Dead in Concrete

January 25, 2012
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They sent her away—with all her bareness—from the teachings of life, and its societal remorse. Removed the sunflower from behind her ear and shoved fixed, humanized materials in her chest. Divided the multiplication of her intelligence by artificial irrelevance. Redefined and interpreted her beliefs by describing them as unimaginable fantasies, fairy tales, and fables in a child’s book. Described her appearance as barbaric, wild, like a homeless child with a dreadful stench of horrors of nature, her home
Her home: where she successfully disconnected herself from humanity to nature. Ran proudly embracing her developing breast and hips and love curves. Felt the sun’s heat emit off all the surface of her skin, hidden from no human made cloth; natural. Pranced like a gazelle in open field of grass, pranced like a little girl in the leaves of grass—home. Escaped from the repulsive grip of the constriction of society falling out of the trees—she was was life, the real life that escapes Their imagination once They assimilate to non-official standards—where she walked barefoot, palm of feet tasting the moistened dirt, a natural foot print shouting to her people, I WAS HERE!
Her nakedness, inhuman—birth—ideals brought anger and distress because she refused to grow into adulthood, to move away from adolescence. Motions, beliefs and emotions did not define her state of life, not being, nor sense of direction: where she planned to go or came from. Sounds were not language and thought not evident (no logic or reason used to prove her actions). Moves were like the leaves of the tree, breath like the wind, eyes like the sun, tears like the rain. Mind acted beyond human formulas They produced. Her sight brought a clear understanding to the meaning They search for in stories…and They were jealous.

So, They told her to put on some clothes, she was too revealing. Grabbed her arms tightly and covered her with a sheet so white and pure. She said, “Not as pure as me,” and unraveled herself. They made a mockery of her, tying a belt around the sheet to keep her from unraveling. Forced her to sit during an examination to ensure the safety of her health (by sticking her with needles, and taking her blood to put her in the system). Asked for her name and background and ethnicity and religious preference and age and address and school and height and weight and color of hair and color of eyes and blood type and if she had siblings and, and, and she fell silent.

She refused to answer any question. Fidgeted on the seat attempting to remove the human restricting leash from her body. Felt uncomfortable, and dispositional and inhuman and forged! Forged, someone was stealing her life, her identity, her authenticity.

When They let her out of the building scraping the sky, the building whose job was to resemble her home and its oak trees—present fabrications of authentic living—with levels as branches and stairs instead of vines to climb, she died and became the grass They covered with concrete.

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