World Of Angels

January 18, 2012
By Anonymous

“Josh, would you just leave me alone! I don’t need this right now.” Taylor said, as she slammed the bedroom door shut.

“Just listen to me, I’m sorry, okay.” Josh said as he swung open the bedroom door. Taylor grabbed a suitcase and started packing her clothes. Josh grabbed Taylor’s arm, “your not going anywhere.”

“Let me go!”

“Taylor, babe, listen to me, I didn’t sleep with her.”

“Yeah, you just keep lying to my face. I’m sick of it, I’m done.” Josh grabbed her, and pushed her body against the wall.

“You are staying here!” Taylor took her hand and slapped him right across his face, tears coming down her face. She ran out of the room grabbing her suitcase and left the house, slamming the front door behind her. Josh stood in shock of what he had just done to his girlfriend of two years. He’s never hurt her like this before.

“Did you just see what happened?” Luke asked Mark, rustling his wings like an angered bird.

“Yeah, I can’t believe he just did that, and he didn’t even try to chase after her.”

“I know, I never would have thought. Josh has never acted like this before, ever since I’ve been watching over him, I don’t know what’s gotten into him.” Luke said confused by what he had just seen.

“Taylor is going by her parents’ house for a little while. She doesn’t seem to want to be near him right now.” Mark said, as he continued to read Taylor’s thoughts. “I really don’t think she wants to be with him anymore, after all this just happened.”

“That’s because she needs to find someone better, who will treat her with more respect.” Luke said, as he had a slight smile to his face.

“Yeah, I agree. She is a perfect woman. For as long as I’ve been watching her, she really seems to love the world around her. She loves what she does as a Kindergarten teacher at Park Elementary School; she enjoys the kids company so much. She goes to church every Sunday, always prays whenever she needs help. It always gives me the chance to be there for her and help her whenever she needs it.”

“She sounds like a pretty amazing woman.”

“Yes she definitely is, which is why I love watching over her and, watching what she does.”

Luke felt something that he’s never felt before. He felt a warm feeling in his heart. He knew it wouldn’t be right to be watching over someone else’s mortal but somewhere beneath his wings, he felt as if he needed to be the one to watch her. He needed to see what this woman was really like for his self.

“Taylor…can you please just talk to me?” Josh left on Taylor’s voicemail.

Why won’t she just talk to me? He thought to himself…what did I do wrong? He looked to God for answers. Nothing spoke to him. I don’t know what to do anymore…

“Kids it’s nap time.” Taylor said with a great smile on her face.

“I don’t wanna go to bed! I’m not tired.” Tom said, knowing he shouldn’t be disrespecting his teacher.

“Do you want me to read you a story? Will that help you fall asleep?”

“Yay!” He said, with a joyful look on his face.

“Come here and sit on my lap…I’ll read you one of my favorite stories. It’s called Cinderella. Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella. She lived in a big mansion with two evil step sisters, and an evil step mother. All she did was work and clean, she never got to leave the house.”

“This is a good story!” he smirked, she rolled her eyes in response.

“But one day she finally got the chance to do that, when all her dreams had come true. The one thing she really wanted was to find love, and she did. She found her prince charming…” Taylor took her eyes off the page for just a moment, and she found that Tom had fallen fast asleep. She slowly picked him up off her lap and carried him to his mat. She wrapped a large red blanket almost four times the size of him around his little body. After reading this story she paused, looked up to God…and thought about what she really wanted was true love. It’s what she’s longed for in her life. The kids made her feel like she was more than just a Kindergarten teacher but made her feel like what she needs is someone who really does care for her as much as she cares for these children.

Luke watched Taylor as she did all this. He really saw how much she cared for these children, and how they mean so much to her. He started to get more and more interested in her as he watched her day after day. Luke felt something inside of him, he couldn’t recognize. He knew that Angel’s couldn’t have feelings but this seemed to be something special, something he really did care about.



Taylor’s was in the middle of teaching her class and her phone was ringing. She knew this was odd because no one ever really calls her during school hours unless it’s important. She picked it up, “uhmmm…Hello?”

“Yes, is this Taylor Smith?”

“Yes, it is. Who is this?”

“This is the police, we had some bad news.”

“Oh my gosh, what is it!?” Her voice started to get shaky.

“Do you know a Joshua Till?”

“Yes I do. Why! What happened!?”

“We found him in his home this morning, hanging by a rope around his neck. He committed suicide.”

She was speechless, there were no words or anything she could think of to say…In front of her class, she broke down in tears not knowing what to do. There was nothing else she could do or say.

“We didn’t know who else to call…you were the last one he has contacted in the last few days. Are you still there Miss?” The officer asked.

“Yes, Yes I am. Thank you for calling me, but I got to go.” She couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

“Yes no problem; and again, I’m sorry for your lose.”

