Sometimes We Just Can't Wish Upon Our Shooting Star

February 29, 2012
By TheBrokenHeartsParade BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
TheBrokenHeartsParade BRONZE, Yorktown, Virginia
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Madi never would have guessed one day she’d wake up and be invisible. She had spent the last night like all the others before, alone. Now Madwasn't’t the most popular girl in school, she had friends of course but not as many as the other kids. Sometimes she wished she was invisible, but she never imagined it was possible.

The night before she found out the truth behind her wishes, she had sat on the steps of her front porch looking up at the night sky. She had lost everything; all her friends had things to do. Miranda had soccer, Jackie had art, Marissa had her new boyfriend, and Madi had nothing. She let the tears fall down her face as she watched the dark abyss above her, but just as she was about to head inside she saw a stream of light. Her tears subsided as she watched the beam of light fly across the sky.
“I wish I was invisible.” She whispered before turning and walking through the front door.
The next day she woke up just like all the days before. She felt normal, just as alone as the day before. She got up to get dressed, but as she did her mother walked in.

“Madi, Madi where are you?” She cried.

“I’m right here mom!” She said trying to ease her mother’s worry.

“Oh good Lord, she’s missing! Honey! Madi is missing!” She said with tears streaming down her face.

Madi watched as her mother ran down the stairs in hysterics, crying about how her baby was missing. The young girls mind began to race as she wondered why her mother didn’t see her. She was right there!

She tip toed down the stairs only to see her mother on the phone.

“Yes, yes she was here last night! Oh, please just find my baby!” She cried to the person on the other end, holding on to her husband’s hand.

Madi’s eyes widened, her mother and father really couldn’t see her! She flew out the front door and ran down the street to where her school stood. She frantically threw the doors open and ran down the hallway.

Children were already flooding the crowed corridors as Madi made her way through.

“Jackie!” She yelled seeing her friend waiting at her locker, “Jackie?”

The blonde girl just stood there, oblivious to the fact that her red-headed best friend was standing right there.

“Jackie, please tell me you’re just playing a joke on me. Please tell me you can hear me!” She cried as her voice became thick with tears.
Eventually Jackie just walked off with a huff.

“No! They really can’t see me! I’m-I’m invisible.” She whispered to herself, though no one could hear her anyways.

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