December 16, 2011
By , Indianapolis, IN
(not finished)

The barbaric dual wielding hero was sprinting through the forest of the fallen, where every tree was a mark for a grave (This forest was the thickest of the world). This wasn’t just any forest, this was the forest of the fallen. Where no one would go, this forest is the thickest you’ll see, it was haunted. “With what in the middle?” one might ask. How about an “order” of insane dragon serving knights, that just happens to call themselves “The Order of The Knights of Order”. But these aren’t any ordinary sword and shield wielding knights. These knights have all went through the same procedures, which are 1. Survive an onslaught of nine-hundred-ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred –ninety-nine of some of the best warriors you’ll ever have the misfortune to lay eyes on. For all those soldiers do is decimate and ransack villages. These knights unfortunately had lost their minds in the thought of death and 2. Went to find the witches of Gruelaug. The leader Skriajma, which is a kajiit. Skriajma’s right hand man, Yorc is an orc (a native to hammerfell). His left hand man, Rekde, a dark elf (a native to morrowind)…
By: Devon Lee Deal

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