The pinky slayer

January 19, 2012
By nataliebear BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
nataliebear BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
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Once upon a time there was a unicorn named pinky she was a total hag and she was always being mean to everyone. NO one liked her and she would go out pick yellow berries ( ) and sell them to farmers and other people then she would go home and stay there the whole night. That was her normal routine every day and at 2’oclockam she would go to the late night store and buy food. She was a stranger in the town of yogo. Until one night when a new resident moved into the house next to her. She peered through the window and spotted a moving truck next door. She sighed and thought of a plan to get rid of her neighbor as soon as possible. She was never fond of having neighbors she was never the neighbor type, ever since her childhood neighbor called her a cow, she’s never wanted another neighbor again. She looked out the window again and their he was a fat hamster, that’s fur was the color of pee, he turned and looked at her. She stood open mouthed, looking out the window when she hears him say “Hi neighbor” with some sort of annoying lisp. She frowns and leaves the window, when an infamous knock sounds at her door. She walks down the stairs and looks through the peep hole. She frowns and says “who is it?” He says “It’s your neighbor”. She opens the door and says “what?” He smiles this really cheesy smile and says “can I come in?” she nods and says “Sure” He practically gallops in and he plants his butt on my favorite coach. And did I mention he’s not wearing pants!!. She puts on her best fake smile and says “I’ll be right back.” He smiles and as she is going up the stairs she realizes, she is going to have to kill this annoying hamster. So as she steps into her room she grabs her big metal bat and descends down the stairs. But as she turns around she realizes that he isn’t even in the couch anymore. She looks around confused and she spots him drooling and green on the floor. She run over to him and says “what’s wrong?” He turns around and she sees that his eyes are blood shot. She gasps and backs up. He stands up and starts sprinting towards her his blood pouring out of his mouth. She smiles and says “Bring it on!!” He starts sprinting towards her in high speed and she raises the metal bat on her shoulder and swings with all her might. She cracks his head open and sends him crashing through the 2 story window. She then starts singing “this is how you do it!!!” She grabs gibblies corpse and digs a hole. She throws his fat hamster butt into the hole and she buries him. She becomes a great zombie hunter and lives happily ever after!!!

The author's comments:
I like stories about zombies and I think unicorns are cute, so I thought it would be a funny idea to write them in a story.

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