Rapunzel and the Not-So-Charming Prince

February 17, 2012
By NadineRead BRONZE, Plymouth, Michigan
NadineRead BRONZE, Plymouth, Michigan
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I open my purse, and a photo tumbles out. It depicts a huge, ornate castle with a raging waterfall. A memory tugs at my mind; when I lived with Mother Gothel in the Tower, and rescued Prince Creeper (I refuse to call him Prince Charming seeing as he is anything but charming). No one knows what really happened because I’ve only ever told one person…
It all started when I was humming in my room and Mother Gothel screamed at me to be responsible and walk my dragon, Frannie. I ran down the tower (which burns a lot of calories) and leashed up Frannie.
“Come on. Let’s go.”
As I was walking Frannie, I noticed a pond filled with lily pads near a grove of trees. I knew mother forbid me to wander in that area of the forest, but I couldn’t help myself; I raced over to explore. I leaped onto a rock, and peered into the water to look at my reflection. A frog jumped up, surprising me. Losing my balance, I plummeted downward into the cool, refreshing, summer water. I quickly swam to the surface and tried to dry off in the sun, but it proved useless. Seeing no other way out, I knew I would need to dodge Mother Gothel on the way up to my tower. I braced myself for the worst and stealthily tip-toed inside. I was one step away from sneaking past, when Mother Gothel grabbed my arm with a piercing grip.
“Did you think you would get away with this?” she bellowed. “Rapunzel Adeline Madge, explain yourself this instant.”
“I was…” I stammered.
“Spit it out girl.”
“I was walking through Scarletsville when I saw a pond in the distance. You should have seen it! It was so beautiful. It glistened in the sun and ….”
“You fell in didn’t you, you klutzy girl. I just don’t know what to do with you. Go to your room. You can’t come out until I feel that you have repented for your foolishness.”
“At once!”
I wearily trudged to my tower. I often received reactions like this. Mother Gothel is the strictest mother on the face of this earth. I knew she wouldn't release me until I practiced curtsying and my embroidery, but I just don’t see the point in doing all that. I’d rather swordfight or work on my archery.
I started singing, which always calms me down, when a nasally voice rang out, “Is that a fair maiden I hear? Never fear, Prince Charming is here!”
“More like Prince Dorkface”, I mumbled under my breath. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t need rescuing,” I yelled, “and I certainly wouldn’t go anywhere with you!” So maybe it was a little over the top, but I didn’t like this guy. Talk about a creep. Who comes to your house proclaiming they’re going to save you from mortal danger, and then recites Shakespearian poetry by heart?
“Please,” he moaned pathetically, “I really want the ‘Rescue a Fair Maiden’ boy scout badge.”
“What’s in it for me?”
“My striking looks and charismatic personality?”
“Ugh. What an arrogant little...” I didn’t have time to finish my thought. I heard Mother Gothel climbing up the tower. Here was my chance at adventure.
“Promise me that if I go, you’ll never come near here and irritate me again.”
“Sure,” he instantly replied.
“No, you’ve got to swear on it. Quickly!” I urged.
“Fine, I swear on my mother’s grave that I will stop bothering you after I save you.”
“You are not saving me!” I yelled as I lunged from the tower onto Prince Dingle-Dork’s Arabian thoroughbred.
“How did you do that?” he mumbled.
“Come on, you’re wasting time.”
He seemed to be having issues getting on his horse (Did I mention he named his horse Buttercup?), so I, of course, had to help him up. We galloped away hastily, but the further we went, the louder Mother Gothel’s ear piercing screams seemed to get. I shuddered; I would hate to see what punishment she had for me when I got back.
Soon enough, danger approached. A massive troll had lumbered across our path.
“What do we do?” Prince Barfhead spluttered.
“Let me handle this,” I said grimly.
Without even knowing it, Prince Nincompoop was distracting the troll with his florescent pink shirt (he calls it maroon). I creep around the troll and started climbing. When the thick-headed troll finally realized I was climbing him, it was too late. I had already reached his head. I stabbed his pressure point, and he went tumbling down. Of course, Prince Dweebus had fainted, so I had to lift him onto Buttercup.
The rest of the way there, we faced many dangerous perils. Wait, I faced many dangerous perils. Finally, we reached the castle, and Prince Pompous introduced me to his father. When Prince Swollen-head told his father the story of how he rescued me, the king looked very surprised.
“You did all that son?”
Not answering the question, the Prince walked off. The King looked to me and raised his eyebrows.
“Let me tell you how it really happened. It all started when I was humming in my room and…”

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