The Castle of De la Tri: A short fairytale

January 5, 2012
Once upon a time in a land not far from here, was a village shadowed by a castle. The castle was very grand. The towers reached for the sky, the drawbridge looked ready to open and spew out soldiers ready for an attack. Even so the castle on De la Tri was in a poor state, The gardens were overgrown with grass and thorns, the flags threadbare. The drawbridge, so famous in its day, was rotting, the chains that held it rusting where they were. The very stones of the castle wilted on its hill speaking of neglect. The windows were long gone and the towers were expected to come crashing down at any moment.

The castle was owned by a family not well known. No one in the village know that family at all. The only thing that distinguished them was their name, the Boerds. The Boerds were not well known because the family had been gone for many, many years. The name had died out with their last son, Jonathan Boerd. The parents of this family were old and strict. The children, before they had died, were not allowed to do many things. There were three children: Jonathan the eldest, and the twins, Connor and Grace. Grace had been the first to go, she had developed a disease that no one could cure, and her mother had followed out of grief. Connor was in agony for a connection that only twins have and took his life within the month. The father retreated into his work and Jonathan was left to his own. They were fine for three more months when the father came down with pneumonia from his drafty study. In the darkest hour of the night he wasted away to join his family. Jonathan was alive in the house for another seven years as no one was brave enough to go to the house. He died at the tender age of 17 after falling from one of the towers.

It was a tragic story, one that everyone in town knew. Marie had heard the story, and many others besides, about the castle and its inhabitants. The inn she was a server at was a place for gossip and drink. She worked for her food and lodgings, also some spending money. She was known throughout the town as everyone was. The town was small so word traveled easily. Many spoke to her though because she radiated beauty and goodness.

One day was different from the rest. It was the anniversary of the deaths in the castle. This day was said to be the day when the family came back to get revenge on the villagers in De la Tri for not helping them. Marie wasn't afraid until she was bestowed with a task.

The task was to go to the castle and to bring an item back. The item was very valuable, it was a staff. The staff was in the bedroom of the parents of the castle. It would bring 3 wishes to anyone who found it, and many riches to whoever owned it. She took on the challenge, hoping one day she would live far from the small village.

Marie set off and reached the castle while the sun was setting. She got an ominous feeling but continued on. She reached the main hall and explored the 1st floor. In the kitchen she found something curious. There was a big iron cauldron over a fire. In it was a teal liquid, bubbling away. Beside it on the floor was a note. It read:
Drink up and you will see
What is before you.
For if you do not,
You may pay the price.
Marie did not know the price but she didn't want to find out. She grabbed a cup from the table by the fire and ladled some of the liquid into it. As it was poured into the cup it stopped bubbling. Marie put the cup to her lips and drank. The drink was surprisingly cold but not unpleasant. It made her toes and fingers tingle. Finally, she continued onto the 2nd floor, feeling no different.

Marie went to a door she presumed led to the parents bedroom. She stopped dead though at a whisper coming from behind her. There was a young boy and girl, twins it looked. They both had hair as black as night and eyes as black as onyx. They were smiling at her.

"Come, you must see this," said the girl.

"Who are you?" Marie asked.

"I am Connor," the boy said, "and this is Grace."

:Hurry. You must hurry!" Grace whispered with a worried intensity.

"Where? What is going on?" Marie asked. Something was wrong. Grace grabbed her hand started pulling her toward a room at the end of a hall. Her hand was cool to the touch. Connor smiled with a small smile gracing his lips. Marie was disturbed and wondered how these children got here. In the room she found nothing. It was empty. Grace laughed and disappeared right before Marie. Connor did to. They both reappeared beside her and Marie started. Connor and Grace proceeded to dissipate across the room. Their smiles were no long cute and charming; they were scary and cruel. The children started taunting her. Pushing and pulling her back into the hall and toward the staircase. Marie realized they were going to throw her over it, she screamed and started running. Down the hall and around a corner she found an open doorway and bolted into the bedroom. Shutting the down her eyes darted around, looking for a hiding place. Then she realized there was another person in the room.

It was a boy. He didn't look much older than her. He was handsome, with a white shirt and pants the color of cream. His hair was as black as the twins but his eyes were a warm chocolate color. He looked up when she came in. His face wore a faint look of surprise.

"Who are you?" He asked.

Marie stood for a moment, stunned to see another person. She wondered if he was like he twins.

"I am Marie. Who are you?" she replied.

"I am Jonathan. How can you see me?" His voice sounded incredulous that the girl in front of him could see him plain as day.

"I-I-I don't know, I drank a potion and now..." her voice drifted off.

For a moment they just stared at each other. Each speculating what the other would do. Finally Jonathan asked Marie why she was there, and out came her story about the staff. She told him about the twins which brought a frown to his face. He told her that they were his siblings. Grace had died bitter at the world and Connor always followed her lead. Then Marie asked him how to get the staff.

"To get the staff you must knock three times on the room's door. Turn around and the door will open. Walk inside backwards, once inside you may get what you came for. Do not waste time. Do not take anything else. Good luck," his luck came as a faint whisper as he disappeared before her.

Marie was afraid now but she started for the bedroom door. She took a breath and knocked three times. Turning around, she heard the door creak open. She walked in backwards and turned around. The staff was in a glass case. She stared in awe at its jeweled tip but remembered Jonathan's warning about time. She took the staff from the case and quickly turned to walk out the door but it shut before she got their. Paralyzed she turned to find the twins. Then she remembered the staff's power of 3 wishes. She wished to be out the bedroom. Marie opened her eyes and found herself out in the hall. Down the stairs she ram to find the door locked. Suddenly Jonathan was beside her.

"The door is locked by them. I will try to hold them back but I can't for very long," he said quickly.

In his eyes Marie found that he was afraid, afraid of his siblings and their power. Marie found that she loved this boy. His courage and he would face his fear to save her. She found love in his eyes to, and then she know what she had to do. She turned to face the stairs and the twins that were leisurely coming down them.

"I wish the twins gone for all eternity!" She yelled in a strong voice, holding the staff in front of her.

Wind started blowing around, though there were no windows open. The twins opened their mouths but no sound come out, in their eyes was hatred. Their images blurred and then they were gone. She stood for a moment and then relaxed. Marie looked at Jonathan and saw him smiling, she smiled back and tried to reach for hand but they passed through each other. Looking at him she had an idea. She told him and he agreed. Holding the staff and looking at her beloved Jonathan she said, "I wish Jonathan was not dead and we lived together forever, alive and healthy."

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