January 1, 2012
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A loud streak of lightening seemed to illuminate the entire sky that stretched over the kingdom of Imerriah. When its menacing glow finally dissolved the surroundings were once again consumed by a darkness caused by the pitch black night, all the stars smothered by a think unwavering blanket of dense clouds. It was almost as though the land were attempting to warn the inhabitants of the dark force that was rising.
Tobin had been awoken by the restless sounds of his horses who seemed peculiarly startled by the sounds of the storm which usually had no effect. These were the palaces finest patrol horses, scarcely bothered by some simple rumblings.
After some gentle whispering he managed to return them to a state of calm and began the retreat back to his quarters. Upon the way he had paused momentarily, gazing up to the candle lit room of his beloved, or as others so commonly referred Princess Oliveria Demerian. He often allowed himself small moments to pause and allow his mind to drift to what would be if they were so far apart by social standards. Were he a noble or a knight even perhaps thinking of her with such strong affection would not be a sin.
If only his true nature could be revealed, years ago such a thing would have been accepted in courts. He had such a gift, a way to harness the energy that flowed through life and weld it to cure and purify. Unfortunately not all magic as such a blessing; people used it for their own selfish deeds. None understood more than Tobin that sometimes, if he were not careful, it was the power controlling him.
Suddenly his warm daydreaming was interrupted as a body slammed into him, momentarily winding him as he fell limply to the cobblestone below. The attempt at rising was halted by a foot that once again slamming his face flat against the ice cold ground.
Tobin’s eyes flickered up into a cruel, mocking expression. Looming over him stood Tyroan, the most wanted welder of the ancient darkness throughout the land. Once long ago he had been the most trusted advisor of court until the magic corrupted his soul and the hunger for power seemed to destroy any ounce of compassion that remained in the darkened depths of his heart.
“Aren’t you fortunate, the first to encounter my return? I was hoping it would be someone of some importance, not covered in old hay and grime. No matter” He said with a sneer, pressing Tobin’s face down until his teeth sunk into his gum and drew blood. Tobin grunted in response which made Tyroan cackle, a sound frighteningly similar to the lightening.
“You poor boy, you shall die a nothing as you were born a nothing. Don’t worry all those who disobey me will be joining you shortly.”
It was then Tobin rammed his leg back into Tyroan’s shin and caused him to stumble back with shock. Tobin leapt to his feet and elbowed him square in the jaw until he fell with an ear piercing crack to the pavement below. He knew first hand that physical blows affected those with magic, it simply took them moments to recover opposed to the long painful process mortals endured.
Taking the small opportunity Tobin ran. It was obvious the guards at the northern rim would have been slaughtered; Tobin could feel the dark aura pulsating from that direction. He couldn’t think of the friends that had undoubtedly been injured or the family’s that had lost loved ones. He had to get Oliveria to a safe refuge. She was the sole heir and the price on her head was more than any treasure.
He began the long assent up the stairs in rushed pace. He paused behind the final corner and swore under breath in dismay. Her door was heavily guarded but they stood no hope against Tyroan. No mortal man did.
Carefully Tobin manoeuvred out of the nearest window, shifting along the ledge and clinging to sections of vine that reached the balcony ledge. As silently as he could he landed upon its surface. He brushed back the heavy velvet drapery only to find a candle holder being swung directly at his head. He grabbed its base and stared into the eyes of the beholder, whose expression automatically relaxed and then stiffened once again.
The faint glow of her bedside candle was enough that her features became visible, not that he needed light he already knew everything by heart.
Her olive skin was golden in the light, her soft chocolate hair brushed into think, soft waves down to her waist. Her night gown was loose and white, looking luminous against her skin. She had a delicate heart shape face and upon it a smearing of freckles across her cheeks. She was often criticised for this though he found it her most admirable feature. Well that it besides her eyes, unbelievably wide and the colour of a shallow stream, the lightest, purest blue. They were oddly similar to his own although his had an unmistakable hint of a misty green.
“Tobin what are you…..” He placed a finger to his lips to silence her and then moved it softly to hers, attempting to stay focused in comparison to feeling the softness of her moist lips. He had kissed them once, what felt like long ago.
“Do you trust me Olive?” Tobin asked in a whisper and the use of the affectionate nickname seemed to loosen her temperament.
She nodded, letting him take her hand and lead her to the terrace. It was then the scream erupted. It was a dark sound of outrage; to Tobin it indicated one thing. Tyroan had awakened and was coming for him. He just needs to find a safe location to hide Oliveria and then he would face his consequences.
After his mighty roar numerous screams erupted, shattering the atmosphere of the once silent night like a stone shattering glass. Tobin expected the monstrous, deformed beings that had recently been sighted throughout the kingdom were the work of Tyroan’s dark magic and now undoubtedly swarmed the castle. Tobin simply hoped he could do something before they reached the village.
If the only way to destroy the monsters was to abolish their creator, then one would have to defeat Tyroan. Not even the most skilled night would last ten minutes in a duel with such a fearsome sorcerer. Tobin had practised his magic in secret, alone in the fields that surrounded the village but he had never had any kind of mentorship. How could a stable boy with nothing but an innocent nature and an acquired gift defeat one with such a dark purpose?
