The World inside Of My Mind

November 30, 2011
By texmexgirl98 SILVER, Leavenworth, Kansas
texmexgirl98 SILVER, Leavenworth, Kansas
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Who do you think you are ? Runnin round leavin scars, collectin your jar of hearts. Tearin love apart. Your gonna catch a cold... from the ice inside your soul. Dont come back for me. Dont come
back at all.

I feel like I'm floating. I look around and see bright colors. They fly around me like excited puppies wanting to go outside and play. The blues wrestle with the reds and make an astonishing purple.

I think I'm on a cloud. Yes, I Believe I am, but not the ones that I am used to. This one is not made of condensed water particles, but of comfort and contentment.It is like when you are held in your mothers arms for the first time.

This world that I'm in, it feels like I have been here before, but yet I have no past memories of it. This place is in a completely different dimension. There is no gravity, but i do not feel the need to touch ground. In fact, i don't think there is a ground. Just the most magnificent colors surround me, like i am in space. But I am not.

In this world, this far off place, I feel no pain. The last thing remember was falling down,down,down out of the window with man standing where I once was. I remember being scared of feeling an overwhelming pain but i felt none. I just arrived here.

There is no one here with me, yet I feel no yearning for a friend. I would love to share this world with anyone and everyone, yet I do not want them to interrupt the peace. This place shall be a secret that no one will ever know about. It will be mine for ever and ever.

I'm content. I feel at peace with myself and the world around me. This place brings me happiness that I've never felt before.

I hear someone calling my name in the distance. It sounds like my mother. She sounds frantic, like she's worried. She says that she wants me to come back to her. I do not wish to disobey her, so i start to follow her voice. As soon as I do, I feel the pain that I assumed would come with that long of a fall. I do not like this feeling. I am going back to my sanctuary. I will be at peace for the rest of eternity. Th colors greet me with much jubilee. I will never leave this world.

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