why do they need me in particular? I mean, why can’t they just have babies and get kids with special powers on their own.”

“You see, millenniums ago, Oceanus made your father, and his two other brothers swear on an oath that they could never have children. About a millennium later he found out that Orpheus and Poseidon had a child. As outraged as Oceanus was, he killed their children and cursed them with a curse that prevented them to ever be happy again, which meant they could never have kids or a wife.
“Yet still something went something through Neptune’s mind that he needed to have a wife that led to you. He was worried what Oceanus would do so he cut Oceanus into a million pieces and hid him somewhere no one would be able to find.
“Once Orpheus and Poseidon found out they were outraged. Orpheus wanted to get back at your father for so long, until he found his soft spot. You. So he abducted your mother and is trying to get to you. So that he can brainwash you into obeying him, so he overpowers his brothers and rises into Oceanus’ spot. As ruler of all seas.”

“Well I can’t let him just keep my mother hostage. We have to do something.”

“We know. And we are working on it. Neptune is holding us back, I am not sure why but he is. But now, he has no choice to hold back any longer now that you are marked, and Orpheus knows where you are. This is a deadly game Carissa, you need to understand that.”

“It’s also a game I am ready to play.” I stand for my chair.

Mira stands as well watching me intently with her icy eyes. “We will start you training, on your power usage tomorrow, but for now I have some business to take care of.” Her face hardens and she begins to walk for the door.

“Wait, if this is about Devin, you can’t punish him. He saved my life, the life that could have ruined all of human civilization. You could cut him some slack.” I point out.

As she thinks, her face softens. “I suppose. But he will still be partly punished. I don’t know how, but he will.”

Mira leads me back to the dining pavilion. I search for somewhere to sit, considering all of the seats are taken. But lucky for me, I see Nixie and Nerissa waving at me to come and join them.

As I sit down, I am already attacked by questions.

“What did Mira say?” Nixie peeped.

“Did she tell you the story?” Nerissa quickly added.

I nearly fell of my chair when I heard a whisper that tickled my ear.

“I get to coach you on your skills for my punishment, don’t get too excited.” I turn my head to find Devin leaning over the back of my chair smirking at me.

“Not so much a punishment for you, is it?” I raise my eyeborws.

“No, it’s more like he**.” Devin agrees with a choppy laugh. He takes a seat beside me. “So what’s the dirt?”

“What do you mean dirt?” I question.

He reaches for an apple out of the fruit basket in the middle of the circular table, and takes a huge bite. In between bites he corrects, “I mean what did Mira tell you?”

I shrugged. “She told me some stuff, about you know the sea gods and what not. And some private stuff.”

“C’mon, Carissa. Nothing is ever private around here.” Devin confirms.

“Well you know, some stuff about my past that I needed to know. Nothing important or anything.” I lie.

“That’s a bunch of BS. Your whole life is important Carissa. Were all depending on you to be able to live until you die of old age.”

“Wow thanks. Maybe I should just jump of a cliff now and call it a day. Then everyone would be safe, right?” I say bitterly.

“No. Not your mom.” He asserts.

I am quiet for a long time. Staring at him with complete hatred. How could he say that about my mom? Especially since everyone is in danger because of me, especially my mom, and he’s the one making jokes like it’s something that he sees every day.

Without saying a word, I push away from the table and leave the dining pavilion.

It is not until I hear footsteps behind me, that I am sitting in the sand, where the water is just tickling at me toes.

“Look, Carissa, I didn’t mean it like that.” I hear Devin apologize as he takes a spot next to me in the sand.

“It doesn’t matter that you didn’t mean it like that, because either way, it’s true. I am the reason for all of this, for all this rivalry, and especially for my mom’s kidnapping. She could be dead for all I know, and I am not able to do anything about it.” Tears begin to make my eyesight blurry. I sniff back my runny nose, and wipe it with my sleeve.

Devin heaves a long heavy sigh. “This may not make you feel any better but, actually, it’s not your fault. You can’t blame yourself for being born. That’s something that you can’t control. So don’t be so hard on yourself.”

We brush shoulders and I feel a tingle at the spot he touched.

“Well than whose fault is it?”