She hung up the phone, and took a look at the class. She wiped the tears off her face. She felt a pain in her chest. All the children were quiet, not one of the children said a word. They knew something had gone wrong.
“Mrs. Smith? Is everything alright?” Tiffany, one of the littlest girls in her class asked, running up giving her a warm hug.
“Uh, yeah everything’s fine.” She tried to put a smile on her face, so they would think nothing was wrong. But there little faces didn’t believe it for one second. “I got to go.” She told one of the other teacher’s she worked with. “Can you just watch over the class for me?”
“Yes, no worries.” Taylor ran out of the door and grabbed her keys. She started her car, and pulled out of the parking lot as fast as she could.

“Luke, what just happened!?” Mark asked him as they both looked at each other, speechless.
“What do you mean?”
“What do you mean, what do I mean? What the he**?! Why weren’t you watching him?! You were supposed to be there for him and make sure nothing happened!”
“Well…” Luke paused, not knowing what to say.
“Well is not the answer! You are an Angel made from God, you were meant to guard the one person you were assigned too. You were made as an Angel and put on this planet to do one thing and you just broke your ultimate law.”
“What were you doing instead???????”
“Nothing, nothing at all.”
“Luke I know you are my friend but this isn’t right! You know the court is going to find out about this and you will be in trouble.”
“But it wasn’t my fault, I swear!”

Taylor pulled up to the church; the bells of the church were ringing loudly. It was like music to her ears. She felt as if she was home. This was the only place where she could be alone and talk to someone where no one would judge her feelings and she knew she could be heard.
She knelt down on the pew and spoke to god. She felt a sudden pain once more in her chest, but ignored it, prayer was more important. Her eyes swelled up with tears. “Why did this have to happen to me? I don’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve this. Can you please just give me a sign or something? God has a plan I know he does… and whatever pain I’m feeling, god, I know that you will take care of everything,” she whispered quickly to herself, not knowing what else to do.

Luke… Adams is it? The high angel stared at from beneath his glasses.
“Yes, chair master.” He answered solemnly. This could be his end; he would lose his wings and never be able to watch over Taylor again. He hung his head, gritting his teeth.
“Would you please explain to the court… your, situation at hand.” The judge spoke in disbelief. Mark just watched sadly, knowing Luke’s fate was sealed.
“I have failed my duties… as a guardian your honor.” He swallowed, looking at the wall.
“You know what this entitles you to, Mr. Adams. You were given this job as a grace from our lord and you have failed him in all possible ways, do you understand this?” He spoke harshly.
“But I haven-“ he stopped himself.
“What was that?”
“I haven’t your honor… I have been…watching someone else in return.” He explained honestly. The court leaned forward in their seats, there sparkling faces curious with delight at this turn of events. Luke looked around, feeling very pressured.
“Go on…” The judge motioned with his hands.
“Taylor, Taylor Smith. Your honor.”
“Mark’s mortal? This is much worse than I could have imagined.” the judge ran his hands through his thick blonde hair, his wings fluttering in frustration. One of the courts man on Luke’s side spoke suddenly.
“Your honor, there has been a case quite like this, a long time ago actually. The rules state…if the angel has the mordacity to take over one other angel’s position, that thee such angel…have his wings torn from his back by the opposing angel.”
“Oh yes, that’s right.” The judge spoke.
“I can’t do that! I won’t do that!” Mark interrupted. “There has to be some other way your honor.”
“Well…there is one other thing I could do. That would be to take away his powers…forever. He will not be an Angel anymore and never will be able to become one again.” Mark and Luke looked at each other with disparity.
Luke turned his eyes back to the judge, “Your honor, I love this Woman that Mark has been watching over, I feel like she truly is the one I’ve been looking for, and she really seems to want someone to love just as much as I do. I feel like I could be the one she needs to complete her.”
“You really seem like you mean everything you say about this woman. Tell you what, I will send you back down to earth to live out your life again. You will be the same person you once were when you started out living out on this earth.”
“Yes, I understand, all I want is to hold her and be with her every second I can mortal or Angel, I will do anything, your honor.” He said deeply.
“I see…. Court?” the judge spoke, the court nodded.
“This is goodbye then, son. Now begins your life as a mortal, as you wish, to be one of them.”
Beep. Beep. Beep.
Luke landed in the room softly, his angel wings fading from him for the last time. Taylor. Her body lay limp in the hospital bed. What had happened to her? I couldn’t have been gone more than a few minutes…checking the day, he realized it had been weeks since he had watched her.
Her eyes gazed over to him with a soft smile, looking towards the window.
“Stage three leukemia cancer… but at least someone special is here with me, right?” Of course, her boyfriend died and she had moved away from family. She was alone.
“Yes, I am here Taylor. My name is Luke and I have been watching over you for quite some time now.” He smiled softly, holding her hand stroking it softly.
“Thank you… even for just meeting you now, I feel so deeply like I have known you my whole life… will you be with me when we leave?” She was fading quite quickly now. Luke smiled away from her, of course this was meant to happen.
“I think you may be the one watching me now sweetheart, but we will never be apart I promise.” He stroked her thumb, kissing her softly on her cheek, her skin was so pale. Her pink lips curved into a smile.
“That’s all I needed to hear, my love.” He gave her one last lingering kiss on her pink lips, and felt her go cold. A tear dripped down.

“I love you, my angel.”

The author's comments:
I love this paper. I love how it involves both romance and fairytale.

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