January 16, 2012
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I ran, but I knew it was behind me. I would never get away, and it would never leave me alone.

It wanted me to be afraid.

I saw the passing trees as if I was running through a memory, and I could feel the agony as it all flooded back to me.

The pain,

The hurt,

The passion,

And the thing that scared me the most……..



I woke with a start, my eyes flashing open.

I always wake up before I can hear that last part, it’s as if my subconscious doesn’t want me to know.

I leaned my head back against the plaster wall, the school administrative office light flashing in my eyes. The woman looks at me strangely as she types my name into the schools database, or at least what they think my name is.

My real name is Amy Stargazer. They have me under Amy Parker. It’s the best name I’ve used yet.

The only thing the school knows about me that’s true, is that I’m sixteen. I figured it would be better if I stuck to my real age, but if I need to I can simultaneously turn eighteen.

They think my parents live five minutes down the road, when really. I have no idea where they are. I have been on my own ever since I can remember, and I have ceased to find a problem with it.

It’s better to be alone, then to be where I’m not wanted.

The woman hands me my class schedule, and with a nod, I walk off.

I pulled my hood down farther, to make sure no one could see my face. My curly black hair continuously getting tangled in my sunglasses, as I walk down the hallway.

People roamed around their lockers, staring at me, but not daring to approach. I ignore them all, concentrating on just getting through the day. All their petty conversations and unrealistic lives, made my head hurt.

I continued walking toward my locker, just looking up enough to see the blue eyes piercing through me. My steps slowed as I finally noticed him. He continued to stare at me, unabashed by my annoyance.

He smiled at me, making my blood run cold. There was something about him…. It just wasn’t right.

I shake the thought from my mind, I had bigger things to worry about than some boy.


I made my way from class to class, trying to avoid the boy with the blue eyes, but he made it difficult.

He seemed to be in every one of my classes, always in the seat beside, or behind me. His stare, seeming to bore holes into my back, constantly made my skin crawl.

I watched the clock, as it slowly made its way to three. Every second feeling like hours, but eventually, the bell rang.

I rushed out of there, almost making it to the door, when suddenly I was blocked.



The girl looked shocked for a second, but then her anger won out.

“What do you want?” She demanded.

“Just to say hello, Amy.” I answered, smiling as she ripped off the little paper nametag.

“Okay, anything else?”

“Aren’t you going to ask for my name?”


“I’m Devin.”

“Good for you.”

“So where did you come from?”

Her face turned red, her anger obvious.


“That’s alright, You don’t have to tell me.”

She pursed her lips for a second, then shook her head. She walked around me, not able to hide her smile.

I watched her walk away, wanting to talk to her more, but knowing I had to have patients. I couldn’t help myself from being intrigued by her. I had never met someone who held so many secrets, she shields herself with them.

I knew that she wasn’t impressed with my charisma, so I had to try another tactic.

Besides, it’s not like there’s anything better to do. The chances of the Stargazer girl showing up here, aren’t very good. My orders were very simple, if the girl shows up here, call him.

Nothing less, nothing more. And she’d be easy to spot. With those eyes like silver plates.



I looked into the bathroom mirror, my silver eyes staring back at me. There was no one else in here, so I could go without my glasses.

I could just make out the fairest hint of a smile lighting up in my iris, and I shook my head in aggravation. I was letting him get to me, I didn’t have time for friends.

I couldn’t just sit around, act normal, socialize. I’ve already gotten my good dose of reality, I could never be normal. The sigh that escaped my mouth confused me.

I wasn’t sad, was I? Why on earth would I want a normal life? It wasn’t like having friends was important.

Nope….. My mind huffed. Just nice…..



I walked into school the next morning only to find Devin waiting for me. I rolled my eyes and kept on walking, he followed along right behind me. I let this go on for about two minutes before I turned around to face him.

“What do you want?” I asked simply.

“We should be friends, don’t you think?” He asked, with a smile.

“No, I don’t think we should.”

