If you are reading this, it's already to late

February 28, 2012
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Dear my sincere friend,

If you are reading this it is already too late. We have already begun our long journey to the arches to try to find a safe place in the catacombs. They have overrun most of our camps and the remainder are returning of us are returning to the mount. They have even demolished my peaceful home in search of a weapon of great proportion, of which I must keep from them at all costs. I will not be leaving with the others for I will go to my wreckage of a home and bury my three sons and beloved wife.
I expect not to be heard from again for these being my final words. To leave the land of the free is of which I could not bare. I shall stay frozen in time on this fearsome mountain until I perish in the cold. Unless there may be some hope, for if you are reading this it may not be too late for the first step of my plan is complete. You must make your way to this mountain for the mountain protects us so should we not protect it? There you can save me from my frosty doom. Them I must warn you for work is to come, I shall need some assistance to have all be done. There will be no time I’m afraid to finish all that I’ve been given for it being the only way to win, it is also the way I shall loose for it is my way to the next world in which I cannot return. If it can be done, peace will fall over the land in which is rightfully ours. This is a drunk man’s bet but who says they never win for the freedom of may yet come again.

Now listen here, you can’t just run in like a rat for there is only one entrance and not an exit is known. The way in is treacherous, there can be no mistakes, so listen to me, and do as I say. You can only enter on winter’s day for the time of snow is the only way. You must walk on water which is the easiest fight for the water seams harder while covered with ice. Then you must enter the exit while exiting the bay for there is the place that you will be warned to stay away. My den is protected from wall to wall for there seems to be no way in at all, but fear not, just steps to the side and our two worlds will seem to collide. Now the second step of my plan shall come to an end for you will have finally found me and my den. Now is when we get busy my friend, preparing for the worst. For long the two worlds have diverged but soon the anger and fear will emerge.

If you are reading this, you are the only hope. You may not believe this note; think it is all just a prank but who would ask of such a meaningful task from yet a young little man? Your answer is me because I need you.
This letter is no accident for you may have found it in a gutter or opened your friend’s mail, but the reader is whom I am addressing and no one else. This letter is passed on from time and time again but the reader is the reader and you shall be sent. Maybe you are right, that this wasn’t meant for you to read. If that is true, then, think about you compared to him or her of who are you compared to the ones who seek for this adventure? The answer is everything, and, yet, nothing for that is your choice unlike receiving this letter which was not. Now go and find a friend or two; let’s see what you can do, but know that I am always helping you.
Sincerely, Adam Alexander

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