What Is Seen But Not Heard

January 9, 2012
By Anonymous

It was something that called to her, something that was in her. She felt it pull her in the direction it desired, she having no control over it. Even though she wasn’t sure of where she was going, she had the instinct that it would be best if she didn’t know. All she knew was it wouldn’t be good. Her legs began moving her through the dark, decayed, desiccated hall way and landed her at the bottom of the stairs. She had no recollection of getting into the basement, but she knew she was there now. Her right leg picked itself up, then the left, slowly moving her up the stairs. The time it took for her to creep up the stairs with no control, in her mind felt as though a century had gone by. She reached the last stair at the top. Standing there on the stairs she stared at the white door, the only shade that was visible within all the darkness. Her face being one inch away from the door she reached her hand and turned the knob.

As the door swung open she realized she was home, just simply the lights where out. Heading to the kitchen table she realized something was wrong. She was feeling that there was a dark presence in her house. This feeling utterly frightened her. The feet beneath her legs stopped moving. Standing there in shock, unsure of what to do, her legs moved her yet again. They moved her to seat her at the table where she noticed familiar faces across of and adjacent to her. They were her family. Only these people weren’t the family she had always known, they were different- strange looking. Their faces were twirled with a black twist through them. Her family was almost unrecognizable to her.

Even in such a situation with such frightening people being in her view, she wanted to talk to them. All she wanted to do was talk, and ask them for their help and comfort. As she began moving her lips at a mile a minute she realized something was amiss. She made the connection that she did not hear anything as she spoke. Nothing and no noises were coming out of her mouth. Unsure if she could hear or if she could speak she tried and tried again to hear something, anything. After what felt like years of trying, she came to terms that it was helpless. As she came to terms on this, she noticed that the entire time the bodies of her two sisters and step mother just sat there, staying at her. They gazed at the girl so long she felt as though holes were being drilled through her skin, into her bone, then back out the skin again. The stares they gave her caused her physical pain. The pain was unbearable. She reached out for the seat and she placed herself on it, but this time with self control. As the pain lessened and she gained her comfort back, she looked outside. She knew this was without a doubt her house because it was her backyard. She saw everything from the pond to the tennis court. Next to the court were the woods she had never dared go into. Out from behind the pine tree something lurked.

The lurking object played mind games with her. It ducked in front of and behind all the trees. Sometimes at a fast pace, and other times at a slow pace so it knew that she would see it. She was beyond frightened, and she didn’t know what to do. They only instinct she had was to get up and run away. When she tried to attempt this she couldn’t move. Her body was still. Right then and there she knew that she was going no where and would have to face what ever came her way, whatever was lurking toward her. The black cloaked object began moving toward the house. It moved in an almost straight line and kept its head down the entire time. She was still panicking thinking of all the ways that she could possibly get off that seat, she came up with nothing. The cloaked creature didn’t stop. It kept toward the house at a constant speed. She glanced one last time to her family members hoping that they would be themselves again and get her out of danger. This glance had no such luck.

Before she knew it the black cloaked object was at the glass door. It stood looking in the room covered with only windows. It ran it’s fingers along the glass as the other hand opened the door. The girl braced herself for what would happen next. The cloaked object slowly slithered through the small opening in the door and entered the house. As it did so the presence of something horrible grew larger. The girl could feel it all around her body. The feeling was pushing down on her, it was though it was almost crushing her lungs. It lurked closer and closer toward her helpless body. It came so slow and creepily as if it knew that she was unable to move. As if this black creature was the reason that her body sat there motionless. It came to the doorway between the glass room and the kitchen and stood in the arch. The arch started to glow with this red haze all around it. The girl realized that there was a demon in her presence. This realization made her horrified. It stood there for what seemed like hours but the clock told the truth, it was merely only a few minutes. It raised it’s hands up, one by one, and put both on its head. It began to slowly move the black pointy hood off it’s head. As it slid off its disturbing head the face and head of the creature was exposed.

The girl saw the face, and she saw her fear. Her deep routed dear of clowns traveled all the way back to her childhood. She had never found then funny, cheerful, or happy. She always found them and their concept scary. The idea of a man dressed up with make-up on was a disturbing and not okay sight to the girl. That’s what the creature was. That’s what was hiding under neither the black cloak with its shameful face covered. The girl was stunned when he observed the face of this thing. Everything from the white face with darkened blue eyes and red nose sent a chill from the tip of her spine down to the ends of her feet. All of this observing of it’s face and terror came rushing into her within seconds. The creature lurked to the furthest family member of the girl. It was her step mother sitting across from the girl. The clown ran its fingers through the women’s curly hair that shifted to her face. The women sat there, motionless and fearless. The girl knew she was able to move, none of them were. From the girls step mother the clown shifted its grimy, gruesome fingers from one sister to the next until it got to the girl.

It stood next to her for a moment and just observed her. Not only staring at her, but through her. She knew that it was looking deep into her, and was able to tell that she was frightened. The creature observed her soul and saw all he fears, sadness’s, and worries. Then, out of no where the clown swiftly through it’s head onto her shoulders. The natural instinct was to run, but of course, she could not. It rubbed it’s chin within the crevice between her neck and the top of her shoulder. Back and forth it rubbed and rubbed tarring into the girl’s comfort zone. While the left shoulder was occupied with the chins consistent rubbing, the clown ran its fingers through the right side of her head. They slowly began to trickle down to her right shoulder and tap every so lightly. The lighter and slower the taps got, the more nerves entered the girl’s body. The sensation of a creature in her space and being unable to do anything about it drove her crazy. The craze was almost as worse as the fear she felt within. The fear grew larger and larger as the time went on, and the rubbing continued.

Out of no where, out of the silence of that still dark night a huge bang rang through the air. This ring was more than just simply a noise, it was more of a call. It was a call to the creature. It caused the clown to jerk up from the girl’s neck and stand up straight. The girl was reveled to have that creature off of her but at the same time nervous as to what the noise was and why it acted in such a way. The creature stood there, without moving, carefully listening for the noise again. When the ring came again the head of the creature twitched backward and to the left, and then looked up. Both the girl and the creature knew where this noise was originating from, the top level. As that horrific noise rang through the air one more time the creature followed it. It began moving out of the kitchen passed the basement door and to the right of the bathroom.

At the moment that it began walking further and further away the girl dropped to the floor. Her ability to move was back. She lay there in shock though, slowly and sideways looking at the clown lurk away. Just as the clown was almost out of her sight it turned around and gazed at her. It smiled and gave a chilling wave and continued walking. She heard it walk up the stairs and she began to run outside. Once she reached outside she realized she was no longer outside anymore, she was back in the dark basement again. Then I woke up.

The author's comments:
This piece of work was created becasue of a night terror I had. I first got it many years ago and it will reoccur every night, for months at a time. As scary as the piece is to me it makes for a very interesting story line.

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