“I don’t know, but I do know is that it’s not yours. I may not know you all that well, Carissa Blake, but you are one of the most real persons I have ever met.” I can tell that he is telling the truth by how sincere he said it.

“Really, even after I was a b**** to you?”

He stifles out a laugh. “It’s not like you’re the only one, it comes natural for everyone.”

I can’t help but to laugh with him. I felt all my secrets that I kept hidden rush to the surface. “You know, you kinda actually saved me again tonight.”

“Really? How so?”

“Well I was determined to be the trashy girl that I used to be before my mom died, and then you showed up.” I shiver as his hand hovers over mine. He turns, so he is facing me.

“Carissa, that’s not who you are. This, right now, is who you are. That one girl you used to be, was just a distraction. She is fake, a dream.” He smiles matter-o-fact. He brushes a curl from my face, placing it behind one of my ears. “And this girl, here, right now, seems to be a pretty da** good one.” I was so taken aback by his words that I didn’t even notice him leaning closer until our lips met.

It sent a warm, inviting chill up my arms, that I had never felt before. But that chill vanished as Devin placed both of his hands on either side of my arms, warming them by his touch.

The wanting that was surging through my body, proposed a new kind of hunger that what felt like I needed to survive.

I curled my fingers in his t-shirt pulling him closer, until he was kneeling just above me. His hands ran down my arms to my waist, and back up to the back of my shoulder blades.

I tangled my fingers in his hair, feeling the smooth and silkiness of it. But I remembered what he said earlier, that I wasn’t some trashy girl, that the girl I was right now, was the girl I was born to be. I wanted to start fresh. And I didn’t want to begin my new life by making out on the beach with a boy I met yesterday.

As hard as it was, I pulled away from him, and pushed him off me. When I sat up, his expression was confused, but it was obviously excited.

“Did I do something…wrong?” he managed to say, breathing hard.

I shook my head. “No, no. You did everything right. Maybe a little too right. I just didn’t want to start my new life the way I left off my old one.”

He swallowed hard, but said nothing, casting his eyes out over sea. After a few minutes of silence he spoke again in a quiet manner. “Did you really think I did okay at it?”

I giggled softly at his uncertainty. His eyes moved back to mine and were quizzical. “Yes, you did everything perfect. Sadly, I didn’t want you to stop. But I knew it was what I needed to do.”

“Well I’m just making sure I mean…it was my first time ever doing that.” He admitted.

I couldn’t help but to sound a little surprised. “Really? You acted as if you were a pro.” I observed.

He made a face. “Har-har. Very funny. Well if you want it so bad than your just gonna have to earn it.”

“Oh really, who says you can live without it?” I pry shifting on my knees crawling closer, as if I was ready to pounce.

“Oh I could hide my wanting much better than you could, sweetheart.”

“You think so, huh?” I challenge.

“No.” he studies me carefully before saying, “I know so.” And taking me completely by surprise, he splashes water in my face.

“Aw s***, Devin, you got something in my eye.” I begin to rub it.

“Ugh, let me see.” He walks towards me and examines my eye. “I don’t see any—”

Before he can finish I plop a handful of muck on the top of his head. “Works every time.” I peck him on the lips, quickly and splash through the water, heading back for the Sanctuary.

As I swing open the door of the Sanctuary, still laughing at the expression Devin’s face showed, I see Nixie and Nerissa standing in the dim lit lobby with their arms crossed over their chest.

“We were looking for you everywhere.” Nerissa explains. I hear Devin come in from behind me, stinking of ocean muck. I snicker to myself as Nixie and Nerissa wrinkle their noses at his smell.

“You know better than to be out over curfew, Devin.” Nixie pouts.

“I know, I was trying to save this kelp brain before she did anything stupid.” Acknowledged Devin.

“Who you calling kelp brain, muck head.” I turn to still see some pebbles, sand, and pieces of seaweed washed in his hair.

“Come, Carissa. We must show you to your room now. Devin, I suggest you retreat to your own before Mira finds out about your curfew violation.” Suggests Nerissa.

“Fine.” Devin gives in. “I’ll catch you later.” He winks at me before turning the corner into one of the hallways. I watch him go.

When I fix me attention back to Nixie and Nerissa, they are staring at me with pained looks.

