Pancake's Apprentice

January 19, 2012
By Chanthasen BRONZE, Draper, Utah
Chanthasen BRONZE, Draper, Utah
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Once upon a time, a raccoon by the name of Pancake the Wizard, lived in the tower of Morning Stare. Pancake spent years in the tower trying to perfect potions and elixirs of different varieties. Many of which side effects were cures for diseases, the ability to breath fire, invisibility, and even shape-shifting.

He worked constantly , day and night, for the past few years. Ever since his old master, Baelin, died from his magic over-powering him. Pancake knew that when his master died, he was to find an apprentice to carry on the ways of magic. The crystal ball glowed constantly of the destruction that was to happen in a month, the Day of the Eclipse. Pancake had to find an apprentice by this week or all is lost for the Forest of Scape Grace.

The towns people of the village below watched the colors flash from the windows of the tower. The crystal ball usually flashed once a day, but it has gotten worse as the minutes went by, like when the leaves fall softly to the ground right before the winter. Pancake madly dashed back and forth between the table where the crystal ball sat on its wooden stand. Then after the fifth flash in an hour, he finally decided to step out of the tower to find an apprentice.

Pancake threw his cloak of Wolves Bane, a very powerful defence item, his Wand of Fore-Shadowing, a backpack full of food, water, magic items , and the Amulet of Apprentices. The forest and village was dark, so Pancake found a small stick, put his hand over it, and the stick started to grow. The once small stick grew into a large staff with a flaming top. The light that portrayed from his staff went six feet in every direction. Eyes of about every color popped up from the shadows behind the trees to watch the little raccoon. None of the creatures that belonged to the glowing eyes didn’t dare attack Pancake because they knew what the wizard would do to them.

Pancake continues on through the dark forest, heading to Baelin’s cottage. He didn’t pay attention to the illumine scent eyes following him all the way to the cottage.

Baelin’s cottage was a small, cozy, five-room house that was well-organized and a bit dusty ever since Pancake had stopped visiting. Everything was in order except for the bookshelf. Half of the books weren’t on the shelf and were strewn across the table in the living room. A floating book went across the room right before an old, floating owl stopped to look at Pancake.

“Baelin is that you?” Pancake asked, looking confused.

“I’m Baelin’s ghost, Pancake. Sit down,” the ghost told him. Pancake obeyed the ghost and sat on a small oak stool, waiting to hear what his old master’s ghost had to say.

“If I could hug you, I would, but the only reason I came here Pancake, was to warn you of the great destruction that is soon to happen if you can’t find an apprentice in the next few days,” BAelin warned.

“I understand, but where will I find an apprentice?” Pancake asked.

“You must go to Krete Cave, where a young badger named Cjex will be found. Show the yound Chex the properties of magic before the end of the next month.” Baelin’s ghost explained to Pancake.

The ghost disappeared in a flash of white light. Pancake was left alone in the dim-lighted cottage. Pancake gathered his items and went into the backyard. He stepped on a stone with an odd symbol on it. Beams of light shot up from the stone and Pancake vanished.

Pancake shielded his eyes, then opened them to find himself at the front of a small cave with an orange flame inside of it. Pancake approached the entrance of the cave. A shadowy figure turned towards Pancake and drew a dagger from its sheath.

“Whoa there Chex. I’m not here to hurt you, so you can put away the dagger of yours.” Pancake said as he drew the fiery staff.

Chex slid the blade back into its sheath. Then Pancake explained who he was and offered Chex to become his apprentice. Chex and Pancake teleported back with Pancake.

“I am going to leave you here to train your magic, there are a pile of rocks, wood, a pond, and an apple tree, use magic to knock off things, levitate things and other things.

Pancake left Chex and went back to his tower. The door came down with a thud and a black timber wolf came in and greeted Pancake. They went back to Chex an hour later and they were off to defeat the evil wizard Mallasis.

When they were there Bane the wolf took care of the guards while Pancake and Chex defeated Mallasis.

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