The Tale of Catawitcha

December 14, 2011
By CocoaFiasto SILVER, Tchula, Mississippi
CocoaFiasto SILVER, Tchula, Mississippi
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My name… Catawitcha. I'm Half Cat, Half Witch. My Mom was the legendary CatWoman. She was half cat herself. My dad was a warlock, which is the male version of a witch. I’ve wrote down how I was born. Just in case I decide to take my mother side and help citizens or take papa’s side and bring evil to the world right at his side… Well let me start with how I, Catawitcha was born. You see my mom was extraordinary, Superhero extra ordinary. She was known as CatWoman. She protected the city & made sure not a drop of evil was present. She wipes the whole city clean of villains. Due to having a huge responsibility of keeping everything in tact, she decided that boyfriends, marriages, husbands, & relationships didn’t matter. Now my mom was very gorgeous. All of the guys in Tchulastontopia wanted her hand in marriage. Just like the law she lived up to, she declined there request in a heartbeat!!! But then one dreary day this handsome warlock stepped into Tchulastontopia. Rick the Warlock was his name creating kayos was his game. While he was in town causing trouble it had suddenly become quiet too quiet that you can hear a mouse (for mom to be half cat she hated them) there was a loud, sharp screech. A terrified bystander shouted “what's that down the dark alley”? “It’s a boy, a mouse,”? “No that’s our hero CatWoman!!!” “I heard you have defeated all the villains in Tchulastontopia, is that true” stated rick. “Ya heard right, why, scared that I will defeat you too...” my brave momma said. “You see um…” “It’s CatWoman you bird-brain, never heard of me”? “Yeah, I have. In a matter of fact, I heard that you have sorrowfully rejected all the poor men in the land”…
“Yeah so what, what does it matter to you”! “Ya see I'm very lonely, & I need someone to help me spread evil across the nation maybe a daughter that can join me in my reign…” stated that evil Rick. “Ahh never, beside I’ll be going against my law. You know what you’re a waste of my time…” Momma starts walking off. Then rick started…
“Oh I wouldn’t do that if I was you. I see that you will never back down from a battle.” “What is that suppose to mean”??? My momma said confusingly. “Put it like this…CATWOMAN. You, and i, battle now!!!” “Oh you’re on”!!! CatWoman fiercely said. “Oh my lady that’s not all, if I win you got to marry me… and bear me a child!!!
“NO NEVER WHY, UGH NO…” CatWoman said. “So you want to be known as a coward… hmmph bad decision. Well, suite yourself” My future dad replied & walk off. After mom thought about the situation for a minute or two she came to her senses. “I can’t let my people think that I am a coward” man was my mom super pissed. Not knowing what Rick the Warlock had coming my mom quietly ran (using her cat skills) behind him & threw one of her famous ME Ouch punches.
To my surprise Rick quickly turned around and caught her punch!!! OF ALL THE BADGUY’S BUTTS MOM HAS KICKED THEY DIDN’T EVEN THINK ABOUT CATCHING THE MEOUCH!!! Hours later of fighting… mom was not victorious… all these years she never lost a battle… mommy was a keeper of her word… “Well a deal is a deal”… mom sorrowfully said. “I am now yours… your…your wife!!!” “And what about my child” Rick declared. “Yeah, yeah whatever don’t push it” mommy said regretfully. The city was badly beaten from the hours of fighting. Years later, 1998, yours truly was born. I’m now 13 years old… and now I'm thinking…Should I be good or evil. A Superhero or a Villain…

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