Avoiding getting into an awkward conversation, I mutter, “Well are you going to show me my room or what?”

The nymphs swap looks and then nod their head to a hallway. “This way.”

After Nixie and Nerissa leave me alone in a huge, condo size room, I plop on my bed and inhale the freshly cleaned sheets.

I eventually roll off the bed and skip over to the bathroom. I look like an absolute mess. My damp hair, is sticking to my cheeks. My shirt is wrinkled, sandy and wet. And my shorts feel horribly uncomfortable, because they are soaked.
I decide to take a quick shower, but then realized once I was done, that I had no close to change into. Luckily the dresser was filled with shirts, t-shirts, jean shorts, sweat pants, clean underwear, bras, socks, and tank tops. All my size, which seemed oddly convenient.

I decided not to think twice about it and slipped on a plain t-shirt and sweat-shorts. I pulled my damp hair in a ponytail, not wanting to deal with it.

And finally I was free to sink into bed. I fell into a deep sleep immediately. It didn’t last long until a tap on the window woke me.

I flipped the lamp on and watched the window carefully. Outside of it was pitch black. I jumped when I heard what sounded like a pebble hitting the glass.

I grabbed a metal object that you used to clean the fire place with and slowly tip-toed my way the window. I was surprised to see that there was a balcony that had a beautiful view of the ocean.

I slid open the door, and walked to the railing of the balcony. I peeked over the railing and squinting, I saw a figure struggling to climb its way up the balcony.

I leaned against the wall, furthest from the railing. My heart was racing in my chest. The ruffling noise continued getting louder and louder as it approached, and I didn’t dare to move.

The figure eventually pulled its way up and over the railing and swiftly landed on its feet. Without further hesitation I swung my weapon, aiming for the figures head.

Taking me by surprised the figure stopped it inches before it would have met the back of his head.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy now,” The figure lowered my metal weapon, and stepped into the light of a lamp. “I’m not here to hurt you.” It was a male. A very hot male.

His blue eyes burning through mine, with his angular features, and tan skin. He has shortly cut dirty blonde hair.

I gulped. The boy let out a soft laugh. “I’m Owen Breezewood. I’m a messenger for Neptune, or as you, Carissa Blake, know now as your father.”

“Why are you here?” I begin to back up closer to the door.

“You don’t need to be scared Carissa, I’m not here to hurt you.” Owen assures. “I have a message from your father.” Out of a small green messenger bag that as slung over his shoulder; he pulled out a sand paper envelope.

He hands it to me with cautious eyes that were still on my metal fireplace cleaner.

I was about to open it when Owen begins to speak again, “He wanted you to read it in private, and wanted it to only be read you.”

I look at him skeptically. But then nod in reply. “I will. Thanks for—”

“Carissa?” a familiar voice calls from the inside of my room. Devin.

Sure enough, Devin walks in right as I’m facing shirtless hottie.

“What’s going on?” Devin inquires placing his hands on his hips.

“Oh nothing, he’s a messenger for Neptune, and came to send me a message. That’s all.” I quickly rush to Devin’s side.

His eyes are still aimed towards Owen’s gaping ones.

Owen has a hard expression his eyes flickering between Devin and I, like he was watching a tennis match.

“Did you give her, her message?” Devin inserts harshly.

“Yes.” Replies Owen, who still looked shaken up.

“Then I think it’s the part where you disappear.”

Owen gives me one more uncertain glare before he literally disappears only with an ocean breeze that lingered.

“You didn’t have to be that rude, you know.” I remind Devin as we walk back into my room.

“I know. But I was. Big deal.” He shrugs before plopping on my bed.

I shake my head and shut my balcony door.

“Who was the seaweed brain anyway?” Buzzes Devin, sitting up so he is facing me. He looked oddly cute in this dim lighting. The light of the moon casting a shadow over his beautiful face.

“I don’t know, I think his name was Owen Breezewood.” I recalled. Devin went silent.

“Did you say Breezewood?”

“Yeah, why?” I creased my eyebrows confused. I watch Devin stand from my bed, shaking his head.

He stopped when we were only inches away from touching. “No, no, no, no. You will not ever see him again, got it?”