“Tobin what are those screams?! We must go back!” She screamed and he shook his head, dragging her now reluctant body towards the haven.
“I will always choose you. You are the only thing that matters Oliveria.. Now come along, we haven’t much time!”
“My Family, Tobin! Release me, that an order!” She shouted and caused Tobin to pause in his step. He turned back to face her, on hand cupping her face and his face moving unnervingly close, making her gasp.
“When your parents die Olive you are the only hope this kingdom has of a bright future. You are destined to rule this land. Let me get you too safety and then I will go and find your family, I promise.” He added and she nodded, allowing him to wipe a tear that fell down her cheek.
Soon they reached their destination, a dilapidated barn house where they used to play as children. It was far from the castle and almost completely hidden by low hanging willow branches. Once she was settled inside a sense of calm dwelled in him. That was until his heart clenched in his chest, as though his ribcage was crushing with some heavy weight. He Felt the darkness creeping up behind him.
“How did you find us?” Tobin asked, turning to face Tyroan with deep frown.
“I knew there was something strange about you boy. I didn’t feel the insignificant amount of power you hold at first but then it dawned on me. I followed it here and it seems that I will not only obtain my revenge but my prize.” Tyroan proclaimed, his pitch black eyes scoping Oliveria.
“You will not touch her Tyroan. Not as long as I live. “Tobin told him darkly as Oliveria’s hands gripped his shoulders.
“Then you shall die with the rest. What is one more life in a massacre?” Tyroan inquired with a broad smile showing the glimmering whites of his teeth.
“Tobyn we can just surrender. Don’t fight him I couldn’t stand it if I lost you. Please.” Oliveria pleaded into his ear and he shook his head, turning to face her.
“If I die climb out the shoot at the rear of the stable, remember?” He whispered ever so quietly in her ear and she nodded once, tears glistening down her cheeks.
“I never stopped loving you. It just hurt so much, loving something I wasn’t allowed to have.” She whispered, gently touching her lips to his very briefly and for moment he almost smiled at the irony.
“I know all too well.” He replied gently detangling himself from her clinging grip.
“Come boy. Face your defeat.” Tyrolt called, shattering the moment with his words, all laced with a tone that indicated insanity.
“No Tyroan. I will face my destiny.” Tobin told him quietly, causing a loud cry to escape Tyroan as a flash of black energy poured from his outstretched hands. Tobin lifted his and shut his eyes, calling upon the energy that poured around him. There was the hope of those in peril, the belief Oliveria held for him and most importantly their love to each other that he drew on. Suddenly the familiarly blinding white light cascaded from his palms, as though his soul was pouring forward. The colours clashed, moving and struggling against each other.
Tobin opened his eyes when no impact arrived and his expression was the same shock demonstrated on Tyroan’s face. For a moment he looked frightened as Tobin’s light seemed to swallow the blackness, purifying it into noble energy. When the darkness was finally consumed, the light hammered into Tyroan’s chest, raising him from the ground as it seemed to devour his heart. White light began bursting through out him as though dissolving any evil matter that existed in its path.
With one last roar every last trace of negative energy seemed to lift and the fine black mist of Tyroan’s remains drifted upon the wind. With a heaping breath Tobin closed his palms, dropping to his knees in exhaustion. He felt sweat upon his brow and his breathing cut throughout the silence.
In the distance cheering erupted, indicating that Tyroan’s death had succeeded in banishing the monstrous beings from this world. Tobin smiled faintly, from the sound of victory and the feel of Oliveria’s cool hands upon his face as she knelt before him. She brought up his gaze, gracing him with a beaming smile, her skin illuminated by the moonlight which had begun to seep through the clouds.
“You saved us all my love. Did you feel my love for you? I always have and I always will no matter what I swear it.” She told him in a jubilant whisper, kissing his lips while joyful tears ran down their faces, leaving a salty taste upon their lips.
“I’m a saviour of Imerriah now Oliveria. Do you realise what this means?” He asked with a small sound between a laugh a sigh. Her face dawned with realisation as they both repeated.
“Thy who serve the kingdom
With bravest heart and purist soul
Shall have any wish they may desire in honour of thy servitude”
“It’s in the law of elders. My father cannot possible overrule your choice, not after what you have done for us!” She told him, resting her nose against his and Tobin wrapped his arms protectively around her. She moved her face to the crook of his neck and spoke against his skin.
“You could have anything in all of the kingdom, do not waste such a chance on me, I am not worth so much” She whispered, her voice escaping in a saddened tone.
For a moment he almost smiled at the possibility that he could not want her, not want to be tied to her for the rest of his days. Tobin leant back from the embrace ever so slightly, brushing tear stained strands of hair from her face.
“I wish for you Olive, now and forever. You are my greatest treasure.”

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readaholic This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 16, 2012 at 3:13 pm
I like it! There are a few little errors, but nothing major. I think this is very good!
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