To Remain Nameless-Casandralise

February 13, 2012
There are some people in this world you have names for. Others, such as me, have no name other than “her”. I’m just called what they want to call me. I’ve grown so accustomed to their insults, I don’t even care anymore. Every vulgar name in the book. Now, because of this, I never thought tonight would come. That would be for two reasons. One: a very handsome man by the name of Eric stared into my eyes, his lips just inches from mine. Eric bent in to kiss me, the kiss that is supposed to tell your heart if you really care for him, if this might become something more. But just before his soft lips brushed mine, he whispered the second reason. A tear rolled down my cheek as he held me in his strong embrace. My arms were looped around his neck, locking our bodies and hearts into place. The perfect moments, ruined by that tear, ruined by a single breath of music. Eric was just one of those people you think they don’t even know you exist in a world just inches apart. He sighed the most surprising statement, chaining my heart in joy and pain. Eric whispered my name. And just like always, it was a kiss that born a new love, a kiss that killed a child’s old life. Her screams tore into the night, shredding the sky and sending the stars over the edge.
A hand grasped on to the weakening ledge of the chasm, her fingers paling and syphoning out all of her strength. A man deftly held onto the gleaming silver sword, glinting in the night time moon light. “See you in hell, little demon.” he spat out like poison. The corners of her lips lifted in a snarl, displaying the sharp incisors that grew in just hours before. A smile played across his face, going through a mix of emotions. Settling on what needed to be done, he lifted the sword to his lips. “Thine God bless thine girl’s soul, thou God damn thine demon’s heart.” He whispered into the empty clouds. Sharply, his hand drew the blade across her hands. A sickening splat could be heard for miles around as she fell down a hundred stories to the sidewalk below. A screech that was anything but human escaped her lungs just before her bones snapped into tiny little pieces. The man chuckled and stepped away from the roof out into the ever darkening night.
I sensed Eric’s eyes flying open at the sound of the sickening crack. He pulled away, chilling me in the night air without his warmth. My eyes stayed hidden behind the veil, my face revealing no emotion what so ever. “Thine God bless thine girl’s soul-“I started. “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!” yelled Eric, panicking at the sight of the little dismantled girl on the sidewalk. “-thou God damn thine demon’s heart.” I finished. I slowly turned on my heel and opened my eyes, the ritual done for. The radiant angel came out of the girl’s chest, wings unfurling. Away she took flight, gracefully into the skies toward the gates of Heaven. The body left behind boiled away, disintegrating into the fiery pits of the Earth. Eric just stood there, dumbstruck in the moment. A burst of light suddenly replaced the very spot where the handsome Eric once stood. Shimmering golden dust floated up to the clouds, becoming one with the stars. I walked away, all knowing that the same thing would happen again sometime in the near future. And to think that none of this would have ever happened if he never said my name, I thought. Oh, why is it necessary in life to fall in love only to have it die? Both his life and mine forced me to remain nameless. Cassandralise, the name that creates angels, destroys demons, kills the innocent, young children.

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