“And why not?” He demanded.

“It’s just not a good idea.”

“Okay, if you can give me three reasons why it’s not a good idea, I’ll leave you alone.”

I glared at him, I couldn’t think of one reason that wouldn’t give away any secrets. He seemed to realize this, because his smile was dazzling.

“Why don’t we ditch first period and go get something to eat?”

“No,” I answered, trying to walk around him.

He blocked my path easily, and I glared at him to no avail through my sunglasses.

“I insist.” He said.

I pursed my lips. “I decline.”

“Why?” He asked, still blocking my escape.

“First of all; I don’t know you.”

“Yes you do,” He said, laughing.

“My ignoring you for a whole day is not the same as bonding.” I said, getting annoyed.

“You can’t possibly tell me you don’t feel our connection.”

Was this guy serious? I had heard a lot of stupid comments in my life, but this one topped them all. He couldn’t really think we have a connection, could he?

“Well,” I said, with a shake of my head. “That’s an interesting theory, but I still don’t know you.”

I tried to walk away, but once again he was there. I ground my teeth together, loosing my patients with him.

“How are you ever going to know me if you won’t have anything to do with me?” He asked.

“If I agree to talk to you for a few minutes, will you leave me alone?” I demanded.

“Follow me,” He said, not agreeing to anything.



We walked over to the coffee shop next door, Amy muttering the whole way. I only managed to make out a few words, but it sounded like she was making a list of all the objects she could hit me over the head with.

I smirked as she walked over to a dark corner and sat down at the only empty table. I sat down across from her, and she pursed her lips.

“You have five minutes.” She said, in a no nonsense voice. “Talk fast.”

“We never agreed to a certain time,” I said simply.

Her teeth snapped together, as she growled at me. “You’re pushing your luck.”

I shrugged. “You can’t push what you don’t have.”

“That’s it,” She said, standing up. “I’m leaving.”

I walked after her, trying not to move too fast so I didn’t alert the humans. I kept my speed moderate, and still caught up to her easily.

“Amy,” I started, but she cut me off.

“I don’t want to hear it.” She snapped. “I don’t want anything to do with you. I thought I made that clear, but apparently you couldn’t take the hint.”

I started to argue, but a white van made me stop cold. It pulled up behind Amy, she didn’t seem to notice, but I knew that van.

Amy noticed my gaze and looked behind her, just as the men were coming out. She turned back around, her face ashen white. She took off running before I could say anything, and I ran after her.

The men hadn’t seen us yet, but I knew it was only a matter of seconds. I wasn’t sure why Amy had ran, but something had spooked her.

I picked up my pace so I could keep up with her, when suddenly; she was gone.



I hid behind the brick building, my breath coming out in short little gasps.

This couldn’t be happening. What were they doing here? Did they know I was here? Were they just coming to check?

I was interrupted by my musings when Devin ran by. He spotted me and quickly backtracked, not even a little out of breath.

“Amy,” He said slightly exasperated.

He sat down beside me on the hard concrete. My shaking did not escape his notice, but he was smart enough not to mention it. I tried to turn away from him, but he caught my arm. The jerk pulled me back, knocking my glasses off.

I tried to grab for them, but it was too late. He had seen my eyes.



No, not her. I had talked to her, she had anger issues, but she was no monster. It couldn’t be her.

I wouldn’t let it be.

“Come on,” I said, grabbing her hand.

“Where are we going?” She asked nervously.

I saw her other hand ball up into a fist, and realized she was ready to fight.

“I have to get you out of here. If they saw you it wouldn’t take them to long to figure it out.”

“You know them!” She demanded, and I had a millisecond to duck before she swung her fist.

“I wanna help you.” I said, before she could swing again.

“Why would you wanna do that?” She asked, narrowing her silver eyes in suspicion. “You were supposed to turn me in, am I wrong?”

“No, you’re right. I was supposed to turn you in. But I’m not going too.”

“Why?” She asked again.

