Angel and the Soccer Game

January 19, 2012
By YOUNGR801 BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
YOUNGR801 BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
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Angel and his friend Oscar watch there favorite soccer team play on T.V all the time. One day Angel wished to go see them live but he didn’t have that much money. Angel was sleeping one night and his dad woke him up in a cheering voice. Angel woke up in panic he said what’s wrong. His dad told him he had tickets to the soccer game and he can invite anybody he wanted.
He asked his dad were he got them and he said he won them of the radio. But the game was this Saturday and that day was my soccer finals. They were both at the same time and he couldn’t miss it.
The dad got sad and so did Angel. Angel’s dad gave him till Friday to think what he wanted to do. Angel only had two days to think. Angel thought hard about what he was gonna do. It was Friday and his dad came from work and he chose to go to the soccer game with his dad. The game was all the way in Los Angeles and they lived in San Francisco. So if they wanted to make it on time they had to leave early in the morning. The good thing is that Angel’s brother lived in Los Angeles. His brother’s name was Tommy and he worked as a lawyer. His brother lives next to the stadium so they saved gas. Tommy let them stay for the night Angel and Tommy fight a lot but play fight. The next day Angel woke up and he started packing again because they were going to leave right after the game. It was time to go to the game. They were so excited that they both painted there face blue and white. Angel’s friend Oscar left when they left but he went with his dad to the game because he got tickets to. Angel and his dad had a extra ticket. So they invited Tommy and he said ok.
They were in the stadium and so excited that there dad bought whatever they wanted. The game started and a couple of minutes later the home team made a goal and Angel and his dad were cheering and jumping up and down. Tommy wasn’t cheering because he went for the other team. The game ended in a 6-4 victory by the away team. Tommy was so happy that his team one. Angel and his dad were sad and disappointed in there team. So they went to Tommy’s house to get there stuff and leave back to San Francisco. They left like around 2:30 A.M and got to their house at 12:10 P.M. Once they got home they feel right to sleep and woke up at 8:50 P.M. Once that day was over they always went to there favorite soccer team games. Tommy went with them also and all of them had fun.


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