February 23, 2012
Fay stared at me, her gray eyes huge with excitement and wonder. I smiled at her and laughed at her expression.

"Told you I wasn't lying!" I exclaimed.
I ran toward her and gestured to the area around me, carefully taking in her expression.

"I brought you here to explain to you about my gifts. Im what you would call an artdementor; I can create a dimension into any painting I create and make it a real portal into that place. I showed you the painting on my bedroom wall remember? Sorry about pushing you in, but it was the only way to make you believe me. But, this is my place."

I turned around and gazed with her at the scenery. We were currently standing in a meadow of golden daisies, all of them rippling with a small breeze that was warm on our skins.

The sky was a neon sapphire with a golden disk, sending down waves of warmth. To my right you saw a magnificent white marble and crystal castle that had 4 towers in the four compass directions.

In the middle stretched a shining lake that had drooping willows with pink flowers in full bloom leaning over the white beaches.

Pink petals floated on the water among white swans that glided across the surface and near the castle lay a stone wall where a waterfall fell in streaming rivulets.

To the left a huge pine and maple forest streched high up into low lying clouds, the leaves different shades like those they would have in autumn.

In the background you could see majestic purple mountains with white crests. And there was music in the atmosphere that made you want to dance.

"See Fay? It's real! all of it."
I grabbed Fay's hand and we ran towards the shining lake, our hearts pumping with excitement.

Fay stopped on the beach and plunged her foot into the water, taking it out quickly when she realized it was a little to cold.

Her reflection showed a tall girl wearing sweats and a tank top, her grey eyes rimmed with dark eyeliner and her blond hair flung up into a ponytail.

I stepped near the water to see my own reflection of red hair and black eyes framed with glasses. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt that was the same color as the willow petals.

"Erin, this place is amazing! How...where... just who are you?" Fay asked me. I looked at her and smiled again.

"I'm Erin Castley. You've known me for 9 years and you aks this question?"

"I didn't know you were capable of anything like this, so yes I have to question who you really are!"

"You don't know because I never told you Fay." I winked and dashed back up the bank and headed to the white castle, knowing Fay would follow.

Stopping in front of the doors to wait for her I yelled out,"I'm who you want me to be and I am who I am. You know me as Erin and I that is me. This,"

I gestured to the castle and then the surrounding area once more while laughing.

"is my home!! I showed it to you, so it's yours now too."

Fay finally caught up with me and sighed exasperated, but finally a smile broke through and she laughed along with me till we both had our sides aching and we were rolling among the yellow flowers.

"This is so cool." Fay said. We both stood up and gazed at the scenery before heading into the castle to continue or exploration of the new world I made for the two of us.

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