Not as it Seems

February 8, 2012
Not everything in life is what you might think.
There are things you might never think of in this world.
Even in every day situations there might be something else happening.
Things that you don’t even notice.

Story 1 Part 1

Allen frost had just asked his girlfriend, Roseanne Tilly, to an evening picnic atop a hill. Sitting atop the hill was a tall tree who’s leaves had just turned. The couple sat down under the tree and Allen spread a red and why checkered blanket and they both took a seat under the shade of the tree. They began to eat the meal they brought, about midway through the meal Allen rose to his feet and reached into his pocket. The object in his hand was small enough to be hidden by a closed fist. As he fell to his knee he presented a small black box, when his knee hit blanket a small barely noticeable breeze rushed over the hill. The leaves from the tree gently started to fall, showering the couple with beautiful red, orange, and brown leaves. “Will you marry me Rose?” asked Allen.

With a tear in her eye she was too happy to even talk, as she shed tears of joy she slowly nodded and went in for a hug. The young couple hugged underneath the tree while the leaves continued to fall. Again a small breeze rushed over the hill and more leaves started to fall at a faster rate. Ignoring the leaves the couple slowly stood and walked away leaving their meal and blanket behind.

Story 1 Part 2

It is so boring atop this hill all alone, if only someone would join me, thought the tree, and to top it off now I’m sick! The tree sat there for what seemed like days until he noticed two people approaching, maybe they will keep me company, thought the tree. When the two people sat under the tree it couldn’t be happier, “Finally someone came to visit! How is your day going tiny people?” The two people sat beneath him and started eating, “Are you guys ignoring me?” the couple continued to eat. “HELLO!” the tree gave up on communicating. Shortly after one of the people stood, “WAIT!” shouted the tree, “don’t leave me, it’s so boring up here.” The tree was relieved when the person started to go back down.

The tree heard screams from the bottom of the hill, as he looked out he saw other trees that seemed to be calling out to him. “What?!” he shouted.

All he could make out from the others was, “breeze.”

“Breeze, what does that mea--?” before he could finish the breeze hit the hill and the trees leaves began to fall, “AAAAAAAAAH! What is going on?” he looked down to the people, “Please! Help me! I’m in pain, please why are you ignoring me?” the people came together, and all the tree heard was, “Another!” from the other trees.

“Wha--? AAAAh! Why is this happening to me?” the people got up and walked away, “Okay! You go get help I will be right here!” the people left their food and other items beneath the tree, and never came back.
Story 1 part 3

After that day the lonely tree atop the hill had never grown his leaves back.
He never trusted anyone that came anywhere near him.
And he developed the amazing ability to completely control his roots.
He pulled anyone or anything that got near him into the ground and never let go.

A year later the two people came back to the tree, now with a third, an infant. The infant sat in a carrier, carried by its father. The two set up a blanket and sat beneath the tree and sat the carrier in front of them, they sat close together and blinded by their love for each other they didn’t notice the carrier slide slightly off the blanket. The woman became a little uneasy when the blanket started to move. As she was about to stand the blanket snapped closed by the roots of the tree. The blanket was pulled into the ground and the couple was never heard from again.

And the infant?
The tree was kind, the infant had never wronged him.
The tree used its powers to place the carrier at the bottom of the hill.
There, the tree knew, the infant would be found.
Three months later the infant was adopted by the woman who found him.
He was never told he was found and adopted by strangers.

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