I didn’t answer. I looked around the side of the building and noticed that the men were gone, that could be bad. I turned back to Amy and grabbed her arms.

“Hold on,” I warned.



It was like time itself had stopped. One second everything was moving, and the next, only we were.

When we finally stopped, I didn’t know where we were. We were surrounded by cars, but we weren’t in the school parking lot. I looked at Devin, and finally something clicked.

“So that’s what it is,” I said, with a roll of my eyes. It was so obvious, how could I not have seen it.

“What?” He asked, turning around to look at me.

“Your pale skin, how you just appear out of nowhere sometimes. It all makes sense now. You. Are. A. Vampire.”

He looked a little surprised. “Yes. And you’re the Stargazer girl. Now that we’ve got our identities straight, we need to go.”

He opened the passenger side door to a Volkswagen and ushered me in. He climbed in a second later and started the car. I didn’t know where he got the key, and I wasn’t really sure I wanted too.

“Their really here aren’t they?” I asked quietly.

“Yeah,” He answered.

“I feel sick.” I said, then I started muttering.

“Amy,” Devin said, sending me a worried look. “Calm down.”

“How can I calm down! I have been running from them my whole life. And I can not calm down!”

I started to cry. Silver ran down my face in an unstoppable flood. I tried to wipe the tears away, but more just came in their place. Devin started to say something, but I waved him away.

He couldn’t say anything to help me now.



I don’t know how long we rode in silence, but finally the sound of fast pursuit cut through the quiet. My head shot up, looking behind us only to find the white van.

“Um, Devin.” I said.

“I know,” He said, pressing his foot harder into the accelerator.

We shot forward, but the white van stayed right on our tail. We were only a few inches ahead, when without warning, the Volkswagen stopped.

We jumped out of the car, and someone grabbed me. Devin tried to run toward me, but someone hit him over the head with a chunk of wood.

They cut off my scream with a rag, stuffing it in my mouth so I was forced to breathe through my nose. I attempted kicking my captors, but they threw me in the trunk before I could hit them. The last thing I saw before they shut the trunk; was Devin.

He just laid there, not moving.



I waited for the van to stop, and when I finally heard the engine turn off; I was ready.

They didn’t expect me to be prepared. So when they opened the trunk, I jumped out. My feet pounded against the wet grass as I ran.

They were so surprised they didn’t chase after me immediately. I used my head start, my legs pumping faster and faster, until I could no longer see the van.

I was so busy concentrating on my breathing, I didn’t notice him until he grabbed me.

I let out a scream and jerked away from him. He just laughed, not in the least worried about me alerting anybody. There was no one around.

“Amy,” He purred. “It’s been a long time.”

“Not long enough, Ace.” I said, staring at him in disgust.

“Now is that anyway to treat family, sis?”



I ran through the woods faster than I knew I could move. I had to find her, I can’t believe I let them sneak up behind me.

I heard her voice before I saw her. She was just talking, but I recognized the other speaker. Ace. I ran faster, and soon, I could see them.

They were standing there, Amy slowly backing up. I couldn’t tell if Ace noticed or not, cause he kept his face perfectly blank.

I stayed behind a tree, so I didn’t alert Ace to my presence. I stepped back slightly farther into the bush, and a twig snapped under my foot.

They both looked around, but Amy spotted me. She turned away quickly, distracting Ace while I made my way around the trees. Amy must have guessed my strategy, cause she purposely kept his attention to her as she moved in a slow circle, always opposite of me.

I waited for my chance, and finally I was behind him. But before I could attack, he spoke up.

“You didn’t honestly think, I wouldn’t expect you to come.” Ace said, turning around to face me.

“Always hoping,” I answered, stepping out of the foliage so I could face him.

Amy started to move towards me, but Ace turned back to her like a puppet who’s strings had been pulled.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you,” He said simply. “I have someone who would just love to see you dead waiting back there, and all I have to do is alert him.”

Amy froze, and her eyes widened. “You didn’t…..” She whispered, falling back slightly.

