December 31, 2011
By themeganellen BRONZE, Crystal, Minnesota
themeganellen BRONZE, Crystal, Minnesota
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I felt my body changing, it was getting weaker. It felt I was decomposing. I made sure that I was breathing. I was, but my breaths were very shallow. I took one step forward, wobbled for a minute then took another. After a couple more steps I felt something in my mouth, I swallowed it. As it was going down my, partially closed up, throat I noticed that it tasted like blood. I immediately choked trying to get rid of the awful taste.

I finally took a few more steps, then swallowed the nasty blood the third time. After the choking, I realized that my breaths were becoming less constant. I was scared that something may have had happened when I was asleep behind the dumpster last night. Then I remembered that I was the last thing with a pulse on Earth. Then it became apparent I was walking down the alley with zombies all around, after the initial shock I asked myself, why aren't they attacking me? I began to quicken my pace, faster and faster with every passing moment. Until I was running at top speed, I turned to see if they were following me, it wouldn't have been the first time, but they weren't. I paused. The memory of my wife and children slowly seeped into my brain, they had been taken from me, ever since every bone in my body hated zombies.
I looked behind me again, no zombies were around. I walked over to the crumbling curb and squatted to sit upon it.

A thirst for salty blood washed over me. My head was resting in my lap as I realized that a half turned zombie, those are the worst because they don't know that they are zombies, was standing right in front of me. I lifted my head curiously to see that his yellowish eyes were staring into mine. I opened my mouth, because I had heard that they still understood and could speak English at that point of the transformation. But all that come out was incoherent words that wasn’t apart of any language I knew. Followed by a chunk of blood falling out of my mouth, and landed on my naked chest. I quickly shut my mouth, not wanting to ever open it again. The odd zombie quickly glanced at my chest, then I noticed his tongue was sticking out of his mouth. I looked away for a moment, while his half chewed hand shot out to grab the chuck of gooey blood. My stomach growled. Then out of instinct, I bit it. His hand that is. He screeched, so loudly that my ears began to vibrate. He tore his hand away from my sunken teeth, a piece of his hand tore quickly and brutally off and was hanging from my mouth. Blood drained out of his arm onto the beaten road. Tendons and muscles pulsed violently through out his body. He ran from me.

Tearing his arm off reminded me of my thirst for blood. But now I knew that I liked the taste. The question that arose in my mind, 'what if I were a vampire?'. I quickly shook that idea out of my rotting brain, then I stood up, which took most of my energy. I felt like my legs had been detached from my body. I glanced down and realized that the bottoms of my jeans were ripped off. As I walked down the alley, it became apparent that I had become the thing that I had hated for ten years. A zombie. With my eyes glossed over I saw something in the near distance, I was attracted to it. I walked slowly and steadily towards it, I couldn't identify what it was, because it was so dismantled. Once I was close enough to smell it I knelt down and grabbed a large piece of entangled flesh. It dripped crimson blood onto a smooth flesh coated surface.I grabbed at the fleshy surface, it took two hands to bring it to my mouth, it was so long, I realized that at the end of it was three dismembered fingers. I quickly threw it behind me and with my now empty hands, I reached for a fist full of deep red organs it had several valves coming out of it. I paused. Was this a human I was feasting on? I stood up to see the whole figure. There were bones falling all over the thing, and blood was pouring out of it and heading toward a near battered storm drain. I looked up to take in my surroundings, I was in-between two remains of ruined apartment buildings. At the end of the long alley was a large tipped over dumpster with something shiny and out of place behind it. I started running down the alley, I didn't want to be near the horribly unlucky human that I had just eaten parts of, any longer. Now closing in on the shiny object. I reached for the object with out paying any attention to my surroundings. When I was gripping, what seemed like a gun, I turned. Advancing upon me was a completely transformed starving zombie. I pointed the gun just above the navel of his unworthy body. My hand clenched around the trigger and a small barely noticeable shot of metal escaped the end of the gun. As it hit him it sank in barely more then two inches. I hesitated for a second,nothing had happened. He continued to eat the women I had been eating just moments before. Then out of nowhere the bullet that had dug itself into his body became larger until his entire torso was bloated. Then, in a fraction of a second it exploded, splattering pieces of his body on the surrounding buildings. His chest seemed to disintegrate entirely. At this moment I realized what I must do.

I ran back to the spot where I had awoken this morning. Sure enough exactly what I was looking for was there. Several zombies were still stooped over limp bodies restlessly ripping limbs and pieces of chests off before shoving the meat into their drooling mouths. I raised the gun again to aim at each zombie. A single small bullet dug it's way into each zombie I had shot. Again, nothing happened for several moments. Everything seemed silent the only thing I could hear was my own breath becoming even less frequent. Then, as if the silence was never there a large explosion from the first zombie hit another. Which caused a chain reaction. Each and every zombie and human body was torn apart by the force of the gun. I watched as blood splattered the previously splattered on walls. I smiled. I felt like I had made a difference, then I quickly remembered that I was too turning into a zombie. I froze for I had to kill myself if I wanted to rid the world of flesh eating beasts. As I rose the laser to my head a little girl's scream and cry for help blasted my ear drums. I searched for her, as if she were my very own daughter. I saw her leg popping out from behind a door to one of the apartment buildings. I hesitated, because I knew that I looked and spoke like a zombie. If she was smart she wouldn't trust me. So I gathered my strength as a thick tear ran down my face on to the bloody pavement. I watched as she climbed out from behind the door and saw me. Our eyes met, then before I could open my disgusting mouth, she screamed at me. My slowly beating heart broke, just like when my own daughter screamed when she was being dragged away from me. I still blamed myself for what happened to my family. The young girl ran back to the door and up the stairs.

What was I to do? I could feel myself drifting off. I didn’t know how much longer I would have. So I rose the gun to my chest and pulled my trigger. The last thing I prayed was that my family be dead too, so I would be able to see them again. I felt my chest expanding, then I all I could hear was white noise.

And the sound of my daughter’s laughter.

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