As The Sun Crested

February 29, 2012
By SlamMyPoetry GOLD, Lexington, Kentucky
SlamMyPoetry GOLD, Lexington, Kentucky
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As the sun crested over the horizon, I wondered why my night had been so fast. I watched the moon come and go, the stars dance across the sky, and the plains creatures run across the grasses with their families.
I sat and thought to myself all my questions. None could answer them, but I noted in my head the path of the stars. Why had they moved slightly from the night before? I pondered such when it occurred to me. My shaman had always said the heavens moved all around, but what if, we moved in the heavens?
The idea intrigued me. As the sun began its rising, I walked back to my village. Mother shan’t be happy with me, I think quietly. I had missed our Lammas celebration to look at the heavens.
When I returned to the village, I found people mourning around a pyre. I walked up to it and gasped. There my own mother lay, cold and lifeless. I cried out and my shaman came to me.
“How did this happen?! “ I asked her.
“Child, while you looked about the heavens, your mother was struck by a ghastly illness. She did not suffer long. We must pray to the Goddess to accept your mother back into her bosom.” She said with loving affection in her voice.
That night, I lit my mother’s pyre. I prayed to the Goddess to have mercy on my beautiful mother. She did not appear before me but I heard a whispering voice say, “My child, your mother is safe with me. One day the two of you shall be born and united once again. I hope this lightens your heavy heart. Blessed be.”
I felt the warm tears rolling down my face as I whispered, “Blessed be.”

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