January 19, 2012
By OFWGKTA BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
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once upon a time in a place called Midvale Utah lived a girl named Cinderella she had two step sisters who treated her very badly so did her step mom her father had just passed away a few months before her mother had died many years before that. Her dad got very lonely that’s why he re married when her father passed away it was very tragic because that was the last of her family. The step modidn't’t care all she cared about was how her and her daughters looked. They were very wealthy because of Cinderella’s dad they attended many party’s. There was this guy rick he was the most popular in all the districts handsome, athletic, rich, all the girls wanted him. He was hosting a party and invited a lot of people he posted on his Facebook and twitter that every girl should dress nicely that he was looking to find a girlfriend that he would want to fall in love with.
Everyone knew about it even Cinderella she was actually invited she asked her mom and all she said was “no” Cinderella was so sad because the mother had told her that her step sisters were going and she didn’t want her to make a fool of herself. …2 weeks later….. Day of the party. Her sisters were getting dressed and her step mother told her while they were gone she had to clean up every little thing in the house oh how she was in so much pain the butler Donald could see it “what’s wrong?” said Donald “oh its nothing” replied Cinderella with tears dripping down her face “it’s that party isn’t it that boy you like him and he likes you?” asked Donald “well I like him but I’m not sure if he likes me” replied Cinderella with a shrug “well how about this Cindy I’ll take you there in the limo. How does that sound” said Donald he always called her Cindy for short “I wish but I have to clean all this up and I have no clothes to wear” she said with a sigh “nonsense ill clean this mess up and I’ll get you a dress common” said Donald with a grin …..35 minutes later... at the dress shop they were just sitting looking for a dress Donald found one and he said perfect she looked at the price tag and said” omg Donald its four thousand dollars!” “Ahaaaha do you want it Cindy?” said Donald with a chuckle “well yes bu-“before she could say anything else Donald had already paid for the dress and was waiting for her in the limo …..13 minutes later they arrive at the house she runs upstairs and throws on the dress and she has the perfect jewelry and stilettos to go with it that her mom left behind when she passed away. “thank you so much Donald you’re the best!” said Cinderella he just smiled and nodded “get in I’ll take you there….10 minutes later they arrive at the party “hey Cindy I’ll be here at 12 pm sharp no later than that if you’re not outside waiting then you’ll be left here” said Donald with sorrow “yes I promise I will” said Cindy with a grin she looks amazing as she entered the room everyone’s jaws dropped the music stopped everything stopped to look at her. You could hear guys in the background saying “wow she looks amazing” rick was sitting down he didn’t know who she was but she was so amazing to him so he went and asked her to dance ”umm hi I’m rick would you like to dance with me?” “I would love to” said Cinderella with a grin.
She was having so much fun that she lost track of time “oh my its 11:58 I have to go” she ran as fast as she could to the door that one of her shoes fell off she had no time to pick it up “wait wait wai-“ was the last thing she heard him say that night . rick was so confused why she had left so soon but he found her slipper and he was determined to find out who’s it belonged to he was rich so of course he could do it he hired a lot of people to look for her house after house everyone tried on her shoe when they arrived to her house her sisters told her to stay in her room they locked it from the outside they tried the shoe on but they would not fit they cut there toenails off but it would not fit finally Cinderella escaped the room and ran down stairs she slipped the shoe on and even before she did that he knew it was her he was so happy he picked her up and kissed her they fell in love from that moment .
….2 years later there in college and getting married they moved in together and she had her step mom and step sisters kicked out of that house so they were forced to work at McDonalds and flip burgers and clean floors she asked the people to treat her mother and sisters as they treated her so they did and they got what they deserved later on in life Cinderella and rick had kids they grew older but they lived happily ever after The End.

The author's comments:
it was from the heart

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