dark matter part 1

February 24, 2012
the girl raven sat unaware to the danger growing around her being as she had no idea she was the daughter of the queen of light and king of darkness. raven also had no idea she was one of the most powerful being in the world being as she was a daughter of both light and darkness she had both light and dark power. there were forces more than the dark lord and lady and light queen and king. like raven they are children of both light and dark gone evil they were always searching for more people created in light and dark. you see knowing of this danger the dark lord and light queen gave up raven to a mortal family so the stench of mortals covered up her magical scent leaving the people hunting her confused and baffled. raven's mortal parents Melinda and I'm knew of ravens power but kept her her power and real family a secret from her. but raven knew something was different about her for one she had bright blue eyes while her parents had brown eyes, plus she can see in the dark as well as we can in the light for her its like the light is still on. one day raven couldn't take it anymore she confronted her parents about the whole being adopted thing "mom dad am i adopted"? for a moment her parent's looked guilty? "what on earth gave you that idea honey"? her mother looked so hurt raven was sorry she asked but before she could say anything her dad cut in "now honey your mother is right why would you say that"? her father looked sternly at her "i don't know I'm sorry". she went back to doing what she was doing before she asked. her parents always got this way whenever she brought this subject up. that night raven had a dream of her real parents and the palace where she was a baby and her ggrandmother in a different world but she looked younger more beautiful. she woke up with a start and wrote her dreams down as soon as she woke up so she wouldn't forget them as they were pretty important as they were weird to her. later into the day the dreams finally got to her and she called the one person who actually seems to understand her... her grandmother. everyone in ravens family but raven knew of her power and her purpose in life to destroy the evil forces growing in the world.
to be continued....

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