“Oh,” Ace said smiling. “But I did. Draco, why don’t you come out here?”



Draco walked out into the clearing, his stride oozing menace. His black eyes contrasted perfectly with his blonde hair, the light reflecting all around him. His smile was disturbing, his teeth pointed at the end just enough to make your skin crawl.

“Amy,” He said, stepping closer until he was right in front or me. “We finally see each other again. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this moment.”

“About as long as I’ve avoided it?” I suggested, taking a few steps back.

“You ruined everything,” He said, his voice taking on a growling quality. “You could’ve fixed everything, but instead you ran like a coward.”

“There’s nothing special about me! How could I have fixed anything?!”

“So you honestly don’t know?” He laughed. “You don’t understand how much power you wield. I’ll give you one more chance, you can be my bride, and together nothing will stand against us.”

“I’d never marry a monster.” I said, knowing that this would just make him angrier, but not having anything else to say.

“You are a foolish girl,” He growled, loosing all traces of his human voice. “And you will die.”

That’s all the warning I got before he lunged at me. I dived to the ground, his sharp talons scraping against my back as he flew over me.

I let out a scream, and suddenly Devin was there. He pulled me out of the way, pushing me behind him as Draco continued to change.

His face elongated slightly, and his skin turned dark with the scales that grew across his body. He was a gruesome sight, not truly a dragon, but not purely human either.

We were so focused on Draco we didn’t even think of Ace, or the stake that was in his hand.

Devin pitched forward, the chunk of wood stuck in his back sending spasms up his spine. Blood pooling around my feet as he fell to the ground.



Something in me snapped as I watched Ace pull the stake out of his flesh. Something unfamiliar filled my insides as I dropped down onto the ground beside him.

“Devin!” I screamed.

My heart fell watching him writhe in pain, my insides slowly breaking as I realized there was nothing I could do. Tears from the deepest part of my soul fell from my eyes, coating his face in silver as I leaned over him. He looked up at me, his dying eyes pleading.

“Run,” He whispered.

I got up robotically, my limbs like lead, and turned slowly until I was facing Draco.

“Come get me,” I whispered.

Then, I ran.

Silver splashed against the ground as I wove through the trees. Draco’s hunting cry echoing through the air as he ran in pursuit.

I thought about all the awful things Draco had done and my mind was flooded with anger. He wasn’t human. He was a monster. An it. I thought of Devin and sadness squashed down my anger, in a wave of depression.

I ran, but I knew it was behind me. I would never get away, and it would never leave me alone.

It wanted me to be afraid.

I saw the passing trees as if I was running through a memory, and I could feel the agony as it all flooded back to me…..

The pain…..

The hurt…..

The passion…..

And the thing that scared me the most….. The love I felt for him.

I loved Devin.

I let out a cry of despair and stopped in my tracks. I watched as Draco slowly made its was toward me with eyes alight with the thought of a fresh kill.

I ripped a branch of the nearest tree and held it in front of me like a sword.

“Go ahead,” I whispered, my voice hoarse but determined. “Come at me.”

It snapped at me and I plunged the stick into its mouth. It choked for a second, then spit the limb out, snapping it in two. I felt around on the ground and located a log, and this time when he lunged at me; I swung.

It hit but the creature kept coming, landing on top of me with a thud. I looked up into black eyes, refusing to show the fear that boiled inside me. It reared back for the kill, but stopped mid-bite.

Devin stood over it, the stake held firmly between his hands. He stabbed it again just for good measure, and shoved the carcass off me.

I looked at him in awe. “I thought you were dead,” I croaked, my voice still rough from tears.

He held his hand out and I took it without hesitation. “Can’t get rid of me that easily. Your magical tears helped a little though.”

“My tears?” I asked, in amazement. “That’s why they’ve been after me this whole time?”

“Yeah, you could be deadly when you’re sad.”

I started laughing, a smile slowly lighting over my face. And together we walked away, hand in hand, and didn’t look back.

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