“Okay, first of all, you’re not my father. My real father seems to be okay with him since he is the one who sent him.” The note from Neptune was beginning to get heavier in my pocket. “And second, it’s not like I just asked this—” I caught myself before I said hot, “messenger guy to scare the s*** out of me at one in the morning.” I exasperate.

Devin avoided my eyes by looking down at the carpet beneath us.

I sighed aloud. “Devin, you’re not jealous are you? Because if you are your stupid.” I cupped my hands over his face, forcing him to look at me.

His green eyes held sadness, but I could tell he was trying to hide it.

Neither of us said a word, we just stood there staring at one another. The only sound was the noise of our soft breathing.

Finally Devin spoke. “Carissa, this may sound stupid but…how I was brought into the world, we were raised to hate girls. We were told that girls do nothing but put more pain and agony into our lives. I believed it. Then I met you. I tried so hard to hate you, but every time I avoided thinking about you, that’s where it led to the real pain and agony.”

My eyes began to water. No boy I ever hooked up with back then ever said something quite like that. The way he sounded so sincere, the way he blushed when he mentioned thinking about me, the way he avoided looking into my eyes because he was probably too embarrassed to. And most importantly, the way he looked at me like I was the most precious thing he could ever hold in his arms. I knew he was telling the truth. And I knew, with not a single doubt in my mind, that I felt the exact same way about him.

“Oh no, Carissa, I didn’t say that to make you cry.” He slid his thumb, wiping away the tears that slid down my cheeks.

“I’m not crying like that you jerk, I’m crying cause your so da** perfect.” I sniffled, giggling softly. It didn’t take him long to join in.

“And you know I really wasn’t invited to that beach party, I just went to see you again. I’ve actually never been to a party like that. If I was invited I probably would have taken you by the hand,” he slid a hand down my arm until it was intertwined with mine, “pulled you close,” he tightened his arm around my waist, crushing me to him, “and show you my amazing moves.” We twirled together like that, neither of us knowing what we were doing but having one of the best nights of our lives.

I eventually laid my head on his chest, and I could feel his soft breathing tickling the hairs on my head.

“What are you, Devin?” I whispered.

“What do you mean?”

“Like, you know how I am this daughter of the seas, but what are you?”

“Oh. I am an Oceanid, a son of Nersus. We are sea humans; we can either live on land or on water. My brothers decided to live and work for my father, but I wanted to see the world of land and experience what it would be like to be human.”

I lifted my head off his chest so I could look at his face. He was looking down at me with earnest eyes.

“Well do you feel human yet?” I ask.

He half smiles down at me. “Not quite yet…”

I knew exactly what he was going at. I raised onto my tip toes so I my face could get somewhat level to his. And then I kissed him softly.

“How about now?” I prod.

“You’re getting there.” He plays along, and then bows his head down so his lips meet mine once again.

This time I don’t pull away. I lock my hands around his neck and bring me close enough so that every part of our bodies are touching.

He trails his hand down my back, over my butt, and down to my lower thigh. I get what he means by this, I help him out by jumping into the air, and wrapping my legs around his waist.

He groans softly, a cute sound, and backs up into a wall. We nearly knock over my dresser but that is not enough to break us apart.

Before, I wouldn’t have allowed this. Like I said I wanted to start fresh, and clean. But with Devin, it was impossible.

His hands were clenching my thighs tightly, as I tangled my fingers in his hair. Soon I trailed my hands down his covered chest, but could still feel his hard abs bulging through his shirt.

He groaned again, this time louder. Hungry for more.

If it wasn’t for the loud footsteps outside of my room, this affair would have definitely gone farther. But as soon as the footsteps began to approach, both Devin and I parted. He dropped me carefully back onto my feet and I pulled my hands back to my sides. We swapped nervous glances as we stilled ourselves waiting to see who was outside of my door.

Then all went silent. I turned back to Devin. “You should probably go before someone catches us.” I suggest.

He nods and swallows hard. “That’s probably a good idea.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow…?”

“Yup. Practice at nine sharp…looking forward to it.” He smiles slyly.

“At what? That’s early! I—” I begin to protest but am cut off by Devin’s heart stopping kiss.

“I’ll be waiting.” He murmurs. And then he was gone.

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