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Mysterious undead

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With a loud crack, the zombie`s head snapped off, as my foot connected with its skull. I just sat there on the stairs stunned. The abomination might have just had a neck injury, or…. Could it be? They’re starting to fall apart! Could the apocalypse be near over? Or am I just jumping to conclusions? Probably. Anyway, I got careless; I hear a thump in the garage of an abandoned cabin in the woods. I open the door. The next thing I get is several rotting bags of bones hurtling towards me like baseballs! My machete claims one head before the others moan at me, and fling their arms at me, them hoping I become the next president of their inner workings. I fall on my butt, and scramble away, as one tears my shirt. A baseball bat by the back door sinks into the second’s stomach, and my hatchet gets its head. The third though, it grabs my weapon hand and I lose that weapon to, as an adrenaline fueled yank frees my appendage, making the tool clatter on the hardwood floor. I scramble up the stairs, and….well… you know what happens next.

An hour later, I wearily place the corpses in the hole I dug in the bordering field. I sigh, and head to the cabin again. I take a couple loaves of bread, some jerky, a sleeping bag, and some other supplies before trekking into the pines. Most likely no zombies wandered this far into the wilderness, but you never know. Quite a racket was made, and Zombies have remarkably good hearing. I decide to head for woodland park, CO. It’s the nearest place with enough nonpaying all you can eaters to find out what condition Zombies are in after the month of nightmares, since this all began. Being halfway to the other side of Pikes Peak, I know I’ll need to stop at the occasional building along the road.

Out of all the apocalyptic scenarios to happen, it had to be my least favorite, and least likely. I think about this as I trudge Among the trees, a distance from the road. Zombies are totally a figment of the human mind! How could such an accurate representation, through a plague, no less, (Apparently I’m immune) To happen? I mean, the scientific evidence it can`t happen is high. Something doesn’t add up.
To be continued

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