The Adventures of Alex and Bethany:Book One: Witch Training: Chapter 4

February 17, 2012
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Training Begins


Thump, thump. There it was again.
“Alex, get up.” A voice said.
Five minutes later.

“Alex, get out of that bed or I’ll get a bucket of water and come in there myself.”

I recognized that voice it was the mans. I got up and went to my closet; I went through all my clothes. I finally settled on a blue camp witch shirt and blue denim skinny jeans and a pair of furry boots. I strolled into the bathroom and took a shower, got dressed, and left the room locking the door behind me.
“Hey Alex.” Andrea, the blue haired girl, said.
When we reached the dinning hall and sat around the tables that we were assigned yesterday. When I was seated, I noticed that Mrs Henridge started to walk to the podium.
“Good morning, hopefully you’ll had a good rest and are ready for your first name at camp Witch.” Mrs Henridge said. “First we are to have breakfast.”
As soon as she said that bowls appeared in front of us. That was the first thing that shocked me. The bowls appeared in a way that would shock a lot of people. They appeared like this. I was sitting at my table with the other students and I was looking down at the floor when Andrea screamed. I looked up and there they were staring at us right in the face. Andrea explained to me that they appeared out of no where.
“Enjoy.” Mrs H said as she started to eat this strange breakfast.

When everyone was done, Mrs H got up from her seat and walked to the podium.
“Your teams are these. Wherever your sitting and people that are sitting on the same table, those are your teammates.” Mrs Henridge said. “Your team number is on your table. And also, you may want to become friends with the other members of your team sooner or later.”
When Mrs Henridge finished, she walked out of the room.
There was a mild discussion, then all the teams started to pile out of the room including me. We were all going to the first activity of the day.
I was making my way out of the dining hall, when I got stopped by the man.
“You are not a normal student, Alex” he told me. “You have been assigned private lessons with me.”
“Who’s idea was it?” I asked, agitated.
“Mrs Henridge,” he replied. “She could tell that you were different when first arrived at camp.”

“How?” I asked in reply.
“She just does,” he said. “She looked at your Grade Point Average from your high school.”
“And she can tell from a high school GPA?” I asked him.
“Sometimes. Are you good at school?” he asked in reply.
“Yes I am. All my grades are awesome. I always have.” I said.
“So was Bethany.” he mumbled.
“What?” I said confused.
“Oh, nothing.” he said. “Enough about your other life and lets get back to your training.”
We walked down the dorm building an we arrived back in the courtyard. We walked out onto the battlefield.
When we came up to the battlefield, he summoned what I thought was his broomstick. He told me to pick up any of the broomsticks that were on the ground.
I grabbed the broomstick that came to my hand. When the broomstick came to me, I was astonished.
“Sometimes it just comes to you.” He said.
“But why did it?” I asked.
“It chose you,” he replied. “Broomsticks sometimes tend to do that when they find someone they like. You’ll understand that someday.”
After those words of wisdom, he got on hos broomstick and flew away.

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