The Mchanical Men

January 30, 2012
By Spanish675 BRONZE, Plainview, New York
Spanish675 BRONZE, Plainview, New York
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It was the year 2250 the society was finally ruled by the mechanical men. It was a society in which no laughter or emotions were allowed. James Johnson was a secretive strong-minded worker in the mining faculty who was in his mid 40’s. He lived in a village in remote Russia where all the miners would stay during the summer months, when it was warm enough to do the mining.
Since the mechanical men had no emotions they wanted to be able to fit in. Since they ruled over society they enforced that everyone wore microchips. These microchips would monitor your emotions so if you express your emotions. If you express your emotions an electrical impulse would zap you. Johnson like everyone else wore a microchip. Like everyone else he had learned to conceal his hate and emotions toward the mechanical men by learning how to control his emotions.

Johnson, a former member of the International Armed Services was a very skilled fighter and tactician. He even thought in the bloody battles of World War 3. He was able to notice, that his friends in the mine were where dying to be free and to show their emotions. In fact the reason he was forced to working the mines was because he was caught trying to tap into the robots system and turn them all off for good. When the robots caught him doing so they then tried to arrest him, he then resisted arrest and started a riot with the robots in which he demolished several of them.
This was no easy task; the robots were almost identical to the human race. They had hair and were even able to tear or even sweat like humans. There was almost no way to tell the difference between them, the only way to tell the difference was they had no emotions. This is why they made it so everyone cannot show their emotions so that they can fit in with everyone else in society.
One day while Johnson was working in the mine, all of a sudden he felt the ground start to rumble, It was an earthquake. Quickly and without trying to show emotion, Johnson and the rest of the miners started to run out of the mines. Suddenly his friend Dave, who was a rebellious man who was in his early fifties, tripped and fell with his leg pinned under a giant rock. Even though emotions were not allowed he screamed help for someone’s attention. He was then zapped a sharp impulse of electricity. Before he could yell again with the electricity still zapping him he fell unconscious.

Johnson then went running to save Dave, Before he knew it they were both trapped under the heavy stones and rubble and he could not see any glimmer of light from outside. He saw Dave’s leg was still pinned under the ruble. He then started to try to budge Dave’s leg out of the ruble. All of a sudden Dave woke up and together they were able to manage to pull his leg out. While Dave was still injured he attempted to find a way out. It was no use they tried for hours to find a way out. They were trapped.
He was not sure how long they had been there but it was probably a few hours. He was hungry and under fatigue but it was no use they couldn’t get out. They tried to make use of their last few hours or days. So they both started to tell each other jokes and stories about the time before the mechanical men where in power. They both started to laugh about their ordeal, but they weren’t getting zapped. The signals to their microchips were blocked from the ruble. They were finally free from the mechanical men to show their emotions in whatever way they want.
They were now trapped in the mine for 6 days and they were running low on food and water. They were waiting for someone to find them, and there was little hope. Halfway through the sixth day, there was a rumbling. After a half an hour a giant bulldozer came crashing through the rocks. They were exited to finally to be free. Before they could completely come out of the ruble, one of the mechanical men started to shoot at Dave and Johnson. They were surrounded with no way out before they knew it they were bleeding to death from their wounds; even at their death they were not free from the Mechanical Men.

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