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February 20, 2012
By ryanryanryan BRONZE, Waukesha, Wisconsin
ryanryanryan BRONZE, Waukesha, Wisconsin
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The sweet taste of fresh strawberries dripped down my tongue as I bit into a succulent strawberry. I love fruit. I always have and I always will. Fruit were like masterpieces, beautifully crafted without one error. There was nothing I loved better than fruit.

One day I was sitting down in the morning, eating my usual breakfast of fresh fruit. I was having granny smith apples and fresh, juicy tomatoes. Then something strange happened. As I bit into the tender apple I bit into something hard. In the center of the apple, were the core should have been was a glowing jewel. As I picked the jewel out of the apple it started to glow brighter and brighter. Soon I couldn’t see anything the jewel was so bright. Then all of a sudden it stopped. The once bright and brilliant jewel had burned out and looked like a regular apple seed.

As I continued with my breakfast I noticed a strange, little hole in the side of the tomato. It was the same exact size as the seed. I decided that the hole and the strange seed couldn’t be a coincident. So I decided to stick the seed into the tomato. It fit perfectly, like it was some sort of strange key. Then all of a sudden there was a bright light and I was in the middle of a random field.

The field was strange. It was completely unlike anything I had ever seen, but something was weirdly familiar about it. Instead of having tall, swaying grass like most fields, this one was filled scarlet trees. As I walked to one of these trees I noticed that they weren’t scarlet trees but giant raspberry bushes. Soon I noticed that the bush seemed to have a face. As I poked the face with a long stick the raspberry bush jumped and started attacking me. The fierce raspberry bush started angrily stabbing me with its long arm like branches. Then all of a sudden the bush stopped and went back into its dormant state and looked like a plain, giagantic raspberry bush. I started closer examining the mammoth sized bush when I noticed something rather unusual. There was a small hole in the back of the raspberry bush. As I closer examined the bush I saw a small radish climbing out of the hole.

The small radish started to stare at me. It had these little beady eyes, which looked angry and depressed. Next a strange event happened, the radish started talking to me, or at least I think it was trying to talk. It had a deep, golden voice, but couldn’t pronounce its words well so it sounded just like a bunch of random yelling and murmuring. Scared by the little radish creature I walked slowly up to it than with one quick and decisive movement I violently stomped on the creature.

It then came to my attention that instead of there being animals in this place there was only fruit. Then I thought of how many plump, fleshy fruit are out there. I could have an unlimited supply of delicious fruit; all I needed to do was capture all of them. I would leave none left, not one of these fruit creatures would survive my brutal and gruesome slaughter.

I decided that before I destroy all of the fruit creatures I should examine and learn more about them. I walked around in the field for what seemed like hours before I finally found some fruit creatures. The creatures were apples, my favorite of all fruit. All of the apples were on one giant tree and seemed to have made homes for themselves inside the trees trunk. The apples that lived higher up on the tree were the plumpest and most juicy looking apples, whereas the apples down at the bottom of the trunk were scrawny and weak. This frustrated me. I would have to climb all the way up the huge tree to get to the magnificent apples that I craved.

I slowly started to climb my way up the tree. Once and awhile I would stop and eat one of the small apples to keep up my energy. Soon I had made it to the top of the tree. I started harvesting the fleshy apples. I devoured all of them until the only apples left were the weak pathetic ones at the bottom of the tree. Since I had no use for the weak ones I lit the tree on fire and watched the apples panic as they slowly burned to death.

Then I realized what I had done was wrong. These fruit were living things too and I should have treated them with more respect. Next I did a surprising thing. I swore that I would never eat fruit or any other plant for as long as I live. A bright light suddenly appeared and I was back in my kitchen. I safely put all the fruit in my refrigerator in a special box were I knew that they would never get hurt. I never ate another fruit after the day I went into the strange fruit world.

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My deep love of fruit inspired this.

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