The Dark Child Chronicles Book 1 Chapter 2

February 1, 2012
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Chapter II

Tyler woke up at about noon. I love you Saturday. He thought, putting his head full of short black hair back on his pillow.

Just then, his computer made a dinging sound.

He got up, and walked over to it. He opened it up, and saw that he left his Facebook open. He had three messages from Karla Lester. Pretty much his best friend.

He opened up the chat box, and read his messages.

Hey Tyler


R u home?

Tyler put his hands on the keyboard.

Yeah I'm here. Sorry, left it open overnight.

He closed the chat box and decided to do get a bowl of cereal to eat while he was chatting with Karla.

He ran downstairs, and grabbed a bowl. Tyler filled the bowl with Rice Krispies, and a spoon. Milk wasn't his favorite thing with cereal.

As he walked up the stairs, he decided to wake up his brother, Adam. He had a long history of sleeping until 6 PM on Saturdays.

Tyler knocked on the door to his brother's room.

“Adam, wake up.” he said quietly.

After a while, Tyler opened the door.

Adam was gone.

Tyler ran into the room, to see if he was hiding anywhere. A note sat on his bed.

Tyler picked it up.

Dear Tyler,

I've decided that it's just to much to bear here. What with the bullies and all that. So I'm leaving. I'm not going to say where I'm going, because I don't want to come back.



Tyler stared at the note, then dropped it.

He ran to his computer, as his parents weren't home, and opened the chat box.

Lol. Such a kltz Tyler. Jk.

Karla had typed that as he was gone.

Adam's missing!

Tyler jammed about twenty-seven extra exclamation points, and pressed 'Enter'.

He ran away! There was a note!

Tyler typed and pressed enter.

There was a slight pause.

Call him

Karla had been a guru with just two words to Tyler.

Tyler grabbed his Samsung phone, and instantly started typing Adam's iPhone number.

He pressed the phone to his head, and waited.

“Please enjoy the music while your party is reached.” said a soft female voice.

It play Party Rock Anthem, which was Tyler favorite song. Tyler didn't care at all about it at this point.

Right after the singers said, “Everyday I'm shuffling” the music stopped, and Adam's voicemail popped on.

“Hey, this is Adam Bass.” said Adam's voice. “I can't get my phone picked up right now, so leave a message and I get back to you as soon as I can. Bye!”

“Adam! This is Tyler! Where are you?” he asked.

Tyler went through the same thing about two hundred and three times. Same result.




He got on his laptop again.

No answer

Tyler jammed the letters into the box, and miraculously spelled every word right in his haste.

It was about negative three seconds when another message popped up.

Call the police

Tyler dialed 911 into his phone, and waited.

“Hello. What is your emergency?” said a calm female voice.

“My brother is missing!”

“All right sir. What is your name, and your brother's name?”

“I'm Tyler Bass, I'm 13, and Adam Bass is my brother. He's 12.”

“All right. When did you last see him?”

Tyler thought. Adam had come home late last night. When Tyler was asleep.

“I guess after school yesterday. About 4?”

The woman asked for plenty of other information. Address, Adam's phone number, Social Security Number.

Tyler shot out answers. Olympic speed answers.

“All right Tyler.” said the woman, unrealistically calm. “We'll find your brother soon. Mind giving us your number so we can call you if he's found?”

Tyler tried to follow the woman's example, and calmly said his cell phone number, home phone number, and just about every other number you could reach him with.

“Okay Mr. Bass. We will send somebody out looking as soon as possible.”

“Thanks.” he said, then hung up.

Tyler got on the computer again.

They're looking for him. And if any police call you, let me know.

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